Bocca Menu South Africa

Do you love Italian foods especially pizza and you are looking for a nice place to go with your loved ones to enjoy the best Italian dishes that you crave?

No worries I got you here since I found the perfect place for you. This restaurant offers a variety of Italian dishes that you will surely love. They also offer cocktails and spirits to match your mood while chilling. Have you heard about Bocca?

Im sure you already have because this restaurant is quite popular in the country so for those who don’t have any idea about this restaurant read this article and let’s see if after this you’ll be interested enough to consider trying this restaurant, believe me, it’s good and of course affordable. The Bocca menu has reasonable prices so you don’t have to worry you can enjoy the food without breaking the bank. So much for a long introduction let’s start, shall we? 

Here are Bocca menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Roasted chicken/mustard mayonnaise/avocado/gruyere/rocket72
Pork belly/radicchio/fennel marmalade/celeriac remoulade58
Roasted butternut/toasted pumpkin seeds/rocket/feta/balsamic 48
Roast beef fillet/gherkins/horseraddish/marinated tomatoes/rocket 67


Roasted chicken Caesar 72
Bacon, pine nuts, roasted pears, ricotta 58


Grass fed sirloin 154
Slow cooked pork belly 126

Small Plates

Ricotta and lemon gnocchi truffle exotic mushroom and quail eggs78
Roasted red pepper risotto basil and vodka58
Roasted aubergine with goat pecorino smoked chili oil and basil52
Salmon ravioli salt and pepper squid with lemon foam89


Arancini with aioli 52
Crispy pork belly ribs with chili glaze and basil76
Sauteed squid with sugo and calamata olives86
Fried green olives with aioli 40
Duck pops with pickled beetroot sultana and caper purée 84
Zucchini fries with herb mayonnaise 35

Knives and Pork

Chicken Caesar salad with bacon and herb crouton 72
Spaghetti carbonara 73
Radicchio salad with beetroot goat cheese orange and toasted hazelnut 70
Seared tuna with basil and avocado purée horseradish aioli dry tomato78
Seared rare beef tagliata crispy onion rocket with Parmesan 78
Panzenella salad with mozarella tomato red pepper basil olives caper bread75
Grilled artichoke with goat cheese pine nuts celery and smoked chili oil64
Roasted hake with sweetcorn preserved lemon and leeks76


Pizza bread44
Sunny side100
Bocca bomb108
Prima vera128
Prosciutto rocket 130
Lady zaza102
Di mare136
Pork's revenge 124
The commercial 128

Big Plates

Slow cooked pork belly 195
Grass fed beef sirloin 210
House made bucantinni with prawns chili basil and garlic oil129
House made rigatoni with lamb meatballs sugo and Parmesan 127
House made spaghetti basil pesto roasted tomato and crispy Parmesan 103
Norweigian salmon with vanilla parsnip purée fenel and red onions 160


Soft pancetta 44
Roasted butternut with pancetta and chili47
Wood oven roasted balsamic tomato grana padano and olives36
Pan roasted baby carrots with honey butter and crispy garlic 50

Dessert Jars

Hazelnut and cranberry biscotti 26
Dark chocolate candied ginger pistachio and cranberry salami54
Amaretto passion fruit zabaione with pears and honeycomb 54
Salted toffee panna cotta with caramel popcorn frangelito cream and chocolate soil56

About Bocca

Bocca which means mouth in Italian is a well-established restaurant located in cape town. The new owner Guido and Adnan Brambilla has taken the lead by making their space alive and vibrant while offering a casual dining Italian cuisine experience for their customers.

As follows the Italian-style dining experience their menu is designed for sharing. They have categories of grains, pizzette, crispy, bites, and lastly the last stop and arrest perfectly prepared by chef Guido the owner itself. They suggest dishes that are unique that you can only see in Bocca highlighting the skills of Chef Guido.

The type of pizza that they offer originates in Naples an Italian city that uses dough that stretches out by hand and is cooked at an extremely high temperature for only 60 to 90 seconds only to produce a thin and flatbread with a slightly charred crust, they stick to Italian reference rather than European standards.

Their Italian pizza is innovative when it comes to toppings providing their customer with a delicious Italian experience. Overall visitors can expect urban dining with an awesome environment to indulge their cravings for Italian food. 

Bocca Menu Best Seller

Discover the taste of true Authentic Italian cuisine with Bocca. Here in the list are their best sellers that you should try upon visiting their restaurant. In the list are also their top-rated dishes that you will surely enjoy. 

Ortofritto – This Bocca menu is made with zucchini asparagus and artichoke crumbled to perfection using their restaurant’s technique to provide a great-tasting dish. If you have a small appetite then this one is for you. Like it more as an appetizer for some, the taste is lighter but delicious. 

Amatriciana – Made with roasted Cherry tomatoes, Boseman guanciale, braised onions, and some pecorino cheese. This dish is something that you will surely remember after trying it for the first time. The pasta sauce that is designed for pizzette will be the game changer here. Try it for yourself and for sure you’ll be satisfied. 

Bocca Amatriciana Menu
Not an actual photo of Amatriciana – for reference only

Carpacio – This is made with yellowfin tuna. The flavor is enhanced in olive oil to seal the flavor of the yellowfin fish. Beautiful taste and presentation as well and is very recommended for those who want to take a break from red meat but still want to enjoy a healthy and interestingly good meal. 

Tiramisu – Made with savoiardi biscuits delicious mascarpone cream and coffee. This dessert will surely leave you satisfied, very delicious, not too sweet, and has a balanced taste. I personally like their version of tiramisu, the savoiardi biscuits are the main reason why this dessert is a bomb. 

Bocca Menu Small Plates

Bocca restaurant serves small plates. Served noon until 3 pm then 6 pm up until 10 pm. They have a lot to choose from like spoons including ricotta and lemon gnocchi, roasted red pepper risotto, salmon ravioli, and roasted aubergine with goat pecorino.

Bocca Salmon Ravioli Menu
Not an actual photo of Salmon Ravioli – for reference only

They also have Fingers which includes arancini with aioli, fried green olives with aioli, some seafood like sauteed squid with sugo and kalamata olives, and duck pops with pickled beetroot. If you want something lighter you can also choose zucchini fries with hern mayonnaise.

Their knives and fork are also included in their small plate series they have chicken Caesar salad, spaghetti carbonara, some salads, beef and tuna dishes grilled artichoke, and roasted hake. 

Big Plates

Bocca also offers big plates. Their big plate menu includes a lot of meat dishes like slow-cooked pork belly that is so tender you could cut it with just a fork, their grass-fed beef sirloin, house made bucantini with prawns, house made rigatoni with lamb meatballs which is my personal favorite, their house made spaghetti that could be your new standard when it comes to spaghetti.

Lastly the Norwegian salmon with vanilla parsnip puree. Their big plate is made for sharing so if you’re with a company then this is the perfect menu idea for you. 

Bocca Desserts

Bocca offers fancy dessert jars, these will complete your Bacca experience. On their desserts memu they have hazelnut and cranberry biscotti, tiramisu, dark chocolate candied ginger, pistachio and cranberry salami, amaretto passion fruit, and salted toffee pannacotta with caramel popcorn, Frangelico cream, and chocolate soil. Truly their desserts are spectacular and easy to enjoy. 

Bocca Menu Delivery

Upon checking on their website bocca is not offering delivery services but anything to worry if ever you’re craving their food items you can always use third-party delivery services that are available in your area. Just take note that items and services may vary on your location and the availability of the product. 


I heard a lot of good reviews about this restaurant and to tell you honestly I am not disappointed and extremely satisfied. Let’s start with their service, the service is fast and friendly, we don’t have to wait for a long time for our orders. Their crews are also nice, approachable, and knowledgeable about the food items they even give you suggestions on what to order if you ask them nicely. The place is cozy it is actually a nice place to hang out, clean, and customer friendly. The concept of the Bocca restaurant is really nice, fine service is something visitors will appreciate here aside from the taste of the menu. Good pizzas and are a must-try. Highly recommended for those who love to relax and enjoy delicious Italian foods.