Jason Bakery Menu South Africa

Come one, come all! If you’re looking for a good bakery in town, Jason Bakery Menu is the best one in town. They serve only the best bread around, and they are freshly made every single day. They do not resort to adding preservatives, and other enzymes.

They make sure to only bake in small quantities to ensure that the quality of the bread does not drop, and it ensures that the number of leftovers is reduced at the end of the day. This bakery will use everything in its power to give you the best meal you can get. 

Here are Jason Bakery menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Bree Street Sourdough60
Brioche Style Burger Buns10
66% Sourdough Rye65
Multigrain Seed Loaf65
Brioche Style Loaf90
Stollen Bun50
Stollen Loaf200


Pasteis de Nata23
Classic Croissant30
Blueberry Cinnabun Danish45
Gammon Fromage50
Grandma Babs' White Choc Chip Brownie37
Almond Croissant42
Canneles de Bordeaux45
Pain au Chocolat42
Croissant Biscuits30
Chorizo Eggie30
Piggie in a Blanket56
Bacon Croissant36
Grandma Babs' Christmas Cake1350
Mince Pie24
Christmas Cake Truffles48
Stollen Bun50
Dulce de Leche Rusks98
Milk Tart Brioche Doughnut30
Sourdough Panettone Cake340
Stollen Loaf200
Mini Sourdough Panettone Cake52
Carrot Cake Cheese Cake Slice47


Croissant Biscuits30
Dulce de Leche Rusks98
El Panadero Hot Sauce60
Hot Chocolate175

About Jason Bakery

Jason Bakery is a bakery situated in Green Point. The bakery opens its doors to offer its services on any day of the week except Monday. The bakery spices things up by coming up with new things such as the doughssant, and Grandma Bab’s Christmas Cake.

Regularly check for the newest products offered by Jason Bakery. They also have another branch in Oranjezicht City Farm Market, where they sell pies every weekend.

Jason Bakery Menu Best Seller

Jason Bakery has a lot of great meals, but some stand out from the rest of the products. Here are some of the top pics of the customers for you.

Bree Street Sourdough Jason Bakery Menu
Photo Credit: jasonbakery.com

Bree Street Sourdough – This delicious goodness was born in Bree Street in 2007. The Bree Street Sourdough has a sophisticated taste, but it works great as an everyday loaf. Jason Bakery’s iconic sourdough is leavened naturally using stone-ground white bread flour. The whole process takes 3 days to make. To yield a hard crust, and an airy crumb that perfectly captures the sourdough flavor, the bakery does a 60-hour fermentation. This bread is available from Wednesdays to Sundays

Brioche-style Burger Buns – The buns are enriched Brioche-style rolls produced by grinding the flour on stone. It has soft, and light and they have a tight crumb that has a beautiful, buttery aroma. These buns are perfected if you’re planning on the best killer burgers. The minimum order quantity for Brioche-style Burger Buns is 6 buns per order.

Sourdough Rye
Photo Credit: jasonbakery.com

Sourdough Rye – It is one of the Jason Bakery menu best sellers. To make this bread, the bakery carefully picks the light rye, and wheat flour, and grinds it on stone. The product of this process is given an 18-24 hour period to ferment properly to bring out the best flavors for the loaf. The loaf has a delicate mild rye flavor and a dense crumb that provides the best texture for your food. The flavor of the sourdough rye slowly matures up to two days after the bread is removed from the oven. 

Bagels – Jason Bakery also offers high-quality bagels. Their bagels are made by hand using stone-ground flour. Each bagel goes through a 16-hour cold fermentation. After that, the bagels are boiled in molasses-spiked water, then they’re baked in a ceramic-based oven. Bagels come in different variants which are: plain, mixed seed, or sesame topping. There’s a bagel for everybody. 

Multigrain Seed Loaf – The bakery also offers Multigrain Seed Loaf. This bread uses the bakery’s classic stone-ground brown bread flour, bran, oats, linseeds, white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, and a mix of poppy and sunflower seeds. This bread is made to order, which requires a 24-hour notice. 

Brioche Style Loaf
Photo Credit: jasonbakery.com

Brioche Style Loaf – If you want something on the tastier end of bread, then this Jason Bakery menu will definitely float your boat. The bakery uses a traditional method of baking this loaf. The loaf is enriched with egg, sugar, butter, and milk. The dough is made 24 hours prior to baking. This allows each flavor of the stone-ground flour to enhance and develop. The dough used for the Brioche-style Loaf is the same one used for their burger rolls and charcoal brioche rolls. 


Grandma Bab’s Christmas Cake – Jason Bakery keeps things feisty by offering specials for each occasion. One such special menu is this cake. This legendary, one-of-a-kind cake is concocted by the beloved, the one and only Granny Babs. This Christmas cake is filled with Brandied Raisins, Blanched Almonds, Currants, Sultanas, and Glace Cherries. The cake is so packed with flavor, it weighs around 2 kilograms!

Breakfast Menu 

Challah – If you want something exotic, then the Challah might be up your alley. This Jason Bakery menu is a traditional Jewish loaf that is enriched and plaited. The challah uses stone-ground flour for the best taste, and it’s available in different variants such as plain, poppy, and sesame seed topping. You can only get this bread on Fridays but rest assured, it’s worth the wait.

Stollen Bun – From the country of amazing bread, Germany, the Stollen Bun. This traditional German bread is made with rum-soaked fruit. The fruit is, then, rolled into the roll, and finally, stuffed with house-made marzipan. This comes in two sizes: Stollen Bun, and Stollen Loaf

Lunch Menu 

Classic Croissant – If you want to eat bread for lunch, then you can’t go wrong with the Classic Croissant, and it needs no introduction. Up next, they also offer Blueberry Cinnabun Danish. This wonderful pastry is a spiral croissant dough, blueberries, rolled with cinnamon sugar. Once the Danish is taken out of the oven, the Danish is topped with the bakery’s kick-ass cream cheese glaze. 

Jason Bakery’s Piggie – Looking for something that packs a bit of protein? If yes, you should definitely try this Jason Bakery menu! The Piggie in a Blanket is a pork-and-cheese griller. Its fillings are wrapped in puff pastry. This pastry is topped off with Dijon Mustard. You can only buy this bread from the Jason Bakery on Saturdays and Sundays.

Jason Bakery Delivery Menu 

The Jason Bakery does its best to deliver your bread at its best quality as soon as possible. As for door-to-door delivery, the bakery is doing its best to make a delivery happen. 

Talk to Jason Bakery South Africa Staff

Do you want to reach the Jason Bakery South Africa staff? They have multiple social media pages as well as their website is available. All you need to do is to select any of the links below. For their website, find the contact page and you can start sending them your message.

Website: https://jasonbakery.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JasonBakery/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jasonbakerycpt/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JasonBakery


If you’re in the area, you should definitely try Jason Bakery’s products. They offer the best bread by using only high-quality ingredients. From sourdough to Christmas cakes, they have it all! The one and only, Jason Bakery.