Beluga Menu South Africa

The Beluga menu combines traditional Asian dishes and modern culinary techniques and recipes to form their amazing roster.

Their dishes never disappoint; they make sure that each of their ingredients are fresh, and they also make sure that  your order arrives on your table as soon as possible. From sushi to breakfast, and even main meals such as burgers, Beluga has them all. 

Here are Beluga menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Fresh Saladanha Oysters (3 pieces)75
Fresh Saladanha Oysters (6 pieces)140
Fresh Saladanha Oysters (12 pieces)250
Caviar - BelugaSQ
Caviar - RoyalSQ
Caviar - ImperialSQ
Thai Prawns120
Grilled Baby Calamari85
Crispy Calamari90
Crayfish Tian165
Venison Carpaccio105
Peri-Peri Chicken Livers95
Ladybird Polenta65
Mushroom Gnocchi105
Beetroot Tartar75
Lobster Bisque95

Main Meals

Ramen Bowl185
House Salad75
Seasonal Salad125
Beluga Burger185
200g Rib-eye Steak210
300g Rib-eye Steak265
200g Fillet Steak245
300g Fillet Steak290
500g Prime Rib Steak on the bone235
600g Tomahawk Steak on the bone275
Malabar Seafood Curry245
Lamb Curry225
Angry Thai Chicken Curry195
Venison Duo265
Sesame-crusted Tuna245
Norwegian Salmon245
Line Fish190
Whole Baby Kingklip265
Prawn Platter325
Beluga Mussle Bowl185
Seafood Platter for Two1450
Seafood Platter for Four2750
Baby Calamari180
Langoustine in the ShellSQ
West Coast Crayfish Tail in the ShellSQ
Tiger Giant Prawns in the ShellSQ

Dim Sum

Prawn and Ginger Dumplings65
Chive and Vegetable Dumplings60
Spicy Chicken and Peanut Dumplings80
Pan-fried Gojuchang Beef Dumplings65
Prawn Wontons75
Shoyu Chicken Wontons75
Tofu and Pak Choi Siu Mai65
Spicy Seasonal Vegetable Gyoza65
Chilli and Garlic Edamame Beans80
Prawn Har Grow 75

Sushi Menu

California Roll - Salmon85
California Roll - Tuna85
California Roll - Prawn85
California Roll - Spicy Salmon85
California Roll - Spicy Tuna85
California Roll - Vegetarian65
California Roll - Vegan65
Sashimi - Salmon95
Sashimi - Tuna95
Sashimi - Spicy Tuna95
Fashion Sandwiches - Salmon75
Fashion Sandwiches - Prawn75
Fashion Sandwiches - Vegan65
Hand Rolls - Salmon75
Hand Rolls - Tuna75
Hand Rolls - Prawn75
Hand Rolls - Crab75
Hand Rolls - Vegan65
Nigiri - Salmon75
Nigiri - Tuna75
Nigiri - Prawn75
Maki - Salmon75
Maki - Tuna75
Maki - Prawn75
Maki - Avocado65
Rainbow Roll85
Salmon Roses105
Vegan Roses65
Crab Stick Salad70
Poke Bowl - Salmon120
Poke Bowl - Tuna120
Poke Bowl - Tofu95

Beluga Specialties

Tempura Prawn155
Prawn Tempura Rolls125
Firecracker Rolls110
Tuna Crunch135
Snow Dragon Roll180
Bam Bam Roll130
Daniel's Crisp120
Daniel's Dream140
Beluga Brilliant125
Samurai Rolls135
Carin's Rolls150

Rice-free Sushi

Volcano Roll150
Red Roof Rolls75

Vegan Specialties

Vegan Supreme Roll95
Tofu Crunch95

Sushi Collections

Chef's Collection395
Daniel's Collection495
Beluga Collection595

Dessert Menu

Persian Orange and Almond Cake80
Chocolate Fondant, Coffee Anglaise, and Honeycomb Ice Cream90
White Chocolate Beignets95
Ouma's Kitchen Duo105
Panna Cotta85
Baked Cheesecake90

Cheese Platter

Cheese Platter175

Alcoholic Dessert

Kahlua Coffee60
Irish Coffee60
Whisky Dom Pedro65
Kahlua Dom Pedro65
Amarula Dom Pedro65

Breakfast Menu

Almon Oat Chai Bowl95
Full House Breakfast90
Smashed Avocado Toast80
The Beluga 85
The Veggie95
Eggs Benedict - A la Florentine105
Eggs Benedict - Vienna Catwalk125
Beluga Scramble95
Croissant Indulgence95
Toasted Sandwich65


Mixed Berry Smoothie65
Early Rise Smoothie65
Protein Smoothie65
Iced Beverages
Iced Coffee30
Hazelnut Freeze50
Caramel Freeze50
Gingerbread Freeze50
Matcha Green Tea Freeze65
Chai Freeze45

Hot Beverages

Cafe Mocha40
Cafe Latte30
Espresso Single25
Espresso Double30
Salted Caramel50
Gingerbread Latte50
Matcha Green Tea Latte65
Hot Chocolate35
Chai Latte45

About Beluga

Beluga is an establishment that focuses on serving meals from their open-plan kitchen, sushi bar, and other top-of-the-line facilities which they use to prepare your amazing meals.

The establishment offers vibrant views of the Cruise Terminal Harbour of Cape Town from their brand new balcony. They serve vegan items and they took their time to make sure that all of their menu items are halal, ensuring that all of their patrons can enjoy their meals without worry.

Beluga Menu Best Seller

Lobster Bisque – The dish features a rich lobster-based soup which includes the Beluga toast. The soup is garnished with microgreens, and herb creme fraiche. The garnishes accent the rich lobster taste, and the beluga toast adds flavour and texture to the soup. 

The Beluga – The beluga is a plain and simple meal, yet it packs flavour and protein into the servings. This beluga toast is served with smoky beans, caramelised onions, sliced sausage, mature cheddar cheese, all stuffed in 3 egg omelettes.

Mushroom Gnocchi – The gnocchi is well-known and loved around the world. Beluga serves their Gnocchi menu with risotto balls, parmesan shavings, and truffle emulsion. They also offer vegan options for their Mushroom Gnocchi.

Eggs Benedict – The eggs benedict is a breakfast meal well-known around the world, and Beluga gives it its own spin on it. Their eggs benedict features a toasted English muffin with a filling of your choice, and topped with Hollandaise sauce and eggs poached to perfection. You can get this in two different varieties: A la Florentine, and Vienna Catwalk. A la Florentine features Wilted baby spinach, and Vienna Catwalk features crispy capers and smoked salmon.

Seasonal Salad – Another wonderful salad offered by beluga is made with mixed salad leaves and fresh herbs including basil, watercress, and rocket cabbage. The salad is drizzled in vanilla mustard dressing, and topped with crumbled walnut brittle, freshly sliced avocado, green peas, edamame beans, and pickled candy beets.

Beluga Menu List
Photo Credit: Beluga Cape Town FB Page

Ala Carte

Escargot – This classic French dish secures a spot in Beluga’s menu because of how amazing this dish is. The establishment serves their escargot in sauce made with garlic, parsley, and lemon. The escargot is garnished with parmesan, which perfectly accents the meal.

Thai Prawns – This stir-fried exotic dish will get you hooked to Thai cuisine. To prepare the dish, the establishment takes four prawns and grills them in butter. They serve the prawns on a Thai-style stir-fried bed which features a thick, wonderful Thai coconut sauce.

Venison Carpaccio – To serve the dish, Beluga serves their venison carpaccio topped with parmesan shaving, balsamic reduction, crispy capers, and baby leaves.

Beetroot Tartare – The establishment prepares their beetroot tartare by roasting baby beets, horseradish, and avocado. The mentioned roasts are served with cream cheese with cashews.

House Salad – If you’re looking for a healthy option, then this is your go to meal. Fresh herbs, mixed fresh green leaves, and topped with crispy onion flakes, olives, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and pickled cucumber ribbons. The salad is tossed in crispy croutons, and Beluga’s vinaigrette. For an additional fee, you can choose to add smoked salmon, chicken breast, feta, or avocado.

Beluga Special Menu

California Rolls – The california roll is a common item in sushi bars, and it’s quite appetising to look at. The California Rolls are available in 6 different varieties. These are vegan, vegetarian, spicy tuna, spicy salmon, tuna, and salmon. 

Fashion Sandwiches – Fashion Sandwiches are modern takes on the classic sushi format. The fashion sandwiches are available in three varieties: vegetarian, tuna, and salmon.

Maki – The maki are one of the most well-known sushi bar items around the world. Their simplicity does not make them taste less good. Beluga offers their maki in four different varieties: Avo, Prawn, Tuna, and Salmon. 

Beluga Sushi Menu
Photo Credit: Beluga Cape Town FB Page

Breakfast Menu

Almond Oat Chai Bowl – This is one of the healthiest breakfasts in the menu. The oats are soaked in almond milk, and infused with the amazing flavours of vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon. The breakfast is served with crunchy cocoa nibs, toasted coconut flakes, maple-roasted almonds, and fresh seasonal berries.

Full House Breakfast – If you’re looking for a more traditional breakfast, the Full House Breakfast is for you. This meal includes beluga toast, mushrooms, fresh balsamic tomatoes, smokey beans, and two eggs. You can also order this with sausages.

Smashed Avocado Toast – To the avocado lovers out there, look out for the smashed avocado toast because it is heaven. This breakfast features smashed avocados on Beluga toast, and served with fresh balsamic tomatoes. You can choose different add-ons for this meal. You can add sausages, smoked salmon, eggs, and creamy Danish feta.

The Veggie – This is the healthier alternative for the Beluga. This order features three egg omelettes stuffed with basil pesto, Danish feta, roasted peppers, and topped with chopped up, fresh rocket cabbages.

Beluga Vegetable
Photo Credit: Beluga Cape Town FB Page

Beluga Scramble – This breakfast meal is on the simpler side of the Beluga menu. This meal includes the classic creamy scrambled eggs. The eggs are set on a roasted pepper bed, and topped with pesto, rocket cabbage, and Danish feta. The scrambled eggs are served with the Beluga toast. 

Beluga Menu Delivery

Beluga offers dine in, takeout, and delivery. They make sure that whichever one you’ll be ordering your food in, you’ll receive your order as soon as possible. While doing this, they ensure that the quality of your meal is not lost. The customer’s satisfaction always comes first in Beluga.

Is Beluga Restaurant Halal?

To make sure that Beluga caters to all kinds of people from different cultures, they made sure to keep their menu halal. Their customers never have to worry whether the meal they’re ordering goes according to their beliefs. Beluga makes sure that each and every customer that enters their doors gets a chance to taste one of the best dishes in Cape Town.

Social Media Pages

You can find Beluga on different parts of the internet, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube. With these social media pages, Beluga interacts with their beloved customers. Here, they find out what the people want, and they serve their customers the best dishes that they have been asking for. You can also find the establishment on other online sites, such as Tripadvisor, Google Reviews, and Maxiclub.


The Beluga Menu features a wide array of items that will cater to every taste out there. Their items exude elegance and culture from different parts of the world. In this establishment, you will find food that will keep you hooked; food that you will love. If you’re ever in the area, make sure to spend some time at Beluga.