Don Armando Menu South Africa

The Don Armando menu features some of the finest Argentinian grilled cuisines out there. Quality cuisine, class A service, they have it all.

If you’re looking for a great eating experience, then Don Armando is for you. Their dishes taste as good as they look.

If you want to see how their dishes look, head over to their Facebook page where you can see how amazing their dishes look. You can also see hundreds of reviews across different sites, guaranteeing the quality of their service.

Here are Don Armando menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Brocheta de Pollo85
Brocheta de Gambas135
Gambas Picante140
Mollejas Grilladas85
Chorizo Grande105
Quinoa con Verduras Grilladas88


Ensalada de le Casa115
Capresa de la Argentina110
Ensalada Verde y Parmesano90
Ensalada Cesar120


Pimienta/Mostaza/Ajo y Hierbas30


Bifo de Chorizo - 200g135
Bifo de Chorizo - 400g230
Colita de Cuadril - 300g180
Colita de Cuadril - 600g310
Bife con Costilla - 400g190
Bife con Costilla - 600g260
Bife de Lomo - 200g230
Bife de Lomo - 300g310
Bife Angoto con Lomo - 500g250
Bife Angoto con Lomo - 900g470
Costilla de Cordero - 250g210
Costilla de Cordero - 400g320
Tira de Asado165
The Don265
Don Burguesa88
Chimi Chicken155
Pollo Mariposa200
Pescado Fresco del DiaSQ
Calamares Patagonia175
Calamares con Chicharos190


Calabacin Frito45
Pure de Coliflor45
Remolacha Asada45
Espinaca con Ajo y Limon45
Brocoli con Chili35
Poroto Blancos y Arugula40
Porotos Verde35
Papas Fritas30
Batatas Dolce Fritas40
Pure de Papas35
Cebolla Frito30
Ensalata Tomato e Cebolla35


Assado Mixto 1950
Assado Mixto 2990
Langostinos e Calamares1090


Quinoa con Verduras Grilladas55
Bife de Chorizo118
Tippa de Cuadril - Picanha425
Hamburguesa con Quezo98
Pollo Burguesa95
Chimi Chicken150
Pollo Medo a la Parilla108
Langostinos a la Parilla128
Pescado Argentina106
Calamares Patagonia98


Helado / Sorbetto45
Argentinian Flan50
Crepe con Dulce de Leche55
Platano Frito55

About Don Armando

Don Armando is an Argentinean steak house that offers a wide variety of items. Among other things, they offer takeout, reservation, table service, free wifi, a full bar, and they serve alcohol.

Don Armando Menu Best Seller

Hamburguesa con Quezo – This is Don Armando’s take on the grill classic, the hamburger. This burger features 200 grams of pure beef, salsa rossa, cos lettuce, pickled red onions, gherkins, tomato, and mozzarella cheese.

Pollo Burguessa – A modern take on the classic hamburger is the chicken burger. This order features 180 grams of deboned chicken thigh, served with salsa bianco, cos lettuce, sundried tomato, and parmesan cheese.

Bife de Lomo – The bife de lomo is your classic beef fillet, but Don Armando has their own take on it. They use a variety of herbs and spices to give it a unique taste that will have you coming back for more. This is available in two different varieties: the 200-gram and the 300 gram.

Don Armando Beef Tenderloin
Don Armando Beef Tenderloin

Langostinos e Calamares – This platter features plain-grilled Patagonia calamari, and Argentinian prawns grilled on wood-fired parilla, served with lemon butter and bear sauce. The platter is served with chimichurri sauce on the side and a choice of three other sides. You can choose between grilled vegetables and quinoa, mixed salad, or chips.

Pollo Medo a la Parilla – This dish features half a free-range chicken. The chicken is marinated in either a peri-picante sauce, or a lemon and chimu-churri sauce. This order takes a minimum of thirty minutes to prepare.

Don Armando Lunch Menu

Quinoa con Verduras Grilladas – This is one of the healthiest items on the menu. This meal features red and white quinoa, served with salsa criotia and grilled vegetables.

Bife de Chorizo – If you’re looking for the classic steakhouse experience, the Bife de Chorizo is the best way to go. This border features a 200-gram sirloin steak. The sirloin steak is wet-aged for 28 days, and it is cooked to perfection.

Tippa de Caudril – Picanha – The Picanha is a massive order, being shareable to up to 3 people. This order features an 800 gram rump point, wet-aged for 28 days. This order takes a minimum of 30 minutes to prepare. The 30 minute-wait is a small price to pay because it is worth it.

Chimi Chicken – The taste of this dish is just as clever as the pun. To prepare this dish, 300 grams of deboned chicken thighs are marinated in chimichurri and lemon sauce.

Main Menu

Colita de Cuadril – The colita de cuadril features rump steak, a classic Argentinian grill experience. Don Armando gives the rump steak their own spin on it by using their own blend of spices. This dish is available in 300 gram and 600 gram varieties.

Bife con Costilla – Another fantastic take on an Argentinian grill classic is the Bife con Costilla. The Bife con Costilla is a prime rib steak, which is offered in two different varieties: the 400-gram, and the 600-gram varieties.

Bife de Lomo – The bife de lomo is a classic dish that is given a new twist in the hands of the culinary team at Don Armando. Featured on their menu, this dish is transformed through the use of an expertly crafted blend of herbs and spices, resulting in a unique and delectable flavor that will have you eagerly returning for more. Available in two sizes, the 200-gram and 300-gram portions, the bife de lomo on the Don Armando menu is a must-try for anyone looking to experience exceptional dining.

Don Armando Rack Of Lamb

Costilla de Cordero – If you’re looking for a grill item other than beef the Costilla de Cordero offers lamb rib chops. The establishment uses its enhanced techniques, and its own blend of spices to make sure this dish is amazing. This dish is available in two varieties: 250 grams and 400 grams.


Calabacin Frito – This site is one of the most savoury on Don Armando menu. The Calabacin Frito is deep-fried baby marrow. This is best enjoyed with one of the main dishes as it takes the whole eating experience up by a notch.

Pure de Coliflor – One of the healthiest items on the menu, the Pure de Coliflor is a guilt-free way to appreciate the Don Armando experience. The Pure de Coliflor is a cauliflower mash, a perfect side for any main dish.

Remolacha Asada – Being grilled instead of fried, the Remolacha Asada is surely one of the healthiest items on the menu. The Remolacha Asada is beetroot, grilled to perfection. This site is perfect for any grilled dish available on the menu.

Espinaca con Ajo y Limon – The Espinaca con Ajo y Limon is spinach, pan-fried with lemon and garlic. The flavour it gets from pan-frying makes it an amazing side.

Broccoli con Chili – This is a great side dish for anyone who’s into spicy food. The broccoli is lightly sauteed in butter, a hint of garlic, and chilli.

Platters Menu

Assado Mixto 1 – This platter features a short rib (Tira de Assado), a sirloin on the bone (The Don), and a rump point (Picanha). These are wet-aged for 28 days and grilled on their parilla grill fired with wood. The platter is served with chimi-churri sauce on the side and a choice of three other sides. You can choose between grilled vegetables and quinoa, mixed salad, or chips. This platter takes a minimum of thirty minutes to prepare.

Assado Mixto 2 – This platter features lamb chops (Costilla de Codero), rump (Costilla de Cuadrill), and T-Bone (Bife Angoto con Lomo). These are wet-aged for 28 days and grilled on their wood-fired parilla grill. The platter is served with chimi-churri sauce on the side and a choice of three other sides. You can choose between grilled vegetables and quinoa, mixed salad, or chips. This platter takes a minimum of thirty minutes to prepare.

Don Armando Menu Delivery

Don Armando does their best in serving their dishes. They make sure your dishes arrive as soon as they can onto your table. You can also order take outs so you can enjoy your dishes in the comfort of your own home. They do all of this while maintaining the quality of their dishes.

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The Don Armando menu reflects elegance, and it features only the best of the best meals. This establishment is surely one of Cape Town’s pride and joy, being heralded as one of the top-tier restaurants, voted for by expert critiques and devoted customers. If you ever get the chance, be sure to try Don Armando, because they offer an eating experience that you must experience at least once in your life.