Eastern Food Bazaar Menu South Africa

The Eastern Food Bazaar exposes you to the authentic Eastern Menu. When people bring up eastern food, most think about the usual Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, China, and South-East Asian countries.

People forget that India and other middle-eastern countries are part of Asia, too. The Eastern Bazaar menu takes your palette on a trip to these countries and exposes you to different cultures while remaining in one sitting. You will be showered in excellent food and impeccable service. If you’re looking for great exotic food, you should definitely try Eastern Bazaar.

Here are Lekker Vegan menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

Bombay Bites

Lentils of the Day30
Veg Curry of the Day35
Palak Paneer35
Paneer Makhani35
Veg Samoosa12
Chicken Samoosa12
Chilli Bites12
Mix Platter12
Veg Pizza45
Chicken Pizza50
Lamb Mince Pizza50


Manchurian Veg40
Szechwen Veg40
Manchurian Paneer40
Szechwen Paneer40
Manchurian Chicken45
Szechwen Chicken45
Sweet and Sour Veg40
Chilli Veg40
Sweet and Sour Paneer40
Chilli Paneer40
Sweet and Sour Chicken45
Chilli Chicken45
Sweet and Sour Lamb55
Chilli Lamb55
Veg Fried Rice40
Egg Fried Rice40
Chicken Fried Rice45
Szechwen Chicken Noodle Fried Rice45
Veg Hakka Noodles40
Chicken Hakka Noodles45


Veg Biryani35
Chicken Biryani50
Lamb Biryani58
Veg Bunny Chow40
Chicken Bunny Chow50
Lamb Chicken Chow58
Chicken Tikka Masala50
Chicken Madras50
Butter Chicken55
Lamb Rogan Gosh58
Chicken Vindaloo50
Deli Chicken Curry50
Lamb Mince Curry50
Chicken Korma50


Coke, Fanta, Sprite9
Water, Ice Tea, and Just Juice11
Appetiser and Grapetiser12
Masala Tea12
Filter Coffee12
Hot Chocolate12


Chicken Shawarma in Pita Bread, Chips, and Salad 50
Lamb Shawarma in Pita Bread, Chips, and Salad 55
Chicken Shawarma on Plate, and Dhai50
Lamb Shawarma on Plate, and Dhai55
Chicken Shawarma in Roti, Chips, and Salad50
Lamb Shawarma in Roti, Chips, and Salad55
Falafel and Hummus35
Five Falafel Balls20


Indian Omelette30
Stuffed Paratha - Potato20
Stuffed Paratha - Cheese25
Stuffed Paratha - Mince25
Garlic Naan14
Peshiwari Naan20


Malai Tikka45
Chicken Tikka Masala45
1/4 Tandoori Chicken45
Lamb Sheek Kebab50
Chicken Kathi Roll45
Lamb Kathi Roll50


Plain Cheese Dosa35
Masala Dosa35
Cheese Masala Dosa40
Chicken Masala Dosa45
Chicken Cheese Masala Dosa50
Mysore Dosa35
Cheese Mysore Dosa40
Lamb Mince Dosa50
Paneer Dosa40
Uttapam Masala Dosa35

Ice Cream

Cup (1 Scoop)15
Cup (2 Scoops)20
Cone (2 Scoops)25
Bombay Crush (Falooda)18
Sweet Lassi15
Mango Lassi18

About Eastern Food Bazaar

The Eastern Food Bazaar is an authentic Cape Town experience. They are a canteen-style eatery that offers different Eastern cuisines. Some of these cuisines are Turkish, Punjabi, Chinese, and there are more! 

The Asian cuisine that the establishment offers is Halaal, and they offer vegan-friendly options as well. They make sure that no matter which walks of life you’re from, you can experience the wonders of Asia. They have 10 different kitchens, each offering different cuisines. These cuisines are Snacks and Tandoori, Punjabi, Pizza, Nizami (Kebab), Madras (Dosa), Istanbul (Falafel and Shawarma), Chinatown, Chats, and Bombay Bites.

The eatery also offers catering services for private events hosted in their own private venue above their establishment. If ever you’re looking for a place for your event, you should definitely consider their establishment.

Eastern Food Bazaar Menu Best Seller

Cheese Masala Dosa – This dish is the perfect gateway to Indian cuisine. For people new to Indian cuisine, the Dosa is a thin pancake-like meal made with fermented black lentils and rice. You also might have heard of Masala but you’re unsure of what it is. The Masala is a blend of spices that originated from India, and it’s used alone or with other spices in most Eastern Cuisine. This dish blends cheese and masala into a perfect dosa. 

Eastern Food Bazaar Cheese Masala Dosa
Photo Credit: Eastern Food Bazaar FB Page

Chicken Tikka Masala – Anyone that has dabbled in Indian cuisine has already heard of the Chicken Tikka Masala. This Indian staple features bits of chicken, marinated in a secret blend of spices, incorporated into a curry. The Masala’s strong, unique taste emphasizes the taste of the Chicken to give you a premium exotic experience.

Lamb Rogan Josh – The Rogan Josh is a signature Kashmiri cuisine dish. Its flavour is exotic yet lovable, which is why it’s so easy to sell these in countries outside of India. This Eastern Food Bazaar menu is prepared by braising lamb with a gravy of aromatic spices, ginger, and garlic. 

Butter Chicken – People have enjoyed the delectable butter chicken without knowing that it’s a part of Indian Cuisine. The Eastern Food Bazaar uses chicken morsels, garlic, tomato, yogurt, pepper, chili, butter, and a secret blend of spices. 

Eastern Food Bazaar Fried Rice Menu

Eastern Food Bazaar offers a plethora of Eastern cuisine, including Chinese cuisine. These offer savoury, spicy, exotic meals that are served with a variety of fried rice items.

Veg Fried Rice – The classic vegetable fried rice that all Asians love, and eat often. The Asian experience is not complete without fried rice, as such, you should try this dish. The veg fried rice offers diced vegetables mixed into fried rice, forming a wonderful blend of flavour.

Egg Fried Rice – Anyone who likes rice has at least tried the egg-fried rice dish. To prepare this dish, the egg is first cooked in a wok, and then the rice is mixed in. Don’t be fooled, though. The establishment has secret spices that they use to give this dish a unique twist.

Chicken Fried Rice – Like the other two, this dish is a big part of Asian culture not just because it’s tasty, but because it’s so easy to make. The chicken fried rice menu from Eastern Food Bazaar uses bits of chicken mixed in with fried rice. The establishment uses a secret blend of spices to make this dish their own.


Shawarma in Pita Bread with Chips and Salad – This is the classic Shawarma that everybody knows and loves. This is available in both Chicken and Lamb varieties.

Eastern Food Bazaar Shawarma
Photo Credit: Eastern Food Bazaar FB Page

Shawarma on a Plate with Rice and Dhai – If you’re looking to enjoy your shawarma as a rice meal, then order this meal. Aside from the shawarma and the rice, the meal also includes Dhai, an Indian Curd Yoghurt.

Shawarma in Roti with Chips and Salad – This meal gives the classic Istanbul meal an Indian twist. Instead of the normal Pita Bread, the shawarma is wrapped in Rotia, a type of Indian flatbread.


Malai Tikka – If you want a light dip into the world of Eastern Food, this meal is for you. This Eastern Food Bazaar menu incorporates modern food trends into classic Nizami dishes. This dish features chicken morsels, chips, and salad. The chicken morsels are mildly spiced. Each piece of the chicken morsel is marinated in fresh cream. The chicken morsels are grilled in a Tandoor oven. 

Chicken Tikka – If you want to stay true to Eastern Food, but you want something simpler, the Chicken Tikka is a great meal. It’s a simpler version of the Malai tikka, omitting some of its ingredients, but maintaining the classic Nizami taste. This menu features chicken, chips, and salad. The chicken morsels are spiced and grilled in a tandoor oven.

¼ Tandoori Chicken – If you’re looking for a dish packed with protein, the ¼ Tandoori Chicken offers just that. Unlike the first two chicken dishes, this chicken meal offers a fourth of a chicken instead of chicken morsels. This meal features ¼ chicken, chips, and salad. To prepare the dish, the chicken is marinated in spices and yogurt. The chicken is then grilled in a Tandoor oven after marinating it in the secret blend of yogurt and spices.

Eastern Food Bazaar Menu Delivery

The Eastern Food Bazaar is a canteen-style eatery. They have a number of staff members that are at your beck and call. They will have no trouble serving your food. They make sure to maintain high quality among their dishes even after preparing them as fast as they could. Eastern Food Bazaar puts your satisfaction at the top of its priorities.

Social Media Pages

To get more information about their food menu, or current promos, I suggest that you check their social media pages like Facebook or Instagram. In this way, you can notification if they have new posts on these platforms.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/easternfoodbazaarct/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/easternfoodbazaarct/


The Eastern Food Bazaar menu features the best Asian cuisine dishes. They offer cuisines from different cultures, and their flavour profile will take you on a trip around the East. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to check this eatery out, because they guarantee you great food and an excellent experience.