Asoka Restaurant Menu South Africa

You’re looking at the pride and joy of Kloof Street, Asoka. This establishment offers a vibrant and one of a kind experience, and an amazing playlist to complete the atmosphere.

Asoka believes that music and a delicious food menu unify everyone. When the eventide fills the sky, their lights fill the night. Late nights with cocktails in hand, being served with amazing dinner; the establishment makes sure that you will have the best dining experience. Get hooked on the dinner, and stay for the drinks. 

Here are Asoka menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

Sharing Plates

Fish Tempura90
Tuna Tacos115
Grilled Calamari130
Seared Norwegian SalmonSQ
Chilli and Garlic Prawns235
Duck Spring Rolls120
Butter Curry Chicken165
Grilled Ostrich Fillet130
Asian Beef Tartare120
Grass-fed Beef Sliders120
Grilled Beef RibeyeSQ
Braised Lamb Rib110
Truffled Teriyaki Beef FilletSQ
Asiago Croquettes75
Wild Mushroom and Gorgonzola Arancini75
Baby Spinach Salad75
Grilled Mushroom Tacos95
Mezze Platter for 2240
Rosemary Potatoes65
Truffle Polenta Chips75
Tossed Tender Stem Broccoli, Courgette75
Butternut and Sweet Potato Fondants65
Malva Pudding90
Unframed Tumeric Latte Ice Cream90
Salted Caramel Cheesecake90
Chocolate Fondant95

Dinner Special

First Course225
Second Course225
Third Course225

Bar Snacks

Marinated Olives55
Asiago Croquettes75
Truffle Polenta Chips75
Wild Mushroom and Gorgonzola Arancini75
Roasted Nuts75
Tempura Vegetables85
Fish Tempura90
Duck Spring Rolls120
Wagyu Beef Sliders135
Mezze Platter for 2240

About Asoka

Asoka is where leisure meets glamour. Their restaurant is a renovated 20th-century house. They serve all sorts of items, from main courses to cocktails, they have it all.

They’re veterans in the industry, and they’ve built quite a following of customers who keep coming back for their high-quality meals.

Asoka Menu Bar Snacks

Asoka offers different bar snacks to go along with your drink in hand. First off, they offer marinated olives. Up next is their Asiago Croquettes. This bar snack features classic Italian Gremoleta, and their own blend of roasted garlic aioli. They also offer simpler snacks, such as roasted nuts.

Up next from the menu of Asoka is the Truffle Polenta Chips. This is perfect if you want to pair your drink with a crunchy snack. This meal features its own blend of cumin and tomato sauce. They also offer Wild mushroom and gorgonzola arancini bar snacks. This mouthful will surely have you eating mouthfuls; it features a classic blend of coriander pesto and a glaze of balsamic reduction dressing.

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative for your bar snack, then you’ll love Tempura Vegetables. This bar snack is served with mayo made with chive plant and garlic.

Asoka Sharing Plates Menu

Fish Tempura – Asoka offers a meal category called “sharing plates” which features a variety of amazing meals that will keep you coming for more. First off is their own take on their fish tempura. The fish tempura is served with kewpie infused with wasabi, and slaw. 

Tuna Tacos – If you’re looking for something more meaty and unique, then you should try out the Tuna Tacos. Aside from the normal taco ingredients with tuna, this meal also features creme fraiche made with lime and high-quality avocados.

Asoka Tuna Tacos Menu
Not an actual photo (Photo Credit: pixabay)

Grilled Calamari – On the topic of seafood, the Asoka menu also offers Grilled Calamari. This restaurant gives this world-famous delicacy its own spin on it. The Grilled Calamari is served with Harissa Sauce, and creme fraiche made with lime. The sauce and the fraiche perfectly accent the seafood’s savory taste.

Norwegian Salmon – Up next, they offer Seared Norwegian Salmon. Yes, it tastes as good as it sounds. To cook this meal, the restaurant uses high-quality Norwegian Salmon, and it’s served with Ponzu Mayo, Pickled Ginger, Aubergine roasted in miso-yaki, and chickpeas. 

Chili Garlic Prawns – If you’re looking for something spicy, then the Chili Garlic Prawns are going to be right up your alley. These spicy pieces of seafood delight are served with toasted warm, deshelled ciabatta. 

Chili Garlic Prawns Menu
Not an actual photo (Photo Credit: pexels)

Duck Spring Rolls – If you’re not a seafood person, then no worries, they have much more to offer. Up next, we have poultry. First off, Asoka offers Duck Spring Rolls. These spring rolls are packed with the savory meat of the duck, and it’s served with hoisin sauce. 

Butter Curry Chicken – Another good item on their menu is Asoka’s Butter Curry Chicken. This buttery, savory goodness features raita, sambal, and roti. The establishment does its best to preserve the culture behind the dish while putting its own modern spin on it.

Grilled Ostrich Fillet – If you’re looking for something big and unique, then you’d be delighted to order the Grilled Ostrich Fillet menu. This poultry packs lots of protein and features mango matcha, cauliflower, beautiful curry emulsion, and their own blend of butternut puree. 

Dinner Special

Falafal, Tuna Tacos, and Roasted Korean Pork – Asoka Dinner Specials menu are divided into different courses. The first course features servings of Falafal, Tuna Tacos, and Roasted Korean Pork. The Falafal features warm naan, savory tzatziki sauce, a serving of their amazing Jalapeno Salsa, and finally, ginger tahini. 

The second dish of this course is Tuna Tacos. It features creme fraiche made with lime, its own blend of sesame dressing, and high quality avocado. The last meal of this course is Roasted Korean Pork. This meal is served with its own blend of pickled daikon, kimchi, and sweet and fluffy bao buns.

Tempura Vegetables, Tandoori Style Boneless Chicken Thigh, and Mussels from the West Coast – The first dish, tempura vegetables, is served with a dipping sauce made of garlic chive. 

The second of this course is the Tandoori-Style Boneless Chicken Thigh served with pickled cucumber, and their own take on Romesco Sauce. The last dish of the course is the Mussels from the West Coast, which is served with Coriander Toast, chili, and their own blend of aromatic coconut broth.

The last menu course from Asoka features Mushroom and Ginger Ramen Noodles, Grilled Lamb Ribs, and Crispy Prawn Wontons. The first dish of the course, the Mushroom, and Ginger Ramen noodles are served with egg, carrots, and broccoli with tender stems. 

Grilled Lamb Ribs – This meal is served with aubergine, tomato, harissa cumin, and their own blend of spice rub. The last dish of the course is the Crispy Prawn Wontons. This dish features a dressing of chili, coriander, and lime.

Grilled Lamb Ribs Menu
Not an actual photo (Photo Credit: pixabay)

Asoka Menu Delivery

Asoka does its best to ensure that your meals arrive at your table as soon as possible. Asoka also offers delivery to your home through a third-party app. They make sure that only the best workers handle your food, to ensure they arrive at your doorstep as soon and as fresh as possible.

Social Media Pages

If you want to send them your comments and suggestions via their social media accounts, you can find them on popular platforms such as Facebook, and Instagram. In order to contact them, just click any of the following links:




If you’re looking for an all-around, and elegant restaurant, then this restaurant is the place for you. The Asoka offers a menu from cocktails to main course meals. They also offer courses called dinner specials which will surely bring out the beauty of your evening. The food alone is enough for the night, but the music and the atmosphere enhances the mood tenfold, which gives its customers a premium eating experience.

Asoka, where leisure meets glamour.