Burger Perfect Menu South Africa

For a while, let’s look back at the history of how “Hamburger” was created. There is a book entitled “The Art of Cookery” which involved a recipe “Hamburgh sausage” in 1758, this recipe serves meal roasted with toasted bread under it. In early 1869, a comparable snack was also widespread in Hamburg by the term “Rundstück warm” or “bread roll warm”.

Furthermore, in 1847, in America, the same menu called “Hamburg steak” is described to have been served placed in between two pieces of bread. These may mark the discovery and creation of hamburgers. The journey of this recipe reaches around the world and it thus became a typical snack in various restaurants across the globe. The distinct and eccentric dish is from the Burger Perfect menu. Come with me as we sojourn in this place and explore the unique quality of their burger and another menu.

Here are the Burger Perfect menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)
Standard Burger87.5
The Cheese100.5
The Big Cheese97.5
Bacon And Cheese101.5
Karate Kid90.5
Naas Botha91.5
Dirty Harry90.5
Bruce Lee90.5
Greek Chicken89.5
Strawberry Halloumi & Avo119.5
Rump Salad129.5
Side Salad29.5
Swop Chips For Salad15
Kim Kardashian135
Mr T169.5
Extra Patty39.5
Emmentaler Slice21
Brie Cheese32
Fried Mushrooms19
Cherry Tomato Jam28
Creamy Spinach16
Small Chips18.5
Large Saucy Chips65.5
Kiddies Beef Burger59.5
Kiddies Chicken Burger59.5
Chicken Strips55.5
Ice Cream & Choco Sauce29.5
Chocolate Brownie59.5
Crumbed Chicken Wings 3 Pcs29.5
Crumbed Chicken Wings 6 Pcs57.5
Crumbed Chicken Wings 12 Pcs109.5
Jalapeno Poppers (Crumbed)55.5
Jalapeno Poppers (Bacon Wrapped)65.5
Cheeseburger Springroll35.5

About Burger Perfect

A 120-gram beef burger, compacted, flame-grilled, is perfectly done every time. It is topped with fresh slices of tomato, pickles, lettuce, and red onion mixed with signature gourmet toppings and juicy sauce blends.

With their mission to provide a variety of quality, flame-grilled burgers their service is performed with utmost care. Their food is always hot, fresh, and delicious which the customers will surely enjoy. They value their customers most of all. This food and beverage store has its place cozy and comfortable for those who want to take a break and have some snacks with friends.

This is a franchise store that you can also own if you are interested and looking for a business opportunity.

Burger Perfect Menu Best Seller

Perfect Combos (Rib burger with regular chips & soda can) – This meal comes in a set of burgers, chips, and soda. It is perfect for your noon-time snacks. Just right to satisfy your hunger. I like this combo.

Burger Perfect Menu
Photo Credit: Flamingo Burger Perfect FB Page

Perfect Grilled Burgers (ultra cheese (double patty, double cheese) – One of the most ordered burger menus with its extra-doubles ingredients that satisfy every craving. The patties were perfectly grilled and well-cooked with a balanced flavor. This is a popular menu and is well-patronized by many.

Perfect Chicken Wings, Strips & Chips & Soda Can (Perfect toasties (grilled chicken fillet & mayonnaise) – If you don’t love meat, this Burger Perfect menu fits you. A perfectly grilled and toasted chicken with mayonnaise makes this dish palatable and pleasant. The chicken is luscious just like your beef hamburger.

Perfect Milkshakes – This large strawberry, chocolate, banana, bubble gum, and lime is so refreshing. You will enjoy these refreshing drinks with the others dishes. During our visit, it was a hot season so we came and looked for something to invigorate us from such a warm temperature. Perfect Milk Shake is just right and perfect. Truly satisfying.

Burger Perfect Wraps
Photo Credit: Flamingo Burger Perfect FB Page

Perfect Wraps – The following menu items from Burger Perfect Perfect Wraps like Chicken & Halloumi, Bacon & Avo, Chicken, Chicken, Avo & Feta, and Chicken are also available. I like the taste of its chicken which is perfectly sliced into pieces just right for munching, with the combination of sweetened avocado, bacon, halloumi, and feta which you can choose from that place.

If you are one of those who are health conscious and maintain a good body figure, you may resort to a light meal that does not have high cholesterol yet is satisfying. Perfect Wrap is WRAP PERFECTLY for you.

Beef Burgers Menu

Burgers are perfectly made that come with an ultra cheese (Double patty, double cheese), classics, chili, cheese, bacon & cheese, bacon, egg & cheese, bacon & avo, and halloumi sweet chili. Patties or beef are perfectly grilled with a substantial flavor, each cheese fillings make it creamy and mouthwatering, plus the fine and soft texture of the slightly toasted bun is crunchy for each bite. Burgers with bacon and egg are another kind of wonderful palate, can’t wait to take another bite. If you like something spicy menu, the Chili flavor won’t outlast you. Spicy food lovers have a dish meant and available for you. You got to try these burgers in this restaurant.

Chicken Burgers Menu

Burger Perfect always leaves you with your own choices. So, they prepared burgers with chicken filling on it. If you don’t love to eat meat or beef, you will still be delighted with their Chicken Burger.

Burger Perfect Chicken Burger Menu
Photo Credit: Flamingo Burger Perfect FB Page

These come with the following choices: Ultra Cheese with Double Fillet, Double Cheese, Classic, Chilli, Cheese, Bacon & Cheese, Bacon, Egg and Cheese, and Bacon & Avo and Halloumi Sweet Chili. Each bite of this Burger Perfect menu will always leave you wanting more. Chicken is well-pickled with the right spices with a combination of other ingredients. The best for me.

Burger Perfect Milkshake

Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana, Bubble Gum Lime – this milkshake has regular and large sizes to choose from. I can feel the strawberry flavor blended in chocolate which makes its savor unique. The banana makes its natural sweetness with a mixture of bubble gum flavor and lime. I was so astonished by the combination of different flavors. This innovation is so inspiring. I wish to create my own innovation like this. Superb!

Burger Perfect Menu Delivery

Get the Perfect Burger at Burger Perfect! You can Call & collect by dialing their contact number @ (011) 462-4405/9 or (011) 462-4413/15. For your orders to be delivered to your home just place your order on their Burger Perfect Mobile App.

You can Visit and Check Also their Website for more details: https://www.burgerperfect.co.za/

Talk to Burger Perfect South Africa Staff

Got any questions, or comments for them? You can simply send the Burger Perfect team and they will respond immediately to your questions. To contact them, you can send your queries via their Facebook or Instagram page.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/BurgerPerfect/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/burgerperfect_southafrica/


It’s burgerlicious and so delicious, so don’t miss trying this Burger Perfect Menu. A perfect Burger for me and you. This burger restaurant is committed to serving you with best that it can to deliver to you the food that you’re craving. Without hesitation, you should try, to tell your own story about Burger Perfect.