Honchos Menu South Africa

In South Africa, flame-grilled burgers and chicken have long been favorites. People adore it because of the flavor it imparts. The Honchos menu has items that are comparable to those of its rivals. Its flavor, however, is unmistakably unique from others. If you enjoy the menu items, you should read this post. Continue reading to discover this store’s best sellers, and who knows? In the end, you might decide to place an order at Honchos.

Here are the Honchos menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

Picked for you

Special One38
Full Chicken80
The Mucho Family Meal100
Chicken Schwarma24
One Cheeky Bowl27

Takex2 Meals

Get X2 Chicken and Pepper Burger35
Get X2 Chicken and Pepper Burger35
Get X2 Chicken, Cheese and Pepper Burger38
Get X2 Regular Beef and Cheese Burger28
Get X2 Jumbo Beef and Cheese Burger33
Get X2 Schwarmas33


The Beffarito23
The Chickarito23
The Eggarito20

Brave Burgers

Double Brave Burger55
Regular Brave Burger25

Cheeky Bowls

One Cheeky Bowl27
We are Cheeky Everyday45


 The Brekkie Burger22
The Legend Burger29
2x The Legend Burger50


Quarter Chicken22
Half Chicken43.5
Full Chicken 80

Wings and Strips

6 Spicy Wings55
4 Spicy Wings40
Polo Strips30
Polo Strips and Chips26

Cold Drinks

 300ml Cooee9
1.25LT Cooee15
2LT Cooee21
Reboost Original15
Honchos Water8
Bashews Can9
Capri Sun9
2LT Coke26
300ML Cans14
300ML Buddy11
440ML Buddy17
1.5LT Coke21
Powerade Energy Drink16
750ML Pump Water16
500ML Valpre Water14


Chicken Cheese20
Chicken Schwarma24


Cheesy Chips18
On the Chip Side of Life10

About Honchos

The CEO and Founder of Honchos Chicken is Imthiaz Ebrahim. He was a serial entrepreneur before that. Over the course of the next three years, three more stores were opened in the City, and Honchos now has an impressive 51 stores across South Africa. Honchos, Entrepreneurs might learn a lot from him about scaling and growth because of the swift and extraordinary growth that occurred in such a short period of time. Serial entrepreneur Imthiaz worked with mobile services including airtime and sim cards.

Before he founded Honchos, he also worked in the real estate industry. Honchos swiftly gained popularity in Pietermaritzburg because of Imthiaz’s astute commercial acumen, especially among young people and university students who have devotedly supported the brand since their early school years. The delicious, high-quality meals served at Honchos have now been introduced to these young people’s families and friends. Honchos provide its clients with high-quality, reasonably priced meals that they can rely on, confident that they have made a sensible purchase. Huge meal servings and the fact that Honchos takes great delight in offering top-quality meals at incredible value are two factors contributing to their loyal customer base.

Honchos Menu Best Seller

Full Chicken Menu
Full Chicken Menu

Full Chicken – A chicken may taste like a north Indian stew with jackfruit or one with soya bits. You should just worry about what you want to eat and not what other people think. The fat is mostly responsible for the chicken’s flavor. The flavor is carried by fat in a variety of ways. It first enables food to cook without flavor being diluted by evaporation. Second, it imparts that flavor to every component of the dish that it is preparing. We highly recommended that you try this Honchos menu.

The Legend Burger Honchos Menu
Photo Credit: Honchos FB Page

The Legend Burger The finest burgers feature a mix of sweet, sour, salty, and crunchy flavors and textures. The bun should be soft but robust, the patties should be juicy, and the ratio of meat to accompaniments should be consistent from the first to the last bite. You don’t have to chew much because the meat has been ground up. It is simple to eat because it is placed on a bun. There is only lifting and no cutting. You may customize your burger because it comes with a variety of sides.

Feast Menu
Feast Menu

Honchos Feast Menu

If you’re hungry, the Honchos feast menu is fantastic. This is sufficient for three people. But it’s best if only two people eat it. After all, it tastes great, so no one can really blame you if you eat the entire thing. This is excellent if you are unsure of what to order and would like a taste of each offered cuisine. It includes 4 complete wings with huge chops, 4 Portuguese rolls, coleslaw, and 2L of Coo-ee in addition to 1 full chicken, one of their top sellers.

Family Meal Menu
Family Meal Menu

Family Meals Menu

Honchos is a fantastic restaurant for families. Each family feels immediately at home because of the atmosphere it creates. Fortunately, it provides a family supper. Four buns, 1.25L of Coo-ee, and one entire chicken big chip are included. Additionally, you might add 1.5 or 2 liters of Coke or Pepsi. This supper is excellent, especially if your family is difficult to please and you are already hungry. This is particularly wonderful if you have a large family dining in at the store because it eliminates confusion and only requires one order to serve everyone.

Combo Meals Menu

The combo meals at Honchos menu are made up of two distinct meals, and you can select the one that best meets your needs that day. The wing combo will be the first one we discuss. It includes standard chips, 300ml of soda, and 4 whole wings. It was also available with six wings. The attractiveness of chicken wings comes from the fact that they have a higher skin-to-meat ratio than practically any other chicken cut.

You must drain off the majority of the fat that comes with it in order to crisp the skin; otherwise, you’ll get chewy wings rather than crunchy ones. First off, eating chicken wings is simple. Eating meat off a bone may be messy, but there is something fulfilling about it. Second, all flavors can be absorbed by chicken wings. There is a flavor to suit every taste, from the classic Buffalo to Korean to smoked.

A unique combo is an additional option. It is made up of a bun, 300ml of Pepsi, and a quarter of chicken and chips. It is only a quarter of a chicken, unlike the other combo, and comes with buns and chips. The special combo is also not a portion of the chicken’s wing; this is the only distinction between the two.

Honchos Menu Delivery

Honchos are going digital to give its customers additional convenience with their orders. It has acknowledged that successful brand recognition and sales strategy depend on digital. Their digital is set up to convert likes into purchases at their stores. They have included an app it will integrate with reward programs and trendy delivery services. Customers should be certain that their purchases and deliveries will be completed effectively as a result of this. You could order online via shop.honchos.co.za.

Talk to Honchos South Africa Staff

If you want to talk to the Honchos South Africa Staff, you can reach them by opening their social media page. Just click the send message button and type your inquiries. They usually answer within 12-48 hours. To contact them on their social media, click the link for their Facebook or Instagram page.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HonchosSouthAfrica/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/honchos_za/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/honchossa


In 2005, there was only one store in Pietermaritzburg. Now that it has gone nationwide, stores are opening all throughout Africa. The Honchos menu is well-liked for its potent combination of delicious flame-grilled chicken and enthusiastic service. It drew a wide audience, ranging from young people and students in higher education to families, social groups, and people having lunch every day. This is largely because of the ample meal portions it gives and the fact that it takes great delight in offering meals of high quality at fantastic prices.