Kloof Street House Menu South Africa

Are you looking for a romantic place to go with your significant other or maybe family and friends? No worries I got you. I found the perfect place for you that offers great quality service, delicious food, and a romantic ambiance.

This restaurant has instagramable presentation of food and a clean and peaceful place where you can enjoy your perfect moment with the ones you love. Have you heard about the Kloof Street House? This restaurant could be your new favorite place if we’re talking about romantic ambiance and food. Interesting right?

Let’s see the Kloof Street House menu that they offer. I’m sure after this article you will consider trying their restaurant whenever you have special occasions or a date with your significant other. Too much for an introduction don’t want to delay things here, let’s start right now.

Here are Kloof Street House menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Vegetarian antipasti platter for two135
Roasted chili and garlic prawns with sourdough toast135
Soup of the day with open cheese toast70
Pan fried patagonian calamari aiolli and harissa95
Butternut spinach and feta sprig rolls, dukkah spiced seeet chili sauce75
Half dozen oysters, shallots mignonette, cucumber and apple granita135
Baked camembert with onion marmalade and beetroot cranberry chutney90
Chalmar beef fillet tartare with smoked tomato chutney 95
Gorgonzola and wild mushroom arancini with aioli and napolitana75


Roasted beetroot, deep fried goat cheese, herb salad, toasted seeds and shiraz balsamic dressing 75
Basil pesto and balsamic reduction 110
Caesar salad with cos lettuce, Parmesan, croutons and boiled egg65
KSH table salad of mixed leaves, avocado, plum tomato, feta and Toasted fine nuts95


Buttered mash30
Truffled mash35
Butternut and sweet potato mash with creme fraiche35
Creamed spinach with Parmesan 40
Tossed seasonal vegetables 40
Caesar side salad40
Rocket and Parmesan side salad40
Truffled parmesan polenta chips 45
Hand cut fries30


Slow roasted lamb shoulder with flatbread, roasted aubergreen tahini and sumac195
Osso buco Parmesan mashed potato and gremolata170
Ostrich fillet, butternut puree, Gorgonzola frittata, balsamic onion and waldorf salad185
Grass fed beef burger with truffled wild mushroom 125
Free range chicken tagine with dates 150
Grilled fillet salmon with bearnaise sauce and broccoli 185
Kingklip with truffled cauliflower puree195
Bouillabaisse line fish, salmon prawns calamari mussels clam garlic toast and aioli 245
Potato gnocchi with roasted butternut Gorgonzola cream and toasted walnuts 130
Lentil artichoke bake with carrot and cumin puree avocado onion bhaji chevin and mixed seeds125


Dark chocolate fondant, homemade toasted marshmallows and marshmallows ice cream80
Salted caramel cheesecake serve with popcorn ice cream75
Amarula pana cotta with spicy rooibos syrup 70
A selection of South African cheeses, water biscuits, honey and homemade chutney 85

About Kloof Street House

Somewhere in the heart of Cape town started kloof street house, owned by Paul Hetreed this restaurant became popular over time and could be distinguished as a fine dining restaurant with a South African cuisine touch.

The restaurant is in an old victorian house which is fabulous enough to leave you enchanted. Their place is not just a restaurant but a character of its own. Designed with chandeliers and a stacked bar your eyes will be full as well as your tummy.

Their venue suits everything, and they can cater to any occasion’s weather It’s just a cozy lunch, candle-lit dinner, or even cocktails in their garden since they offer al fresco dining and take note their garden is magnificent.

Their cozy ambiance plus the delicious meals that they serve makes you feel at home. They have brasserie-style menu as an expression of love, also they are very careful about their ingredients that’s why the food items that they serve are beyond quality.

The menu that can be found are contemporary classics and some are fusions inspired. They are open on Mondays from 12:00 until late and Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 until 11:30 pm.

Kloof Street House Menu Best Seller

Here are some of their menu best sellers that you should try. These food menus are really delicious and also per their chef’s recommendations. Also, a safe and easy choice if you have no idea about their menu. 

Kloof Street House Menu Best Seller
Photo Credit: Kloof Street House FB Page

Slow-Roasted Lamb Shoulder – The slow-roasted lamb shoulder from the Kloof Street House menu is so soft that you can cut it with a fork or even a spoon, to be honest. Made with the best lamb shoulder part that is seasoned really well providing that exquisite taste that will give you pleasure in every bite. 

Kingklip with Truffled Cauliflower Puree, Wilted Spinach, and Garlic Dill Butter – Made with kingklip a very tasty fish that is seasoned really well with some vegetables when served. The meat of the fish compliments the sauce that’s why this dish is a masterpiece on a plate

Pan-fried Patagonian Calamari – If you’re a fan of seafood this is for you. this is the perfect choice that will kick start your appetite to be ready for mains. What I like about their pan-fried Patagonian calamari is that the meat is cooked just right and not rubbery. When it comes to the taste it’s delicious.

Salted Caramel Cheesecake Serve with Popcorn Ice Cream – The texture of their salted caramel cheesecake is perfect. This menu from Kloof Street House is made with thick salted caramel and popcorn ice cream which is a great addition to the cheesecake. This is literally the definition of melts in your mouth dessert. Not too sweet just right. 


For same-day reservations, you may call kloof street house at +27 21 423 4413 from 9 in the morning up until 5 in the afternoon to check the availability. Please take note that because of the high volume of reservation requests daily specially for dinner, their reservationists will call you to reconfirm your booking on the day of the reservation.

They will try to call customers or text their customers and if they cannot reach you through your mobile number or phone number by 4 pm the reservation that is set for you will be given to those customers on their waiting list. They also don’t accept corkage but no worries since they have a lot of great wines to choose from.

You may also go to https://www.kloofstreethouse.co.za/reservations/ for your reservation for easier transactions, there all you have to do is to give your full name, email address, contact number, date of reservation, and the number of guests you are accompanied with.

Kloof Street House Menu Delivery

If you are craving a Kloof Street House food menu but your day is too busy and you can’t go outside, nothing to worry about, this restaurant got your back because they offer delivery orders. All you have to do is to call +27(21)423-4413 for your delivery orders or you can try using third-party delivery service that is available in your area like Uber Eats, Mr. D Food, and other delivery services available in your area.

Kloof Street House Foods
Photo Credit: Kloof Street House FB Page

Please mind that delivery services may vary depending upon your place of location and product availability. You can also email them if you prefer that way. Their email is info@kloofstreethouse.co.za


This restaurant is a place to go. Amazing vibe, cozy atmosphere great food choices, and quality way of service. A fine dining experience you shouldn’t miss to be completely honest. Spending the night at the restaurant is highly recommended because of the great vibe that they offer for their patrons. Very beautiful restaurant and their garden are amazing. Don’t want to be biased but the menu from the Kloof Street House is so delicious and the presentation of the food is beautiful if you’re considering their price it is reasonable. Waitresses and waiters are nice, approachable, and accommodating, service is very well oriented and the place is well maintained clean, and comfortable. A Highly recommended restaurant for those who are looking for a romantic, fancy and cozy ambiance of a place.