Cappuccinos Menu South Africa

There is everything you require on the Cappuccinos menu. It offers delectable coffee to help you unwind or to get your day started. Also available are pizza and pasta. You can get any authentic food you want there. The top sellers and various Cappuccinos items are discussed in this article. You might want to dine there after reading.

Here are the Cappuccinos menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Fruit Juice35
Coffee, Americano28
Grande Coffee32
Single Espresso25
Single Espresso28
Flat White35
Grande Cappuccino38
Grande Cremaccino42
Classic Café Latte37
Five Roses, Rooibos30
Lemon Tea With A Lemon Wedge & Honey32
Water With Lemon Wedges & Honey16
Red Cappuccino37
Red Latte39
Iced Tea32
Toni Glass Iced Tea32
Toni Glass Iced Tea (Sugar Free)32
Cordials With Lemonade Or Soda30
Rock Shandy42
Loaded Milkshakes56


Everyday Breakfast49
South African Breakfast89
Cappos Breakfast145
Tomato, green pepper, onion, fresh basil13
Ham, salami, cajun chicken, feta, mozzarella, cheddar, creamed spinach22
 Back bacon rashers, cheese griller, fresh avo*29
Breakfast Livers72
back bacon83
back bacon & brie101
spinach & feta 80
Steak, Egg & Chips99
Low Carbing21
French Toast59
Bacon & Syrup84
Butter & Jam39
Add cheddar22
Low Carb Breakfast99
Crambled Egg & Avo74
Add back bacon29
Add mushrooms21
Breakfast Wraps84
Granola & Fruit Farfait69

The Bread Box

Hickory ham, cheddar & tomato86
Chicken mayo76
Back bacon, creamy avo & mozzarella87
Back bacon, egg & cheddar66
Chicken mayo & mozzarella86
Back bacon, egg & cheddar118
Back bacon, creamy avo & mozzarella118
Sweet-chilli chicken, pineapple & mozzarella121
Creamed spinach, feta, kalamata olives & mozzarella 118
Crumbed Chicken111
Cheese & Japapeño111
Cajun Chicken106
Mince and Red Onion116


Original Burgers112
Big Cheese121
Bacon and Brie160
Chili Cheese Burger153
Cappos Burger197

Something Light

Beefy Mushroom102
Black Mushrooms84
Flamed Grilled Chicken Breast90


Cajun Chicken Salad113
Sesame Chicken120
Bacon Avo132
Grilled Steak120

Combo Meals

Cappos Grill255
Ribs and Wings239
Chicken and Short Rib196
Chicken Combo265
T-bone and Wings253
Chicken and Prawns215
Hake and Calamari199
Hake and Prawns225
Short Rib and Calamari225
Calamari and Prawns225
Sirloin and Prawns199


Three Cheese Tropicana95
Quattro Formaggi105
Pepperoni Americano114
Italian Chicken and Mushroom130
Quattro Stagioni130


Gourmet Mac and Cheese105
Beef Lasagne119
Spaghetti Pollo Piccante119
Basil-Pesto Chicken125
Chicken Supremo125
Spaghetti Al Paella145


Peppermint Crisp76
Ice Cream and Bar-One Chocoalte Suace69
Choc Brownie Fun69
Malva Pudding70

About Cappuccinos

Italian-born, South African-raised. Since its founding in 1990, Cappuccinos has been a company driven by success, and this is seen from the fact that there are currently 18 Cappuccinos locations operating throughout South Africa, as well as one in Botswana. The Cappuccinos experience offers people from all walks of life the chance to experience high-quality, hearty food that is expertly delivered with a smile, drawing on the idea that you are always welcome.

The design concepts include the use of cuisine, textures, and serene color palettes to produce a contemporary, minimalist, yet warm and inviting ambiance. The extensive menu showcases both traditional family recipes and modern culinary trends created with the highest-quality ingredients, ensuring that the Cappuccinos selection stays fascinating and novel through trial and error.

Cappuccinos Menu Best Seller

Cappuccino – Italian-born cappuccinos are often stronger than mochas and lattes and have a richer flavor and texture. The combination of espresso, steamed milk, and froth in a cappuccino is flawless. This coffee is all about the organization and the fair division of each component into thirds. Rich but not acidic, a skilled cappuccino should have a somewhat sweet flavor from the milk.

Omelette Cappuccinos Menu
Photo Credit: Cappuccinos South Africa FB Page

Omelette – This is due to the Maillard reaction, a chemical process that occurs when proteins and glucose interact to produce color and give the egg a faintly nutty flavor. You might order an omelet for breakfast or brunch; it’s similar to a folded pancake composed of beaten eggs and occasionally includes additional ingredients like cheese, meat, or veggies. Yum. This Cappuccinos menu is fluffy in spots but hard enough to hold its filling in place. The ingredients added to both recipes to boost their nutritional value and flavor vary depending on the nation.

Trinchado – The majority of South Africans—likely including you—have consumed several Trinchado varieties throughout the years, but they are unlikely to be able to define the term. In English, the Portuguese term “trinchado” implies “cut up” or “carved.” This makes perfect sense because, when prepared according to a Trinchado recipe, the dish consists of a bowl of carved or cut-up beef chunks that have been cooked in a hot or mild Mozambican peri peri sauce.

Pepperoni Americano – The combination of dough, sauce, and cheese is enhanced by the meaty, mild spiciness of pepperoni. The sweetness of the tomato sauce is frequently countered by the heat. Additionally, it enhances the cheese’s fat. The site is utterly gratifying when taken as a whole. One of the most popular toppings in America is included in the pizza type known as pepperoni pizza. In reality, pepperoni is an Italian word for a huge pepper that has been distorted; today, it refers to a hot salami that is typically produced from a blend of beef, pork, and spices.

Cappuccinos Breakfast Menu

The Cappuccinos menu breakfast is offered until noon, which is a substantial amount of time given that most eateries only stay open until 10.

South African Breakfast – 2 eggs, 2 back bacon rashers, 2 hashbrowns, a grilled tomato, chips, and a spicy relish are also available.

Cappos Breakfast – 2 eggs, 3 back bacon rashers, 125 sirloin, creamy mushrooms, grilled tomato, cheese griller or boerewors, chips or 2 hashbrowns, pap, and spicy relish are some of the possible combinations.

French Toast – It resembles bread and butter pudding in certain ways. Bread that has been dipped in an egg-and-milk batter and cooked until golden brown is typically served with syrup or dusted with sugar and cinnamon.

Drinks Menu

Espresso – Espresso typically has a flavor that is very similar to coffee. Despite the fact that it is highly concentrated, it nearly feels as though you are drinking a small mug of coffee in a few swallows. Because of this, some people choose to sip their drinks slowly, while others opt to slather them with water, milk, or sugar. It has a richer coffee flavor and tastes stronger.

Flat White – Due to the usage of two shots, it may also contain more caffeine than a latte. This Cappuccinos menu mixes the flavor and potency of espresso with a dairy-based beverage’s thick texture. Traditional steamed milk separates into lava-hot liquid on the bottom and ultralight froth on top. However, micro-foaming the milk distributes bubbles equally throughout the liquid and evenly heats it. As a result, a strong, sweet coffee beverage with a velvety-thick texture is produced.

Strawberry Milkshake – With its cloud of pink fluff, it looks adorable and tasty and is creamy, light, and refreshing. It can be sprinkled on top, left to float on the surface, or served over warm or cold milk.

Combo Meals

Ribs and Wings – The attractiveness of chicken wings comes from the fact that they have a higher skin-to-meat ratio than practically any other chicken cut. You must drain off the majority of the fat that comes with it in order to crisp the skin; otherwise, you’ll get chewy wings rather than crunchy ones.

Hake and Calamari – Although the meat of calamari is firm and occasionally chewy, it should never be rubbery.

Cappuccinos Menu Delivery

The emphasis at Cappuccinos is on taking a breather and unwinding while enjoying delectable food. The majority of folks do not have such luxury. The majority of them merely want to eat good meals since they lack the time to relax and take a break. Fortunately, Cappuccinos has whatever it is you’re looking for cover. For questions, delivery, or takeaway orders, you can reach the following numbers +267 390 9945 or +267 75 114 064.

Social Media Pages

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It is likely that you were truly drawn in by this essay if you have read this far. It was stated from the outset that the Cappuccinos menu contains everything you require. After going over the top sellers, drinks, and other menu items, you should now be able to confidently state that Cappuccinos has everything. Where you want to eat is always up to you. Particularly in South Africa, where you may eat everything you want.