Burger Bistro Menu South Africa

Burgers are famous all around the world. You travel to different places, cities, and countries and you can see burgers anywhere. It is truly believed that it is one of the world’s most famous and delicious comfort food. Two guys made this concept possible due to their love for burgers. The Ingredients that they are using are fresh, the patties are homemade, and the chips are hand cuts chips.

It started from a very simple idea not until people kept coming back from different cities to enjoy Burger Bistro Menu and meals and the only solution to that then was to expand and to cater their customers from.

Here are the Burger Bistro menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)
Standard Burger87.5
The Cheese100.5
The Big Cheese97.5
Bacon And Cheese101.5
Karate Kid90.5
Naas Botha91.5
Dirty Harry90.5
Bruce Lee90.5
Greek Chicken89.5
Strawberry Halloumi & Avo119.5
Rump Salad129.5
Side Salad29.5
Swop Chips For Salad15
Kim Kardashian135
Mr T169.5
Extra Patty39.5
Emmentaler Slice21
Brie Cheese32
Fried Mushrooms19
Cherry Tomato Jam28
Creamy Spinach16
Small Chips18.5
Large Saucy Chips65.5
Kiddies Beef Burger59.5
Kiddies Chicken Burger59.5
Chicken Strips55.5
Ice Cream & Choco Sauce29.5
Chocolate Brownie59.5
Crumbed Chicken Wings 3 Pcs29.5
Crumbed Chicken Wings 6 Pcs57.5
Crumbed Chicken Wings 12 Pcs109.5
Jalapeno Poppers (Crumbed)55.5
Jalapeno Poppers (Bacon Wrapped)65.5
Cheeseburger Springroll35.5

About Burger Bistro

Burger bistro’s menu is not entirely made of Burgers. They also have so much more to offer like munchies, nachos, steaks, salads, and many more.

This burger bistro is totally different in its wide choices of patties, chips, milkshakes, and many more. People will surely love and enjoy it here. The food is indescribably delicious and the place is very homey.

Burger Bistro Menu Best Seller

Burger bistro, of course, has their best seller which is the Breakfast burger that most people liked to order. It has bacon and cheese with fried eggs on top. The delicious and rich combination of bacon, cheese, and egg is so good that it can fill your tummy in just one bite. This is why people love it because it’s a whole meal in a bite.

Wollies Burger Burger Bistro Menu 2
Photo Credit: Burger Bistro Menu FB Page

And aside from that, they also have the Wollies Burger that has 200g crumbed chicken fillet topped with Hellman’s Mayo, Gherkins, chips, a sauce of your choice, and either a 300 ml coke or coke zero for 91.50, plus every wellies burger purchased,  the amount will proceed to an animal shelter to feed a dog for one day. Imagine helping the dogs in a shelter by making your tummy full. A smart way of helping animals.

Pacman Burger Burger Bistro Menu
Photo Credit: Burger Bistro Menu FB Page

Pacman Burger is also one of their best sellers for it has a cheesy, sweet, and spicy taste that is bringing out a unique flavor in burgers. It is best selling for those cheese lovers out there for it has two kinds of cheese in it. It has cheddar and mozzarella cheese that makes every bite chewy, flavourful, and stretchy like those in a commercial.  I personally prefer this out of all the burgers for it has a balanced taste of sweet and spicy.

Lance Armstrong is also one of their best sellers for it has a double patty, bacon, halloumi, avo, caramelized onion, and spinach. And this is for one hundred and sixty-seven and fifty cents. This burger is also one of the best sellers for it has a touch of sweetness in it. I am loving this as well because it satisfies my sweet taste in burgers. I also recommend this one.

They also have their own Mac ‘N cheeseburger topped with deep-fried mac ‘N cheese and melted cheddar cheese. This is a surreal cheesy experience in one bite. Most of these orders are those of kids who love Mac N’ cheese. An all-time favorite that will never go out of style.

Best Burger In Burger Bistro Menu

Al the burgers in the burger bistro are the best. It was all flamed grilled pure beef patties served on a sesame bun with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. They grill their patties in a medium well as standard. But they can also cook them in a medium rare upon the request of their customer. If the customer also wants a chicken patty instead of a beef patty they can also do that.

One of their famous steaks is named after a famous celebrity. They have Kim Kardashian steak for only one hundred thirty-five and fifty cents and customer can choose their steak style from pepper-crusted or baste. They have one of the best-flavored steaks ever made. It is delicious and affordable as well. The doneness of steak is just right for you. This is delicious, rich in flavor, and affordable steak ever.  

Kiddie Meal

Their kiddie meal includes kiddies beef burger, kiddies chicken burger, and chicken strips plus they are served with chips and kiddies cold drink and they are all for less than 60.00. If an adult can enjoy their meals so are the children. That is why Burger Bistro made a menu specifically for kids so that they can enjoy very delicious food as well. Isn’t it amazing to feel that this Bistro includes menus for kids? Through this, they make kids’ bistro experience extra. They also have desserts that both the kids and adults would love. They have ice cream and chocolate sauce and they also have chocolate brownies all at a very cheap and affordable price.

Menu Delivery

The Burger Bistro offers dine-in and takeaway for all their Menus. They are open Mondays to Fridays between 11:00 am to 16:00 pm and for dine-in and take-away with an R10.00 charge after. You’ll just have to include all the needed information for take away like your complete name, orders, mode of payment, and of course the needed complete address as to where the orders must be delivered. It may take some time for their menus to be freshly cooked and they cook them depending on the requests of their customers. They make sure always that they deliver it as fast as they can and with utmost care.  A delicious meal made with care that can satisfy your palate can now be ordered and enjoyed at home.

Social Media Accounts

To contact the Burger Bistro team on their social media account, you can reach them by going to the following links:

Facebook: https://facebook.com/BurgerBistroClubview/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/burger_bistro/


Burger Bistro is not just offering Burgers alone. They have many varieties on their Menus such as salads, nachos, desserts, and many more. They allow their customers to choose how well their meats must be cooked and they always prioritize customer satisfaction. Wherever restaurants one can go, it is inevitable that one will surely look for something familiar and the burger is one of them. Food that really fills the craving of all.