Cafe Paradiso Menu South Africa

Are you looking for a place to go to enjoy the most delicious South African meals but you don’t know where to find it? Are you the type of customer who loves to dine in a restaurant with a great ambiance? Then this new restaurant that I found is perfect for you.

This restaurant offers meals that you will surely enjoy and also some kid’s friendly meals. A perfect restaurant to go to if you’re with your kid’s eating out and trying to relax. Ever heard about Cafe Paradiso? Im sure you did because they are quite popular but if not then have time to read my article to know more about Cafe Paradiso, their menu to offer, their pricing on their food, and their best sellers. This is actually a great restaurant for kids so im already excited about this one. Alright so much for a long introduction let’s not delay things here so Without further ado let’s start, shall we? 

Here are Cafe Paradiso menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Organic hand pressed orange juice 37
Avocado toast with pistachio dukka feta sundried tomato olive and egg82
Sweet corn fritter stack with bacon creme fraiche and maple syrup 82
Muesli greek yogurt berries and honey85
Classic omelette with tomato basil and white cheddar 85
Paradiso vegetarian breakfast pizza with spinach mushroom mozzarella egg90
Paradiso breakfast pizza topped with rocket105
The classic farmhouse breakfast 105
Classic omelette with tomato basil cream cheese and salmon130

Kids Favorite

Scrambled eggs on molasses 42
Cheese burger roll42
Fruit salad 47
Linguine bolognese 57
Homemade chicken nuggets with chips 57
Kiddies burger with chips62
Hake goujons with chips 62

Kids Project

Cupcakes with butter icing/gingerbread men/choc chip cookies 57
Pizza board 64


Zuppa del giorno 68
Marinated tomato panzanella with grilled halloumi & caper berries 85
Vegan sweet potato roasted chick peas, red onions, cherry tomatoes, butternut spinach and steamed broccoli and tahini dressing budha bowl87
Salt and pepper squid, spicy mayo and rocket 95
Caesar salad with cos, boiled egg, Parmesan tempura anchovies 105
Gorgonzola poached pear & walnut salad105
Ostrich Carpacio, avocado parfait, Parmesan and rocket105
Grilled cajun calamari, mixed leaves, grilled veg, feta, sunflower seed and creme fraiche lemon butter sauce135
Slow roasted lamb & aubergine salad with spinach rockets, olives, sunflower, seeds, beetroot, garlic aioli and lemon142

Veg Antipasti

Grilled eggplant zucchini & lemon roast tomato with labnch rocket ciabatta 130

Meat Antipasti

Prosciutto, salami nostrano, coppa fior di latte cheese, olives, hummus, grilled artichoke, marinated pepper, rocket grilled ciabatta 180


Truffled black mushroom, garlic butter, cream and white wine serve on fresh Tagliatelle122
Penne con pollo, sun dried tomato cream,Parmesan,pepper & baby spinach 122
Homemade sweet potato & butternut gnocchi served on quatro formaggio with nutmeg, Parmesan, walnuts with bacon 127
Ravioli de giorno 135
Prawn bisque risotto peas and fresh herbs 135
Pan fries veal strip & mushroom served on fresh tagliatelle finished with brandy, paprika, cream and parsley. 135
Seafood linguine with tomato, garlic, chili & white wine180


North African spiced brown rice pilaf with butternut fig's & cumin spices almond222
Spinach, sun dried tomato & artichoke stuffed chicken breast, green quinoa roasted cherry tomatoes 150
Lemon rosemary and Parmesan breaded pork loin chop served with linguine putanesca and parmesan 185
Ostrich pan fillet del giorno 195
300g grass fed sirloin, bone marrow smoked paprika butter brown mushroom and roasted root vegetables 210
250g grass fed ribeye onion purée braised baby onion fondant potato beef jus220
300g filet steak with our famous chocolate chili sauce serve with portobella Mushroom and rocket245
Bouillabaisse 250
Seafood platter for two750

Dessert and Farm House Bake

Banoffie pie fridge tart52
Lemon meringue/choc mousse/malva/baked cheesecake/paradise tiramisu 67
Cafe paradiso ice cream sundae 67

Gourmet Pizza

4 cheese 140
Italian meatballs 140
Truffle mushroom 150
Prawn 175
Smoked salmon175
Build your own pizza margherita 30cm75
Build your own pizza gluten free margherita 105

About Cafe Paradiso

Cafe Paradiso was established by Freda and since then they already attract the attention of their customers. They introduced a variety of dishes and ingredients that are not normally used in preparing country dishes and since then they already set the bar high for local cuisine.

Customers loved their restaurant settings and good ambiance attracting more and more guests over time, specifically their delicious countryside dishes. Joined by three great women named Laurille, Lynn, and Mapula, the owner and her team remain the values in this amazing great establishment.

This cafe caters to those customers who love coffee and cake and to those who love to try their menu a little further. Their menu actually changes every season and that gives this restaurant a livelier vibe because of their decorations and timely menu. 

Cafe Paradiso is a great place to hang out whether you love to just enjoy your coffee and dessert or if you’re looking for an authentic South African experience. 

Cafe Paradiso Menu Best Seller

Here is the list of Cafe Paradiso menu best sellers and house choices that you will surely love. On the list are also safe choices if you don’t have any idea about their menu. 

Meat Antipasti – Serves with olives, grilled artichokes, rocket, marinated peppers, grilled ciabatta, and hummus. This magnificent dish is actually good it might be your new favorite. With a lot of bases to choose from including prosciutto, salami nostrano, bocconcini, and copper. What I like about this dish is the lightness of it even though it is actually meat. Great serve with wine as well or your favorite fruit juices. 

Paradizo Vegetarian Breakfast Pizza – This Cafe Paradiso menu is made with a thin crust with some spinach and mushrooms, mozzarella, and egg. A great way to kick-start your day on a plate. Light as well but the flavors are bursting. The herbs and spices in this breakfast pizza are the secret ingredients why this dish is a bomb. Perfectly prepared for pizza lovers who love pizza right in the breakfast. 

Cafe Paradiso Pizza
Photo Credit: Café Paradiso FB Page

Roast Beef Sandwich – A very tender beef in a sandwich with horseradish, creme fraiche, pickles, red onion jam, and rocket. This roast beef sandwich is a great example of a masterpiece in a sandwich. The beef is already seasoned well but not too much. Perfect for those who don’t want heavy meals and just want to enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant. 

Slow Roasted Lamb and Aubergine Salad – A very tender slice of lamb was served on your plate with olives, spinach, rockets, beetroot some sunflower seeds, and garlic aioli with some lemon. The tenderness of the meat is what made this dish exceptional. Highly recommended for meat lovers out there who like to enjoy a meaty salad. 

Seafood Linguine – Highly recommend for those who love seafood on their pasta. Carefully prepared with fresh tomato some garlic and chili then tossed in white wine to enhance the taste. 

Cafe Paradiso Seafood Linguine Menu
Photo Credit:

Cafe Paradiso Breakfast Menu

Cafe Paradiso offers a variety of great breakfasts menu including classic omelet, avocado toast, classic omelet some fresh juices. Banting muesli is also included on their breakfast menu where you can choose if you like greek yogurt or summer berries. Classic benedict on an open croissant is also included on their breakfast menu with hollandaise and mushrooms. You’ll surely find your favorite on their breakfast menu.


The menu of Cafe Paradiso offers a lot of meat as mains these selections are, to be honest, the best mains available in the market these days. They have North African spiced brown rice pilaf a classic north African dish, braised beef short ribs, grass-fed ribeye steak, fillet steak, and ostrich fan Fillet del Giorno where you can also choose sides like fries, garden greens, or sauteed seasonal vegetables with herbs and butter. 

Cafe Paradiso Menu Delivery

I tried checking on their website searching if they offer delivery orders but unfortunately as of today, Cafe Paradiso doesn’t offer delivery service who knows maybe in time right? But hey don’t lose hope you can still use third-party delivery services that are available in your area if you are really craving their food items like Mr. D food, Grabfoods, and others if you don’t have time to go outside. 

Social Media Page

To get the latest news from Cafe Paradiso, you have to start following their social media account. In this way, you won’t miss posts, especially about their menu, and promos. To follow their Facebook account, simply click the link below:


If you want to browse on their website instead, you can refer to the link below:



What’s good with this restaurant is they have a very large and cozy outdoor terrace where you can enjoy the food while enjoying the vibe. Great selection of delicious mains and salads and of course desserts. The service is also very good, their service crews are awesomely friendly and polite they are also knowledgeable about the food items on their menu I personally like how fast they serve their food without compromising the taste. The restaurant is also clean and well-ventilated and maintained. A good place to go with kids as well because they also offer kids meals. This place is a spot to go with family friends and colleagues. A clean place, great ambiance, variety of selections, what more can a customer ask for in the right? The Cafe Paradiso menu is highly recommended and will make you come back for more.