Asia House Menu South Africa

If you’re in the mood for some Asian Cuisine, then set your sights on Asia House! They offer mainstream Asian House specialties coming from Thai, Chinese Food, and Japanese Sushi! So what are you waiting for? Check the Asia House menu and learn more about this Asian restaurant.

Here are the Asia House menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Cucumber (8 pieces)22
Avocado (8 pieces)22
Salmon (8 pieces)27
Crab (8 pieces)23
Tuna (8 pieces)29
Smoked Salmon (8 pieces)29
Prawn (8 pieces)29

California Roll

Salmon (4 pieces)27
Crab (4 pieces)23
Vegetable (4 pieces)20
Prawn (4 pieces)29
Tuna (4 pieces)29
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese (4 pieces)32
Crispy Chicken (4 pieces)25

Hand Roll

Vegetable (1 piece)22
Prawn (1 piece)29
Salmon (1 piece)27
Spicy Tuna (1 piece)29
Tuna (1 piece)29
Eel (1 piece)40


Salmon (2 pieces)26
Tuna (2 pieces)28
Prawn (2 pieces)28
Crab (2 pieces)22
Caviar (2 pieces)35
Inari (2 pieces)28
Eel (2 pieces)40

Salad Boat


Fashion Sandwiches

Salmon (4 pieces)27
Prawn (4 pieces)31
Crab (4 pieces)25
Vegetable (4 pieces)23
Smoked Salmon (4 pieces)31
Wasabi Parcel (4 pieces)32
Salmon or Prawn Cheese Stack (4 pieces)35


Salmon (3 pieces)38
Tuna (3 pieces)38


Salmon Rose (4 pieces)48
Tuna Rose (4 pieces)49

Salad Sushi

Salmon Salad Sushi (2 pieces)28
Prawn Salad Sushi (2 pieces)30
Crab Salad Sushi (2 pieces)26
Tuna Salad Sushi (2 pieces)30

Chef's Special

Rainbow Roll (4 pieces)30
Dragon Roll (4 pieces)25
Sakura Roll (4 pieces)30
Samurai Roll (4 pieces)29
Tiger Roll (4 pieces)34
Salmon Skin Maki (4 pieces)25
Strawberry California Roll (4 pieces)28
Eel Maki (4 pieces)40
Fried Prawn Maki (4 pieces)35
Tempura Prawn Maki (4 pieces)35
Salmon House Sushi (4 pieces)36
Prawn Sushi Cakes (4 pieces)38
Cheese & Vegi Fried Sushi (4 pieces)28
Tepula Prawn and Sweet Chili Sushi (4 pieces)35
Sushi Burger (1 piece)45
Bamboo Rose (4 pieces)45
Bamboo Hand Roll (1 piece)28
Bamboo Roll (4 pieces)34

Sushi Menu

Sushi Menu 'A'83
Sushi Menu 'B'103
Sushi Menu 'B' (Prawn)110
Sushi Menu 'C'99
Sushi Menu 'D'155
Sushi Menu 'E'318


Asia House Platter205

About Asia House

Asia House Menu is a restaurant that offers a vast array of Asian meals. You can find them at the address 948 St Bernard Drive, Garsfontein x10 Shop 31 Woodhill Park Shopping Centre, Pretoria 0081 South Africa. 

Asia House Menu Best Seller

If we’re talking about best sellers, then we’ll have to start off with the sushi. When people enter Asian restaurants, one of the must-tries is sushi. Salmon sushi, which is one of the most well-known sushi out there, is carefully prepared with high-quality rice and best-of-its-kind salmon. 

We also can’t leave out the equally-famous dish, the uramaki or more commonly known as maki. You wouldn’t have to think twice about ordering the dragon roll. Unlike most uramaki, all of dragon roll’s ingredients are completely cooked which makes it easier for unfamiliar people to try them out. 

Another must-try dish from the Asia House menu is sashimi. Before we move on, for those of you who aren’t familiar, there is a big difference between sashimi and sushi. Sushi features the fish slice on top of rice and served with sauce, whereas sashimi is only the fish rice served by itself. They offer two different kinds of sashimi: tuna, and salmon. 


Asia House offers a variety of maki (uramaki) dishes. They offer cucumber maki, avocado maki, salmon maki, crab maki, tuna maki, smoked salmon maki, and prawn maki. All of the maki menu items are served in batches of 8. They’re so good 8 is not enough! 


One of the most iconic Japanese dishes is sushi. If you’re setting up an Asian food place, then you can’t leave sushi out of your menu. Asia House offers a variety of sushi dishes that will satisfy your Asian cuisine cravings.

Asia House Sushi Menu
Asia House Sushi

First off, we have the Salmon sushi. This is the classic sushi that we see in movies and on the Internet. Salmon sushi is a slice of salmon carefully placed on top of rice rolled with a bit of vinegar. 

They also offer other types of sushi such as tuna, prawn, crab, caviar, inari, and eel. If you’re not familiar, Inari sushi is a Japanese dish where sushi rice is wrapped in fried tofu pouches. The tofu pouch is, then, cooked in a mixture of dashi broth.

Asia House Chef Special Menu

If you’re feeling a little bit special today, then try out Chef Special dishes. 

First off, we have the Rainbow Roll. Asia House’s rainbow rolls will surely make the rest of your day colorful. Rainbow Rolls are a type of uramaki sushi, more commonly known as maki. Uramaki, in English, means inside-out roll, which points out the main characteristic of a maki. A maki is an inside-out sushi because it goes against the norm of sushi where you wrap the roll of rice from the outside. The Rainbow Rolls consist of avocado, cucumber, and crab sticks. It’s prepared with a variety of different types of fish. 

Moving on, we have the Dragon Roll. The Dragon Roll is an uramaki sushi that features avocado, shrimp tempura, and unagi, all wrapped in a nori wrapper. For those of you who aren’t familiar, unagi is a Japanese Freshwater eel. One of the reasons why this uramaki sushi is popular is because all of its ingredients are cooked, unlike your typical sushi. Sushi’s ingredients being raw is a huge factor in why some people don’t why to try them at first. 

Fill the Japanese feel with Sakura Rolls. Sakura Rolls are uramaki sushi that features crab meat, tuna, salmon, avocado, cucumbers, and tamagoyaki or Japanese sweetened omelet. 

Bring out the inner warrior in you and feast upon Samurai Rolls. They offer samurai Rolls which feature Avocado, Mango, Crab Meat, Shrimp Tempura, Scallops, Masago Mayo Sesame Seed, Smoked Salmon, and Green Onion. 

You will roar in excitement when you hear about the tiger rolls. The tiger sushi roll has a piece of avocado, a portion of shrimp tempura, with pickled ginger and wasabi paste. This tiger roll packs a punch with its wasabi paste that will surely be enjoyed by anyone from sushi lovers to Japanese food enthusiasts.

Asia House Platter

If you want the maximum Asia House experience, then you should try out the Asia House Platter which features the best items on their menu in one serving. Let’s start off with Avocado Maki. 8 pieces of this vegetable goodness are served in this meal. Up next is the tuna maki. You can never go wrong with one of the most famous make out there. Up next, Asia House includes 2 pieces of their amazing inari sushi in their Asia House Platter. This tofu goodness will make your tastebuds dance! 

Up next, this platter includes prawn fashion sandwiches. If you’re not familiar with what a fashion sandwich is, a fashion sandwich is seafood and/or raw vegetables and seaweed topped with mayonnaise and caviar. The restaurant offers fashion sandwiches that feature prawns. It’s topped with their special mayonnaise and high-quality caviar.

Next, we have eight pieces of rainbow rolls, and lastly, salmon rose. If you’re not familiar with what a salmon rose is, a salmon rose is a piece of salmon wrapped around a chunk of rice and avocado, topped with mayonnaise and some caviar. The flavors of the salmon rose will surely make your tastebuds bloom.


Asia House delivers your food to your table as soon as possible. They do this with high-quality equipment and staff. You just have to sit back and relax while waiting for your food. They are available at Uber Eats where you can place an order. Keep in mind that availability depends on your location.


If you’re in the area, be sure to check out Asia House. They offer a vast selection of Asian cuisine that will keep you coming back. The only problem you’ll face eating at their place is choosing which meal to order. There’s always something to try at Asia House. What are you waiting for? Go to Asia House now!