Chesanyama In South Africa

Chesa Nyama menu prices are listed here for you to save some time while shopping for food in the restaurant. The restaurant prices are listed for most of their items, including their famous burger, entrees, desserts, and drinks.

Here are the Chesa Nyama menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemPrice (R)


Cheeseburger & Regular Chips55.90
Crazy Burger41.90
Crazy Burger & Regular Chips51.90
Crazy Burger & Regular Chips + 300ML Pet Coke61.90
Flame Double Cheese Burger64.90
Flame Double Cheese Burger & Regular Chips74.90
Beast Burger With 4 x 100g Beef Patties109.90
Beast Burger & Regular Chips With 4 x 100g Beef Patties119.90


1 x Short Rib Rasher & Small Chips34.90
100 Russian & Regular Chips31.90
6 x Snack Wings & Regular Chips ( Hot Or Not )49.90
12 xSnack Wings & Regular Chips ( Hot or Not )84.90

Family Meals

Family Chicken Meal Full Chicken, Large Chips, 2x Rolls & ColesLaw194.90
Famous Wors Meal 1m Wors, Large Chips & 2x Rolls add 1.5L Coke Zero 220.90
Family Braai Meal 2x Wors, 2x Brisket, 2x Thighs & LargeChips269.90
Chesa 300g Ribs89.90
Chesa 300g Ribs & Regular Pap & Gravy96.90
Chesa 300g Ribs with Regular Chips96.90
Full Chicken133.90
Full Chicken + Large Pap & Gravy174.90
Full Chicken & Large Chips174.90


Snack Box Russian, Drumstick & Regular Chips43.90
Add 350ml Predator53.90
Braai Box 1/4 Chicken, 150g Wors, Regular Pap & Gravy72.90
Meat Braai Box 200g Brisket, 150 Wors, Regular Pap & Gravy & Coleslaw89.90
Add 300ml Stoney89.90
Lunch Box Thigh, 150g Wors, Regular Chips64.90

Meat Braaicuts

150g Chesa Wors32.90
150 Chesa Wors & Regular Pap & Gravy42.90
150g Chesa Wors & Regular Chips42.90
200 Brisket49.90
200G Brisket With Regular Pap & Gravy59.90
200G Brisket With Regular Chips59.90
Beef Stew & Regular Pap44.90
Add 500ml Bonaqua Water54.90
200g Chuck49.90
200g Chuck With Regular Pap & Gravy59.90
200g Chuck And Regular Chips59.90
300g Club Steak89.90
300 Club Steak With Regular Pap & Gravy99.90
300g Club Steak & Regular Chips99.90

Sides & Other

Portuguse Roll7.90
Pap & Relish12.90

Kiddies Meal

Kiddies Burger & Small Chips27.90
Add 200m Cappy Burst33.90

What’s the Best Menu at Chesa Nyama?

There are many different types of food that you can order at Chesa Nyama. You can choose from their menu which includes burgers, chicken, combos, and braai cuts. You can also pair it with a fries and drink. For the drinks, they serve Coke here.

Crazy Burger Special At Chesanyama
Crazy Burger Special At Chesa Nyama

The best food at Chesa Nyama is their cheeseburgers. They serve them with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and cheese. The food is delicious and you won’t regret eating it.

Menu Specials

The word braai in South Africa’s most commonly spoken language is derived from Afrikaans and is a traditional and modern culinary method to cook meat over a pit in the open air just like a barbecue. It is a wonderful way of celebrating the summer months with family and friends.

Family Braai Meal Special At Chesanyama
Family Braai Meal at Chesa Nyama

The grilling of meats, fish, chicken, and vegetables should be emphasized with the use of local African sauces and spices such as peri-peri sauce.

Braai is usually served with pap, a type of porridge that’s common as a side dish. It functions as a versatile and hugely popular food that’s easily prepared and served at your braai.

About Chesa Nyama

Chesa Nyama is a popular fast food in South Africa. This is a wonderful fast food where you can taste all sorts of delicious food. The Chesa Nyama has been around since 2012 and they already have 320 outlets and are still increasingly fast. 

The company’s success in finding a way to replicate an idea that has been proven successful by smaller, independent stores makes it easier for people to get the kind of value they want, while still enjoying the convenience of having it delivered.

Chesa Nyama prepares braai for consumers at a much faster rate, provides the consistent quality assurance of a well-known chain, and offers value deals and large portion sizes consumers want.

They provide excellent quality service and consistently deliver value for money. Customers are pleased with their service, they always come back.


Are you still not sure about what you should order when you go to the Chesa Nyama? If yes, then why don’t you ask their team to get the latest foods and drinks? They will tell you the most recommended one that you might like. Here are the official social media of Chesa Nyama that you can reach easily:

If you are still not sure if Chesa Nyama is for you, then maybe you can have a burger at Burger King instead.

Feel free to leave us a comment below if you have other questions. Enjoy!