King Pie South Africa Menu

What is your thought on an ideal holiday break? Possibly you would be spending your time with your buddies, mates, and family exploring new places and foods! But a great adventure wouldn’t be perfect without fantastic food to enjoy! Well, I’m a big fan of traveling, food, and discovering new places I will recommend this restaurant, you must try the King Pie Menu.

Meanwhile, I’m the type of person who typically wants to have a good story to tell regarding the remarkable places and foods I’ve come across. In line with this, exploring gives me pleasure and fun and it truly shows a meaningful part in the sense of happiness and bliss! As a person who loves to discover and try brand-new ideas, I’ll share some of my thoughts on the great foods from this eatery.

Here are King Pie menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

Large Pies

Pepper Steak28
Steak and Kidney28
Salami & Cheese28
Spinach & Feta28
Steak & Onion28
Sausage Roll28
Mutton Curry28

Double Filla Pies

Pepper Steak33
Steak & Kidney33
Steak & Cheese33
Chicken Mushroom33
Chicken Mayo33
Butter Chicken33
Chicken Ala King33
Spicy Beef33

Burger Pies

Beef Burger35
Chicken Burger35
Cheese Burger35
Peri-Peri Chicken Burger35
Prego Beef Burger35
Cheese Burger Pie37

Footlong Rolls

Boerie Roll33
Russian Roll33

Combo Meals

Burger and Chips47
Super Saver Meal 39.5
Kings Meal56
Royal Meal60
Burger Meal63
Footlong Meal65
Family Meal170
Value Meal 39.5


2x Regular40
2x Large45

Cocktail Pies

Sausage Roll7
Cheese & Onion7
3 Cocktail Pies20

Junior Meal

X2 Cocktail Pies + Regular Chips29

About King Pie

Just like many authors have mentioned, The King Pie’s history was a unique one, a story immersed in vivid history in which for the past 27 years, King Pie has established and created a world-class pie for royal fans, turn out to be a brand that individuals and communities throughout the country have come to appreciate and love.

The King Pie was founded in 1993. With this, it plays an essential role in the lives of consumers for over 25 years along with a strong South African heritage and culture. King Pie creations are also famous for their flavors, excellence, wholesomeness, and value pricing. More than 300 King Pie locations can be found throughout South Africa, making it the largest, most successful, and most popular pie business in the country.

King Pie Menu Best Seller

Every single food store destination you dreamed of visiting, always had its own unique and matched tactic to make a guarantee that every customer would come back. Here are some of the King Pie’s best-seller menus;

Cocktail Pies – The King Pie cocktail Pie is made up of Chicken, Sausage Roll, Cheese & Onion.

Double the deal – This top-selling and latest upgrade of King pie provide you with Any 2 large Pies for a very appropriate value.

Check out and get the greatest deals offered to you by the King Pie. 

Large Pies

The King Pie has special offers that you will certainly love. The King Pie Large Pies menu items come along with chicken, pepper steak, and steak & kidney. Spinach & feta, salami & cheese, beef and onion, sausage roll, Cornish, and mutton curry are also available, although only at certain locations.

Large Pie Menu
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These are merely some of king pie’s various menus that you can decide on. It obtains a lot of good reviews and appraisals from several residents of South Africa and sightseers. So if you’re planning for a vacation trip or holiday break, why not try this popular deal of the King Pie? It is very much recommended!

Double Filla Pies

The King Pie has offered some exciting twists to one of its best-sellers menus.

Double Filla Pies From King Pie
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Combining the flavors of steak, cheese, pepper steak, chicken, mushrooms, butter, and spicy beef, this King Pie menu is truly a culinary masterpiece.

Embracing all of this, undoubtedly you will catch yourself drooling with the best delights!

Combo Meals

Having a good time with your buddies. Well, the King Pie also deals you with various combo meals you can relish together with your friends!

This King Pie Combo meals menu are consisting of a Super saver meal and Kings Meal made up of a large pie, regular chips, or buddy. Along with this, they also offer Royal Meal which is prepared with Double Filla Pie, Regular Chips, and a Buddy.

Moreover, it also offers you Burger Meal (Burger Pie, Regular Chips, and Buddy), Foot long Meal ( Footlong Roll, Regular Chips, and Buddy), and Family Meal ( 4x large pies, as well as 4x regular chips, and 1.5L Coke) And lastly the Value Meal it comes along with Large Pies and Regular Chips. Come and have a taste!

King Pie Menu Delivery

We had rounded up all the best fast food chains and cafés to check out for great deals and savory value pie in South Africa. And to some up! You are very much welcome to the finest pie company in the world. The greatest part? It is the unfailing scrumptiousness that every person could enjoy.

If you wanted to have your best pie straight to your doorstep, King Pie brings you the best deal for you to purchase online.

Just visit their page online, for fast transactions, Just click the link provided.”

1. After clicking the link provided, it will direct you to their Web page.

2. See their latest promos and updates for your reference.

3.  Menus and corresponding prices are given for your reference along with the Customer Care Line and Email Info.

4. Go to the store locator and input/use your location to look for the closest service provider near you.

5. Follow all the procedures needed to purchase your treat and wait for your order to be delivered.

Talk to King Pie South Africa Staff

If you would like to start talking with the King Pie staff, you can start reaching them by sending a message on their website from the link above. They also have an account for the most popular social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can send them a message from there as well.





Whether you are a tourist or a local individual, there are a lot of things that you need to consider in selecting the best and perfect place to dine in South Africa. Around South Africa, you’ll discover a lot of dishes inspired by the native population, along with Malaysians, Dutch, French, and Indians.

King Pie treats you with a vivid cuisine that does for sure will excite your appetite. You will not only enjoy the several treats of delicious and tasty food that they offer but at the same time their toning cool refreshers that surely match your palate! And one last thing, the King Pie menu does not only feature quality food but as well as it delivers excellent service, value, and milieu.