Ichiban Menu South Africa

Conquer the world by conquering the palate of every man. It’s not only through the war that one can win the heart of people but also through alluring foods that will be kept in memories. Ichiban, the Chinese fast food that had to conquer the appetite of South African people. The Ichiban menu was inspired by Chinese, Thai, and Japanese cuisine, and these food menus were greatly embraced by many.

Aside from the enjoyable meal prepared for their customers, their restaurants were set with an inviting ambiance and with an amiable environment. You can absolutely try their menu to know how well they have made it fabulous and delectable. You can find this restaurant at Rietfontein Pavilion, Corner Jacobs & Frates, Near, Gezina, Pretoria. If you’re craving Chinese food, don’t miss this food shop. See how they will conquer not only your appetite but your heart to love these foods.

Here are Ichiban menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Cucumber (8pcs)18
Avocado (8pcs)18
Smoked Salmon(8pcs)24
Strawberry Maki(8pcs)20

Fashion Sandwiches

Smoked Salmon26
Wasabi Parcel32
Cheese Stack(salmon or prawn)32

California Roll

Smoked Salmon&Cream Cheese28
Crispy Chicken22
Strawberry (salmon or prawn)35




Salmon Rose40
Tuna Rose40
Salmon Flower40

Hand Roll

Spicy Tuna26

Salad Sushi

Salmon Salad Sushi26
Prawn Salad Sushi26
Tuna Salad Sushi26
Crab Salad Sushi24



Special Sushi

Rainbow roll28
Dragon roll24
Sakura roll28
samurai Roll28
Tiger Roll32
Futo Maki32
Eel Maki35
Fried Prawn Maki32
Tempura Prawn Maki32
Salmun House Sushi30
Sushi cake35
Fried Sushi27

Salad Boat



Combo Roll (no. 1)90
Salmon Combo (No.2)94
Salmon Platter (no.3)128
Vegetarian Combo (no.4)78
Assorted Platter (no.5)186
Assorted Platter (no.6)248
Love Platter(no.7)155

Thai Food

Tom Yum Goong30
tom Kah Gai28
satay Gai24
Semame chicken26
Thai Prawn Sring Rool30
Pad Thai Gai45
Pad Mee Sie Eluy Gai42
Pad mee Prik Phao Gai48
Pad Thai Goong52
Pad Mee Seafood52
Geang Khew-Wan Gai45
Geang Phed Nua47
Gai Pad Kraphrow42
Nua Pad Kraphrow47
Geang Khew-Wan Je40
Gai Kow Prik Phao48
Pad Kraphrow Goong52
Geang Khew Wan Koong52
Koong Pad Prig Kang52
Pad Kraphrow Seafood52
Pad Kraphrow Kalamari47
Chicken Pineapple Chow Faan45
Beef Pineapple Chow Faan47

Chinese Food

Vegetable Soup13
Chicken Sweet Corn Soup15
Hot & Sour Soup15
Wun-Tun Soup15
Chicken Noodle Soup15
Seafood Soup22
Beef Soup15
Chicken Spring Roll10
Beef Spring Roll10
Prawn Spring Roll15
Vegetable Spring Roll9
Crab Sring Roll10
Cheese Spring Roll10
Deep Fried Wun-Tun20
Chicken Chow Mein40
Pork Chow Mein42
Beff Chow Mein42
Prawn Chow Mein47
Assorted Chow Mein45
Calamari Chow Mein42
Calamari Chow Mein35
Mixed Seafood Chow Mein47
Chicken Chow Faan40
Pork Chow Faan42
Prawn Chow Faan42
Beef Chow Faan47
Assorted Chow Faan45
Calamari Chow Faan42
Vegetable Chow Faan35
Mixed Seafood Chow Faan47
Sweet &Sour Chicken40
Sweet &Sour Pork42
Sweet &sour Beef42
Sweet & Sour Duck50
Sweet &Sour Fish (kingklip)48
Sweet & Sour Prawn47
Chop Suey with Chicken40
Chop Suey with Pork42
Chop Suey with Beef42
Chop Suey with Vegetable35
Chop Suey with Chicken,Beef & Prawn45
Chop Suey with Duck50
Chop Suey with Prawn47
Curry Chicken40
Beef with Black bean sauce44
Calamari with Black bean sauce44
Shanghai beef44
Mushroom & bamboo shoots with chicken42
Duck Mushroom & Bamboo shoots50
Beef foo yong omileete44
Prawn Foo Yong Omilette48
Chicken Cashew Nuts44
Chicken Pineapple40
Chicken Lemon sauce (deep Fried)44
Chicken with dry red peppers40
Deep Fried Chicken in Sweet sauce44
Deep Fried Beef in Sweet Sauce46
Deep Fried Prawns47
Crispy Chicken tossed with Green Peppers44
Crispy Beef tossed with Green Peppers46
Crispy Pork tossed with green Peppers46
Swwet & Sauce Tempura prawn55
Cashe Nuts10
Steamed Rice10
Fried Rice12
Fried Noodles Plain12
Swwet & sour sauce 70ml5
Sweet & sour sauce 350ml15
Beijing Dumplings 14pcs40
Fried Dumplings 14pcs44
miso japanese soup18
shrimp seaweed soup25
udon noodles with chicken42
udon noodles with pork44
udon noodles with beef44
udon noodles with calamar44
udon noodles with prawn50
tempura [deep fried veg.prawn 2pc]35

About Ichiban

Ichiban has the most marvelous food menu in this place. With the delicious taste and freshness of each ingredient, you will surely be amazed. The price for each menu is worth the value of your money. One of the most bought food in their restaurant is their SHUSI. Their sushi is perfectly prepared with the right combination of each ingredient. It appears to have a nice presentation when served at your table. I like their Fashioned Sandwiches made up of the fillings of your choice such as salmon, Prawn, Crab, Vegetable, Smoked Salmon, Wasabi Parcel, and Cheese Stack (salmon or prawn).

You can order your soup meal inspired by Thai cuisine. You will be energized by this dish and be refreshed. You can also have an appetizer stimulated by Chinese flavors. You can have a lot more from this restaurant. Come and try to visit this place.

Ichiban Menu Best Seller

Sashimi – It is a Japanese food style containing of fresh raw fish ( tuna or salmon) or meat cut into shrill bits and frequently eaten with soy sauce. Most often it is served on a wooden plate.

Sashimi Menu
Sashimi Menu

Sushi Salad – To cure your craving for sushi, come and visit Ichiban Restaurant and taste the most sold menu, the Sushi Salad. It comes with a combination of rice and vegetable that fits a meal. Every time we go out, we have Sushi Salad for our dinner. This food is also good for babies. It is good.

Shrimp Tempura Roll – Replete with crispy shrimp tempura, spicy Japanese mayonnaise, and creamy avocado, this menu (Shrimp Tempura Roll) is cooked with a complete savor and spice that is just right to my palate. I like the equal distribution of this Ichiban menu. It gives a well-balanced taste, not too salty, with precise creaminess and each ingredient contributes to its flavorful taste.

Ichiban Maki Menu

“Maki.” refers to “rolled” sushi rice. In a sheet of dry seaweed, called “nori, rice is rolled.” It is usually or could be wrapped in many ways, such as thin cucumber, omelet, and even soy paper. Its presentation really looks inviting and convincing to eat it. It comes with cucumber, avocado, salmon, prawn, tuna, and crab. This menu is great, somewhat similar to the making of sushi but gives a different taste you will surely love. Try “Maki” and you will fall in love with it.

Sushi Menu

Fundamentally, sushi is a Japanese dish emphasizing particularly a set of rice, joined with some other elements in the menu, frequently some sort of seafood or fish, most often raw and occasionally cooked. 

It can be prepared in various ways, but it constantly contains rice. The word sushi is concomitant with raw fish, and the main component of sushi is vinegared rice. In detail, “sushi” is a word for vinegar and rice. The toppings and fillings may differ, but sushi always contains rice.

Ichiban Sushi
Ichiban Sushi

In Ichiban’s restaurant, you can choose the Sushi menu of your choice. Salad Sushi, a kind of sushi that includes rice and vegetable, Nigiri Sushi, is prepared with an oval-shaped mound of rice together with a slice of raw fish on top.  and Special Sushi is prepared in a roll. You can choose the fillings that you loved most to combine with the rice.

Salmon Platter Menu

For dine-in or to-go, the Platter menu is best while eating with friends or family. You can choose from the assorted platter they have prepared for you. Salmon platter is made with salmon as one of the main ingredients, sliced into a thin sheet, and combined with cucumber, avocado, tomato, onion, and veggies served fresh and raw.

This is served with dressing such as Japanese mayonnaise or Japanese Vinegar. It is so awesome and satisfying. It will surely make your appetite want for more. This dish is neatly prepared with the kind skillful presentation of each element on a plate. Try to order this and see for yourself how mindful this cuisine is invented and perfected. I love my experience here with this menu.

Ichiban Menu Delivery

Have your Ichibans’ menu delivered right to your doorstep. Download and use your Uber account to order and get your meal delivered from Ichiban Thai, Chinese food & Sushi. You can browse the menu to view popular items, or place the orders of your choice and see payment details and confirm it. You may Track your order while waiting for it to arrive.

Talk to Ichiban South Africa Staff

If you want to start having conversations with the South African staff of Ichiban, you can reach them by contacting them using their official social media pages. To contact them, simply click the send a message button on their Facebook page.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/ichibanza


The thought of combining cuisine from different kitchen cultures has become a reality here in Ichibans’ restaurant. These Asian countries that put their skills together had made a great impact on people’s taste. This also made a remarkable significance to people’s choices.

If you want to experience the taste and beauty of Japanese, Chinese, and Thai Cuisine, combined in a meal, come and visit Ichibans’ Restaurant. If you love the menu of the Ichiban restaurant, you know where to go. This restaurant is the place best for you. Each journey will not only take you to a place but also, right to their kitchen.