Coco Safar Menu South Africa

The Coco Safar menu features sophisticated and classy items for affordable prices. If you’re looking for a great establishment, they can accommodate your needs.

The lovely atmosphere is perfect for any occasion, be it a business meeting or a lovely evening. They serve a variety of items, ranging from breakfast meals, and coffees, to even desserts perfect for a date night

Here are Coco Safar menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


French Toast78
Mediterranean Bagel65
Brioche Florentine75
Lemon Poppy Waffle95
Belgian Waffle and Chicken105
Croissant Benidict95
Greek-style Yoghurt68

All Day

Mutton Casserole145
Fish Coconut Curry110
Mushroom Risotto110
Smoked Brisket Sandwich135
Safar Bobotie110
Ostrich Pie120
Salmon Troute Nicoise130
Lentil Bolognese85
Superbowl 2.090
Chicken Salad95
Chicken Wrap70
Veggie Burger125
Beef Burger125

On the Lighter Side

Avocado Toast55
Mushroom Toast50
Quinoa Porridge65
Tuscan Soup65
House Pate65
Steamed Bao Buns70

Morning Sides

Citrus Fruit Salad30
Chicken Livers25
Smoked Salmon Trout30
Lamb Bacon20
Toast and Preserve35
Scrambled Egg16

Couture Cakes

Cocoa Bean Flower Cake695
Salted Caramel Couture Cake495
Mango-passion Mousse Cake495
Maxi Madeleine Lemon-poppy Cake295

Weekend Boxes

Breakfast in Bed Box620
High Tea at Home Box1000

Gift Boxes

Luxury Pantry Gift Box480
Sweets Delight Gift Box520


Voyage Beans - 250g110
Voyage Beans - 1000g395
Single Origin Beans115
Single Origin C02 Decaf Beans120
Coffee Capsules (15 per pack)149

Artisinal Bread

Ciabatta Loaf45
Ciabatta Buns x 639
Sourdough Miche45
French Baguette32
Multigrain Loaf65
Gluten-free Loaf79
Brioche Buns55
Mediterranean Bagels55

Specialty Bread

Apple-marzipan Ciabatta Loaf95
Hot Cross Buns95
Dulce-White Chocolate Babka125
Dark Chocolate-Orange Babka125
Mosbollejties - Half Dozen49
Mosbollejties - Dozen89
Kalamata Olive Sour-rye Loaf75
Chocolate, Cranberry, Kumquat, and Rooibos Sour-rye Loaf145

Savoury Baked Goods

Olive and Feta Focaccia Single55
Olive and Feta Focaccia 4-Pack195
Margherita Focaccia Single55
Margherita Focaccia 4-Pack195
Brioche Florentine65
Brioche Florentine x 6359
Brioche Boerewors65
Foraged Vegetable Quiche85
Chicken, Butternut, Onion Marmalade Quiche85
Margherita Quiche85

Sweet Baked Goods

Croissant Butter30
Croissant Butter x 6169
Croissant Churros Cream45
Croissant Churros Cream x 6249
Croissant Choc-Hazelnut45
Croissant Choc-Hazelnut x 6249
Croissant Almond45
Croissant Almond x 6249
Sticky Bun35
Sticky Bun x 6189


Mini Madeleines95
Chewy Choco-amaretti115
Cafe Mocha Home Kit160

About Coco Safar

Coco Safar is a bakery, cafe, and more. They strive to portray a unique atmosphere by combining the casual allure of a local eatery with the elegance of an old-world cafe. Past the elegance are affordable prices that make sure anybody can enjoy anything, whenever. Be it for a cup of coffee to start your morning, a business meeting, afternoon coffee with dessert, or an elegant dinner, the establishment is perfect for any occasion.

Coco Safar Menu Best Seller

Frittata – This item features caramelized onion, potato, courgette, mushroom, and goat’s cheese served with toast. The frittata also comes with a serving of fresh citrus salad. For a price of R80, you’ll have one of the best frittatas you’ll have in your life.

Belgian Waffle and Chicken – The amazing Belgian Waffles offered by the Coco Safar menu are paired with a serving of chicken cooked slowly, fried egg, lamb bacon, and rooibos honey mustard. This meal is available for a price of R105.

Smoked Brisket Sandwich – This menu is prepared by slowly cooking a brisket to perfection. The establishment combines the brisket with house-made gherkin, roast garlic mayo, and coleslaw. The sandwich is served with either triple-cooked fries or green salad. The Smoked Brisket Sandwich will cost you R135.

Coco Safar Smoked Brisket Sandwich
Photo Credit: Coco Safar SA FB Page

Safar Bobotie – This meal features lamb mince, yoghurt, mango chutney, garden peas apricot, and pineapple. The mince uses free-range lamb, guaranteeing its quality. This meal will cost you R110.

Ostrich Pie – This pie features cabbages, caramelised onion, puff pastry, and ostrich stew. This meal also comes with a serving of green salad or triple-cooked fries. This Ostrich Pie will cost you R120.

Coco Safar Breakfast

Coco Safar Breakfast Menu
Photo Credit: Coco Safar SA FB Page

French Toast – What would a breakfast menu be without French Toast? The Coco Safar french toast menu features lemon-caramel sauce, and almond crumble. Their french toast is topped with yoghurt cream, caramelized banana, rosemary-poached pear, and seasonal fruit. The Coco Safar French toast is available.

Mediterranean Bagel – This menu features 2 pieces of Turkish-style Bagels. The order also includes two poached eggs served in yoghurt, and pesto oil. This bagel order is available at a cost of R65. By adding R50, you can add a serving of smoked salmon trout.

Pancakes – Coco Safar has their own special take on pancakes; the establishment uses nuts in its mix. The pancakes are served with earl grey caramel sauce, lemon mousse, berries, and seasonal fruit. This breakfast meal is sold at a cost of R78.

Brioche Florentine – Brioche Florentine are flakey pieces of croissant pastry filled with Feta. The pastries are sauteed with spinach and baked egg. All of the included items are served with a serving of fresh citrus salad, all for a pide of R75.

Lemon Poppy Waffle – The Coco Safar sells its waffles for a price of R95. It comes with a warm compote made with an assortment of berries, and a combination of honey and creme fraiche.

All Day Menu

Mutton Casserole – This meal features mutton ragu, slowly roasted; dill gel, onion gel, anchovies, root vegetables, and crispy potatoes. This meal is available for a price of R145, and it’s a great meal if you’re looking for a combination of meaty and healthy.

Fish Coconut Curry – This meal from the Coco Safar menu features sea bass on rice noodles, mixed vegetables, and lemongrass & red curry paste. If you’re looking for an exotic meal, then this is definitely a meal to try. This meal will cost you R110, but you can get the vegan option for R90.

Mushroom Risotto – The mushroom risotto features arborio rice, truffle oil, cheese, button mushroom, and wild mushroom. This creamy, rich mushroom risotto will let you experience a classic Italian dish. This meal will cost you R110, but you can get the vegan option for a price of R98.

Coco Safar Coffee Menu

Coco Safar Coffees
Photo Credit: Coco Safar SA FB Page

Coffee Beans – These beans are roasted in the establishment’s Sea Point Roastery. The coffee beans come in different grounds: stovetop, plunger, filter, espresso, Turkish, and whole bean.

Voyage Beans – These beans are available on different grounds: Colombia, Brazil, and Costa Rica. This coffee variety is also offered in different tasting notes: strawberry jam, maple syrup, and milk chocolate. These beans are available in two different sizes: R110 for 250g and R395 for 1kg.

Single Origin Beans – These beans are available in Rwanda and Nyabihu blends. These offers taste notes that include cocoa, molasses, and orange marmalade. 

Coco Safar Dessert

Cocoa Bean Flower Cake – This Coco Safar menu cake is made with chocolate sponge patisserie with hazelnut mousse. The Cocoa Bean Flower Cake also features salted caramel, hazelnut crunch, chocolate streusel, and dark chocolate mousse, and the cake is topped with a 70% dark chocolate shell. The cake is sold at a cost of R695.

Salted Caramel Couture Cake – The salted Caramel Couture Cake is a caramel vanilla patisserie-type cake which features crunchy almond praline, almond streusel, and salted caramel. This cake costs R495.

Mango-passion Mousse Cake – The Mango-passion Mousse cake is a pink compote made with mango and passion fruit. The cake also features herb sponge, streusel base, basil mousse, and yoghurt mousse. This cake costs R495. 

Maxine Madeleine Lemon-poppy Cake – This lemon-poppy seed sponge cake is inspired by Madeleine. The cake is topped with lemon glaze and lemon zest and filled with lemon curd. This cake will cost you R295.

Coco Safar Menu Delivery

Coco Safar makes sure that your orders arrive at your doorstep as soon as possible. They even have a dedicated menu for items available for delivery. This menu offers a variety of items such as baked goods, specialty bread, and confectionaries. 

Social Media Pages

Coco Safar likes to hear from their customers. They have social media accounts across different platforms including Instagram and Facebook. There, they regularly advertise their products and actively hear out their following’s words.




The Coco Safar Menu offers a classy and sophisticated selection of cakes, bread, and other baked goods, as well as coffee. Their bakery offers the finest selection of goods, and they also offer deliveries. If you’re ever in the area, make sure you try out Coco Safar’s selection.