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Africa’s vast landmass is a home to countless traditions from hundreds of different tribes and other ethnic groups. The GOLD Restaurant takes Africa’s diverse culture and tradition and weaves it into its dishes. 

The GOLD Restaurant menu offers a premium, authentic South African experience. If you’re looking for an establishment that does not only bring South Africa to you but immerses you in the culture and the love for the country, then the GOLD Restaurant is the one for you. The establishment pairs a 14-dish course with Mali Puppets, and other forms of traditional South African Entertainment. 

Here are Gold Restaurant menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

Entire African Taste

Namibian Seared Ostrich Fillet toasted seeds
South African Vetkoek
Ethipopian Iab
Tunisian Carrot and Potato Briouats
Xhosa Imfino Patties
Zimbabwean Mbambaira Balls
Morrocan CousCous with Summer Vegetables and Chick Pea
Tanzanian Fried Fish with Coconut and Spinach topped with Shrimp
Cameroon Lime and Mango Chicken
Cape Malay and Springbok Bobotie
Tunisian Tabbouleh Salad with Baharat Spice
Siera Leone Red Pepper Relish
Cape Malay Karamonk Biscuit
Cape Town Rooibos Ice Cream

About Gold Restaurant

The Gold Restaurant cares about the environment and people in need, so at the end of the night, any unused ingredients are donated to a shelter in Cape Town called The Haven Shelter. 

The Gold Restaurant has the best staff around. Each member of the staff is trained to provide warmth and ambiance and show exceptional service. The team designs each dress traditionally. The staff hand stitches their artistry and wonderful personalities onto the table linens. Every part of the restaurant is made with tradition in mind, from the staff to the linens.

Gold Restaurant Menu Best Seller

Up next are Potato Briouat and Tunisian carrots. The word briouat roughly means “tiny parcels” in English. This delicacy is enjoyed in multiple areas around North Africa. The Briouats contain either sweet or savory fillings. This meal has a gluten-free option: the Maize Nut Fritters. 

The next meal of the course is Xhosa Imfino Patties. These patties are made by combining two of Africa’s staple ingredients: spinach and maize. These patties are usually eaten without any utensils. The establishment made a creative choice to serve the staples as patties to make the eating experience much easier and more enjoyable.

Up next on the establishment is the Zimbabwean Mbambaira balls. This delicacy uses sweet potatoes grown in most home gardens found throughout South Africa. Homegrown sweet potatoes ensure that the quality of the meal is at its peak. This meal is typically enjoyed as a savoury dish, cake, or dessert. The GOLD Restaurant prepares this item with cinnamon and adds a modern twist by incorporating sesame seeds into the item. The addition of cinnamon and sesame seeds gives the item a unique taste.

Up next is the summer vegetables and chickpea with Moroccan CousCous as the main item of the meal. This menu is a staple of North Africa, and it’s made from grains of semolina. You can find this dish at one or all meals of most North African homes. This CousCous is vegetarian; served to celebrate Africa’s bountiful seasonal vegetables. The main course of the restaurant focuses on serving not only tasty, but healthy food as well, and every meal has a vegan alternative, and they notify you of prominent allergens incorporated in the meal. 

Gold Restaurant Vegetable Menu
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The next meal of the course is Tanzanian Fried Fish. This meal is served with coconut and spinach. The dish is then topped with shrimp which forms an amazing combo with the coconut and spinach. Traditionally, the dish uses a fish native to Lake Tanganyika, the Mukeke or Ndagala fish. If you’re not familiar with the fame that this lake holds, this lake divides four countries and it’s the longest freshwater lake in the world. 

Gold Restaurant Main Menu

The course starts things off with salad made with Namibian Ostrich Fillet seared and served with toasted seeds. To prepare this meal, the ostrich fillet is marinated, then it’s served with summer greens. The fillet is served with a dressing made from honey and mustard. This first dish also offers a Vegan option: the Summer Garden Salad. The marinated ostrich pairs well with the summer greens, and the dressing enhances the flavor of the fillet further. Common allergens within the dish are Sesame and mustard seeds.

The Ethiopian Iab is a dip that features fresh herbs, yogurt, and curd cheese. This dip pairs well with different finger foods. 

Up next is something that sounds more familiar than the recent dishes; the Cameroon Lime and Mango Chicken. By using parsley, fresh limes, and mangoes to prepare high-quality, organic chicken breasts, this amazing dish is made. The acidity of the mangoes and limes go well with the savoury flavour of the chicken, forming a unique taste that reminds you of the culture of Africa. 

Gold Restaurant Foods
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Street Foods

The next meal is a special one. This meal represents the culture of South Africa as a whole; the population of Africa considers this their unofficial national dish: The Cape Malay Lamb, served with Springbok Bobotie. The Cape Malay is made with minced meat and tons of spices, baked with a savoury topping made with custard. 

This meal is a mouthful, just like each bite once you’ve tasted just how good this dish is. Presenting: The Tunisian Tabbouleh Salad, served with their own blend of Baharat Spice. 

Safari Menu

The South African Vetkoek. For those unfamiliar with the word, Vetkoek literally means “fat cakes” in English. Vetkoeks are buns made of deep-frying bread dough. The buns give off a homely, and delightful taste. This menu item has a gluten-free alternative: the Casava Toast. The common allergen within the dish is wheat. 

Gold Restaurant Menu Delivery

Each meal from the 14-course menu is handled with care and sent to your table as soon as possible. The establishment hires only the best staff and only those who have a bond with their local and national culture. The GOLD Restaurant makes sure that each staff is formally trained before having them sent out to the dining halls.

Talk to Gold Restaurant South Africa Team

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If you’re looking for an establishment that offers premium African culture, then one of the best candidates, if not the best candidate, is The Gold Restaurant. From their staff to their meals, even their dips, everything incorporates African culture along with a bit of modernity in the mix, forming the signature taste, unique to The GOLD Restaurant. If you’re ever in the area, then the best way to spend your meal is at The GOLD Restaurant