Harbour House Menu South Africa

The Harbour House Menu houses one of the finest selections of seafood cuisine in Cape Town. They offer a wide range of seafood meals from different cultures, and they serve it with their own twist.

They also offer an impeccable view right outside of their windows. They offer a fine dining experience, and outside their windows: a perfect view of the waterfront. The Cape Town Harbour serves as the perfect backdrop for the establishment.

Aside from being a restaurant, they also offer tour group services and other corporate functions. After finishing your meal, you can enjoy a selection of amazing desserts that will conclude your time with Harbour House amazingly.

Here are Harbour House menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

Sushi Bar

California Rolls - Tuna or Salmon120
California Rolls - Linefish or Prawn105
California Rolls - Veg85
Fashion Sandwiches - Tuna or Salmon115
Fashion Sandwiches - Linefish or Prawn105
Fashion Sandwiches - Veg85
Salmon Roses130
Rainbow Rolls - Tuna or Salmon115
Rainbow Rolls - Linefish or Prawn105
Rainbow Scallops325
Tenaka - Linefish, Prawnfish, Salmon, or Tuna135
Tenaka - Veg115
Sushi Salad125
Rainbow Prawn Tempura Roll185
1pc Sashimi39
Deep-Fried Futo Maki - Fish130
Deep-Fried Futo Maki - Veg95
Crunch Roll140
Teriyaki Roll - Salmon or Tuna165
Teriyaki Roll - Prawn, Linefish, Veg155
Bamboo Oyster95
Maki Oyster135
New Style Sashimi160
1 pc Nigiri - Salmon or Tuna40
1 pc Nigiri - Prawn or Linefish35
Tojo Platter - Mixed275
Tojo Platter - Tuna/Salmon only310
Harbour House Platter - Mixed515
Harbour House Platter - Tuna/Salmon only555


Oyster - Natural39
Oyster - Mignonette40
Oyster - Lemon Granita40
Seafood Stack95
Fried Calamari95
Grilled Calamari105
Beef Tartare115


House Salad130
Greek Village85
Miso Steak170
Chicken Caesar95

Main Courses

Fried Calamari185
Grilled Calamari195
Seafood Pasta230
Beef Rib Eye290
Pork Belly195
Beef Fillet and Short Rib275


Summer Baby Veg Selection35
Hand-cut Chips35
Parmesan Potato Mash35
Grilled Asparagus39
Summer Rice Salad35

About Harbour House

Harbour House is an establishment in V&A Waterfront. They serve a wide variety of seafood and offer an amazing view. They are open from Monday to Sunday, from 12 noon to 10 in the evening. 

Harbour House Menu Best Seller

Mussels – fresh and packed with protein, this is a flavorful way to enjoy your mealtime. This dish is prepared by steaming mussels in a creamy blend of garlic sauce and white wine. The dish is then served with pancetta and ciabatta crisps.

Prawns – These prawns are made with simple ingredients but it tastes amazing. The prawns are cooked in herb and lemon butter. In this Harbour House menu, you can choose from the following as its side: garlic chips, summer rice salad, or hand-cut chips.

Scallops – Here is another simple but delicious seafood classic. The establishment prepares the scallops by lightly searing scallops. They serve the scallops with chili salsa, lime, mango, and Japanese Mayo.

Seafood Stack – The seafood stack is an assortment of some of the seafood dishes available in the establishment. This includes caviar, tempura prawns, and salmon tartare. The stack is served with pea shoots, cucumber and tomato tian, and avocado mousse.

Seafood Pasta – If you want a different way to enjoy your seafood, the seafood pasta offers a wonderful experience. The meal uses pappardelle, a thin, and wide kind of pasta. The sauce used for the pasta is a creamy parmesan sauce. The seafood includes a selection of linefish, prawns, mussels, and calamari.

Harbour House Menu Best Seller
Photo Credit: Harbour House FB Page

Main Course

Fried Calamari – You can’t have a seafood menu without calamari. This dish is served with hand-cut chips, spring onions with green olives, and an anchovy and caper tartar sauce. Each ingredient of the dish enhances the salty and savoury flavour of the squid. 

Grilled Calamari – Since grilled items don’t use as much oil, this is a slightly healthier option than fried calamari. It also offers a smoky flavour. This Harbour House menu is prepared by basting the calamari with their secret blend. The grilled calamari is served with summer rice salad, caper berries, and black olives.

Grilled Cape Crayfish – This grilled crayfish is as good as a crayfish can be. The dish is served with a piece of fresh lemon, roasted garlic aioli, and summer rice. The lemon adds a hint of sourness to the dish, and the summer rice adds a bit more texture. The roasted garlic aioli is the perfect dip for the grilled cape crayfish. 

Starter Menu

Oysters – Harbour House serves its oysters in three different ways: Natural, Mignonette, and Lemon Granita. If you want to enjoy your oysters as is, you can order natural. Oyster Mignonettes are spiced with an herb called mignonette, which gives them a more aromatic flavour. If you want to add a bit of sweet and sour flavour to your oysters, the lemon granita refers to sweetened puree, iced and shaved. 

Harbour House Oyster Menu
Photo Credit: Harbour House FB Page

Fishcake – Fishcakes are prepared by deep-frying smoked salmon coated with panko. They serve the fishcakes with cucumber ribbons, pineapple salsa, chili aioli, and popcorn shoots. 

Beef Tartare – If you’re not craving seafood, then this Harbour House menu is for you! The dish is prepared by cooking prime beef millet. The millet is served with Marie Rose Sauce and brandy that further accents the flavour of the millet. The dish is served with truffle zest, balsamic pearls, lotus root crisp, and quail eggs.

Gnocchi – The Gnocchi is an Italian dumpling, usually made with potatoes. The restaurant drizzles the Gnocchi with truffle cheese sauce and serves it with pumpkin seeds, toasted pine nuts, butternut crisps, mushrooms, and grilled artichokes.

Sushi Bar

California Rolls – 8 pieces of California rolls; you can order these as tuna, salmon, line fish, prawns, and veg. The California Roll, also known as California Maki, is an uramaki that uses crab, avocado, and cucumber.

Fashion Sandwiches – Fashion Sandwiches are your usual sushi ingredients such as mayonnaise, seaweed, raw vegetables, and seafood, but layered, mimicking a sandwich. 

Tempura – This meal features 4 pieces of rainbow prawn tempura and 4 pieces of teriyaki rolls. The set of tempura is topped with tempura prawn before serving the meal to the customers.

Harbour House Sushi Special Menu
Photo Credit: Harbour House FB Page

Harbour House Salads

Tomato Salad – For the main ingredient, In this menu, the Harbour House uses Heirloom Tomatoes. Other ingredients include honey lemon emulsion, bits of herb croutons, basil aioli, black olives, pickled onions, and feta.

House Salad – The house salad is prepared with an assortment of ingredients such as soft-boiled egg, green peas, red onions, herb and garlic croutons, parmesan, crispy bacon, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and rocket cabbage. The House Salad uses basil mayo and wholegrain mustard dressing as its source of flavour.

Harbour House Menu Delivery

Harbour House does its best to deliver your orders as fast as possible. In the process, their class A services ensure that the quality of the meal does not drop even after serving the dishes fast.

For more Harbour House food delivery concerns, you can reach them by sending an email to info@harbourhouse.co.za.

You can send them a message on their social media as well. They have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Just check the following links to reach out.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HarbourHouseZA/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/harbourhouseza/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/harbourhouseza


The Harbour House Menu caters to different taste buds. They serve a wide range of seafood dishes. Their dishes come from different cultures, and they add their own spin to them. They modernize, mix two cultures together, and so much more. If you’re looking for a seafood restaurant with variety, then Harbour House is for you. If you find yourself within the area, be sure to stop by and have a taste of their delectable selection and you’ll be hooked in no time.