Fat Cactus Menu South Africa

Craving for Mexican food? Craving for BIG servings? The Fat Cactus has everything you’d want from a Mexican place and more.

They have tacos, salads, bv drinks, burgers, and so much more! Aside from the Fat Cactus amazing menu and drinks, they also strive for the perfect Mexican atmosphere. 

Here are Fat Cactus menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

Fat Snactus

Chilli Poppers90
Calamari Fritos110
Shanghai Noon92
Bangoino Cauliflower82
Cheezy Nachos85
Rib Basket120
Fridas Fritters85
Wing Basket95
Chick N Waffle90
Corn Dawgs85


Fresh Grilled Veg Mexicana129
Grilled Chicken155
Barbecue Steak199
Barbecue Pulled Pork165
Greek Lamb210


Annie Oakley111
Chi Chi Chi135
Pistol Pete145
Happy Hog141

Cowboy Nachos

Beeg Cheezy135
Lime and Coriander145
Chorizo, Jalapeno, and Feta145
Bacon, Blue Cheese, and Feta145

Food Truck Tacos and Salads

The Vegan125
Grilled Chicken135
Country Fried Chicken135
Barbecue Pulled Pork145
Greek Lamb185
Chipotle Steak155
Golden Fish135

South of the Border

Refried Beans128
Sloppy Joe Beef145
Grilled Veg Mexicana125
Mexican Chicken130

Texan Burgers

Fat Boy125
Three Amigos135
Hip Veggie125
Park Road155
Pulled Pork135
The American139
The Duke139
Rock Hudson145
Chicky Chicky125
Hot Chicky125

About Fat Cactus

The Fat Cactus is an establishment that offers Mexican food. Their menu features a wide variety of items that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat. They’ve made multitudes of customers happy, and these happy moments are documented in photographs that you can find on their official website and social media pages.

Fat Cactus Menu Best Seller

Annie Oakley Quesadilla – Let’s start off with the Quesadillas. First off on our list is Annie Oakley. The Annie Oakley Quesadilla features meaty, chunky salsa, and amazing Jack Cheese, slowly grilled to perfection for that perfect quesadilla combination.

Chi Chi Chi – Up next is a cleverly-named quesadilla item, the Chi Chi Chi. It features high quality, meaty chorizo, savory house-blend chipotle, and only the best quality cheeses.

Wing Basket – If we’re talking about best sellers, then we can’t leave one of the most famous snacks from the Fat Cactus menu, the wing basket. The Wing Basket offers country chicken that’s fried to perfection. You can choose between two sauces to dip this from Hot Buffalo sauce served with a dip made from blue cheese, and celery on the side. The second sauce option is the Sticky Barbecue. 

Pulled Pork Burger – Want a burger with a bit of kick into it? The Pulled Pork burger will definitely pull your heart along with your taste buds. This burger features, of course, pulled pork. It also utilizes mayo made with chipotle, pineapple with chilli, and slim jims on the side. 

Jack Cheese – Want something that screams independence day vibes? The American features Jack Cheese, grilled, and slim jims on the side. The Fat Cactus takes your normal American ingredients and arranges them in a way that will make your tastebuds dance in delight. 

Fat Cactus Menu Combo Fiesta Platter

If you’re looking for a little bit of everything, then the Combo Fiesta Platter is your best bet. The platter features a variety of items such as the establishment’s famous wings. The platter also features one of Mexico’s staple snacks, Nachos.

In addition to nachos, The Fat Cactus also offers  Corn Fritters, and Amazeballs as snacks. The calamari fritos are packed with flavor and protein. It also has some quesadilla on the side. Lastly, the platter ends with chili poppers, sure to make you sweat and fall in love with its flavor.


Fat Boy – The Fat Cactus offers a variety of burgers to satisfy your meaty needs. First off, we have the Fat Boy. The Fat Boy is labeled as the original, traditional Texan barbecue burger. If you’re looking for a burger to satisfy your simple cravings, then you’re looking for Fat Boy. 

Three Amigos – Up next, we have the Three Amigos menu from Fat Cactus! Get thrice as much fun as when you order the Three Amigos. This meal consists of Three servings of sliders. These three are further emphasized by different servings of other products. This meal comes with fresh mushrooms, meaty barbecues, and the best jack cheese around. 

Hip Veggie – If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to your normal burger, then this veggie burger is what you’re looking for. The veggie patty is carefully hand-crafted by Fat Cactus Chefs. The patty is served a la Fat Boy. 

Park Road Burger – Looking for something with a twist? You should definitely try out the Park Road burger. This burger features flavorful streaky bacon; the world-famous Mexican delicacy, Guacamole. The ingredients mentioned are further accented by the feta added to the burger. 

Fat Cactus Park Road Burger
Not an actual photo – For reference only

The Duke – Want the royal version of The American? This Fat Cactus menu is waving at you. The Duke burger features creamy, savory mushroom sauce, and high quality, creamy cheese. If you want something that accents the flavor of Fat Cactus’s amazing patty, then this burger is for you.

Rock Hudson – Want something strong? The Rock Hudson is the one you’re looking for. This burger incorporates Fat Cactus’s meaty, savory, streaky bacon, house-blend salsa, and grilled blue cheese.

Chicky Chicky burger – Looking for a different kind of protein? Fat Cactus also serves their Chicky Chicky burger. This meal uses a big serving of chicken breast instead of their regular patty. To complement the taste of the chicken breast, the burger features house-blend salsa mayo. 

Hot Chicky – Want something with a kick to it? You should definitely try the Hot Chicky. This burger incorporates country fried chicken that is enhanced with Fat Cactus’s original recipe of chipotle mayo. To top off the meal, Fat Cactus serves this item with Slim Jims. 

Tacos and Salads

Fat Cactus Tacos And Salads
Not an actual photo – For reference only

The Vegan – Let’s start off the tacos and salads collection with something healthy. Fat Cactus offers The Vegan, a meal that features slowly caramelized onions, crispy burger strips made with beans, house-blend salsa, and guacamole. To top off the meal, they add vegan cheese to fully lean into the vegan vibes. 

Grilled Chicken – This Fat Cactus menu is served with fresh grilled peppers, house-blend salsa, and guacamole. This meal is topped off with a serving of their original remoulade blend. 

Country Fried Chicken – This meal has some kick from the spicy, savory strips strategically placed on top of their coleslaw. The meal is also served with pickles, a house-blend of chipotle, and salsa sauce. 

Barbecue Pulled Pork – Up next is something smoky; the Barbecue Pulled Pork doesn’t only smell amazing but tastes amazing as well.

Fat Cactus Menu Delivery

The Fat Cactus can live up to your expectations. With their high quality staff, they deliver your orders to your table as soon as possible. They also make sure to serve it in its best possible condition. 

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If you’re looking for a Mexican place to eat, look no further, the Fat Cactus has got you covered. They offer anything from burgers to salads, and they sell their items in platters! They value the atmosphere and the mood portrayed by their establishment. 

The Fat Cactus, where the atmosphere is just as important as your meal.