Awara Menu South Africa

The Awara Menu features some of the best modern Indian food that you can find. Their menu covers different cuisines but they mainly focus on the culture of the Middle East.

The establishment provides a range of Tapas as an appetizer or as a full meal. You can also order a community dining style to receive a little bit of everything.

Here are Strolla menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Pani Puri80
Aloo Chat90
Prawn Palak Papdi Chat120
Crispy Okra100
Mushroom Chillaquiles100
Murg Haleem100
Paper Dosa140
Spinach Salad95
Cos Salad95

Tapas Grills

Chicen Garlic Kabab110
Chicken Chilli Shashilik110
Chicken Achaari Kabab110
Chicken Haryall Kabab110
Chicken Kali Mirch abab110
Spicy Chicken Wings110
Gun Power Calamari125
Teriyaki Octopus140
Korean Chilli Chicken110
Chicken Satay110
Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps110
Teriyaki Chicken110
Ghee Roast Fish120
Fish Tikka120
Sesame Salmon140
BBQ Scallops140
Lamb Galhoti Kabab110
Lamb Kofta120
Fillet Shitake Mushroom120
Ginger Beef Fillet120
Korean BBQ Beef120
Miso Eggplant90
Malal Broccoli90
Tandoori Mushroom90

Main Curries

Butter Chicken195
Murg Lababdar195
urg Handi Lazeez195
Chicken Chetinad195
Murg Shan e Deli195
Lal Maas195
Meat Bell Ram275
Nihari Gosht275
Saag Meat285
Bhunna Gosht285
Khade Masala Gosht280
Fish Curry250
Prawn Curry395
Crayfish Taka TakSQ
Shahi Paneer170
Palak Paneer170
Mushroom Biryani185


Laacha Nan40
Garlic Nan40
Khameera Nan40
chilli Parantha40
Pudina Parantha40
Romali Roti40
Basmati Rice40
Jeera Pulao50
Lemon Rice50
Biryani Rice50
Saffron Pulao60
Garlic Raita50
Dal Makhani85
Aloo Jera80
Vegetable Bhaji85
Side Salad50
Kachumber Salad50

About Awara

Awara is a sleek and modern location nestled in the heart of Cape Town, the previous 25-year home of Bukhara Cape Town. Here, you can get lost in a lovely conversation over specialty cocktails in the establishment’s peaceful lounge. The lounge is lit by a gentle, natural light by day and in an enigmatic mood lighting by night.

The seamless flow of the scenery both indoors and outdoors creates a sense of openness while being fully private, whether you’re relaxing in the lounge, dining at your table, or enjoying the high-seating tables outside.

Unfortunately, kids under 12 years old are not allowed at Awara’s dining service.

Awara Menu Best Seller

Murg Shan e Deli – The Murg Shan e Deli features chicken in cashew nut garlic gravy and white yogurt. This curry is served at a cost of R200.

Aloo Chat – The Aloo Chat features blackened potatoes with chili in tamarind dressing, onion, tomato, chickpea crisps, and puffed rice.

Tawa Murg – The Tawa Murg features deboned and blackened spicy chicken legs. The Tawa Murg is also served with guacamole. This dish costs R210.

Murg Handi Lazeez – The Murgh Handi Lazeez features chicken curry with one of the best spices out there, saffron. The curry costs R195.

Garlic Nan – The Garlic Nan features crisp naan served with the ever-favorite garlic butter. This Awara menu is highly recommended.

Awara Garlic Naan


Looking for an appetizer? Maybe a snack? Tapas are perfect if you’re looking for a light meal to either accompany your main or if you just want less.

Prawn Palak Papdi Chaat – The Prawn with Palak Papdi Chat is served with yogurt and tamarind dressing, mint, chickpeas, flour crisps, and crispy spinach. The meal is served at a cost of R120.

Crispy Okra – The Crispy Okra from Awara menu features potato straw fries and chickpea batter okra. This dish is served at a cost of R100.

Mushroom Chilaquiles – The Mushroom Chilaquiles feature pumpkin seed sauce and tomatillo. This dish costs R100.

Murg Haleem – The Murgh Haleem features lentils, and pulled sow chicken. This dish costs R100.

Pani Puri – The Pani Puri features crisp puri stuffed with chickpeas and tomatoes. The Pani Puri is served with mint cumin water and tamarind. This dish is served at a cost of R80.

Awara Pani Puri

Kulcha – The Kulcha features nan stuffed with your choice of either duck, mushrooms, or blue cheese. This dish costs R80.

Paper Dosa – The Paper Dosa features crispy rice pancakes with chutney made of coconut. The dish is served with either cheese and lamb keema, or guacamole and prawn. The Paper Dosa costs R140.

Spinach Salad – The Spinach Salad features warm assorted mushrooms and citrus miso dressing. The Spinach Salad costs R95.

Cos Salad – The Cos Salad features roasted beetroot, chickpeas, and a dressing made with coriander and cashew nuts.

Main Grills

The main event is the grills. Each item has its own “Awara” taste blended into it, and then it’s grilled to perfection. With the numerous items in this category, you’re sure to love one of them.

Tandoori Chicken Champ – Tha Tandoori Chicken Champ features chicken breasts marinated with yogurt, ginger, garlic, and some spices. This dish costs R195.

Chicken Cheese Kebab – The Chicken Cheese Kebab features deboned chicken breasts marinated with mild creamy cheese. This dish costs R195.

Grilled Red and Green Lime Chilli Prawns – The Grilled Red and Green Lime Chilli Prawns are prepared by marinating king prawns in lime and adobo. This dish costs R395.

Grilled Beef Steak – The Grilled Beef Steak features steak served with your choice of side. This includes Biria chili sauce, wasabi paper, and mushroom miso. You can get the 250-gram fillet for R300, or the 300-gram sirloin for R225.

Awara Grilled Beef Steak

Lamb Bara Chops – The Lamb Bara Chops features the best tandoori chops in the area. The dish costs R345.

Raan – The Raan features a lamb leg slowly cooked to perfection. The Lamb Leg is served with guacamole.

Paneer Shashlik – The Paneer Shashlik features homemade paneer with tomatoes and onions. The dish costs R170.

Awara Menu Curries

If you love Middle-Eastern food, then you’ll definitely love these curries prepared by Awara.

Butter Chicken – The Butter Chicken features chicken tikka served in cashew nut curry and creamy tomato. This curry is served for R195.

Murg Lababdar – The Murg Lababdar features chicken tikka in onion gravy and a spicy chunky tomato. This curry is served for R195.

Murg Methi Korma – The Murg Methi Korma features chicken curry with fenugreek leaves. This curry is served for R195.

Chicken Chettinad – The Chicken Chettinad features chicken curry with chili and curry leaves. This curry is great if you’re looking for something spicy. This curry costs R195.


Looking for something more to enhance your dish? This extra menu from Awara is perfect for you. For a low price, you’re given the option to add a small yet tasty dish to your meal.

Lacha Nan – The Lacha Nan features layers of Naan served with butter. This dish costs R40.

Khameera Nan – The Khamira Nan features plain nan with soft leaves. The dish costs R40.

Chilli Parantha – The Chilli Parantha features layers of nan served with green chilies. These are great if you’re looking for something moderately spicy. The Chilli Parantha costs R40.

Pudina Parantha – The Pudina Parantha features wholewheat bread layers served with mint. The bread layers with mint are served at a price of R40.

Awara Pudina Paratha

Awara Menu Delivery

Awara dedicates their time, effort, and talent to ensure both the experience and the items are satisfactory. If you’re looking for a great time with at least 10 people, you are required to use the set menu. Along with this, prior to eating at the restaurant, you have to ask for availability first.

Awara loves to stay connected to its following. In order to always hear the voices of their customers, they’ve tapped into the digital space like every other business. You can find them on Facebook. Moreover, they also have their very own website, and you can also find them on a number of travel sites.


The Awara Menu features some of the best food you’ll ever taste. The multiple testimonials and the following they’ve created are more than enough to convince people to dine in their establishment. With the great food and the exceptional atmosphere, you’re sure to love Awara. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to try out Awara.