Kota Joe Menu South Africa

This place is famous for its Burgers, Pizzas, and Milkshakes. An all-time favourite snack that both kids and adults can enjoy. Kota Joe Menu offers a variety of food, snacks, and drinks. They also have a wide cozy place that can accommodate a large number of people. It is one of the best emerging, top-selling, and price-friendly fast food chains that cater to both kids and adults.

They serve food familiar to us and taste that can easily be remembered. Kota Joe is truly an amazing, top-tier fast food chain in the world with the best food and services offered.

Here are Kota Joe menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

New Kotas

Butter Chicken84.9
Peri Peri Chicken Liver62.9
Chilli Cheese84.9
Sweet Chilli Chicken89.9
Grilled Chicken84.9
Chicken Strip68.9
Cheese Burger63.9
Crumbed Chicken67.9

Junior Kotas

Chilli Cheese49.9
Chicken Strip47.9
Mince & Cheese43.9
Crumbed Chicken43.9


Strawberry Whirl50.9
Top Deck67.9
Peppermint Oreo64.9
Nutella Coffee64.9
Zoo Biscuit41.9
Ferrero Rocher63.9
Black Forest63.9
Cuustard Crunchie62.9
Fudge Brownie64.9
Trurkish Delight63.9
Cookies And Cream41.9
Ferrrero & Oreo67.9

My Cheese Cakes

Zoo Biscuit71.9

Retro Shakes

Passion Fruit32.9
Butter Caramel32.9

Roadhouse Classics

Toasted Mince & Cheese47.9
Toasted Dagwood79.9
Toasted Chicken Mayo47.9
Toasted Rump Steak & Fried Onion77.9
Hake & Chips61.9
Russian & Chips47.9
Toasted Bacon & Banana44.9
Curry & Rice89.9
Toasted Blondie89.9


Bacon, Avo & Feta53.9
Ham & Cheese (Single)32.9
Ham & Cheese (Double)47.9
Ham, Cheese & Tomato (Single)36.9
Ham, Cheese & Tomato (Double)48.9
Cheese & Tomato (Single)29.9
Cheese & Tomato (Double)47.9

Kj Dogs

Kj Crumbed Chicken Dog (Dog)45.9
Kj Crumbed Chicken Dog (Super)63.9
Kj Chilli Dog (Dog)49.9
Kj Chilli Dog (Super)69.9
Kj Jalapeno Cheese Dog ( Dog)38.9
Kj Jalapeno Cheese Dog ( Super)57.9
Kj Dog (Dog)34.9
Kj Dog (Super)57.9

Ice Cream

Choc Top25.9
Choc Flake31.9
Choc Nut37.9
Choc Nut Flake51.9
Top Deck47.9
Zoo Biscuit51.9
Fudge Brownie51.9
Ferrero Rocher51.9
Nutyy Choc48.9

Soda Floats Fountain

Coke Zero24.9
Crème Soda27.9
Fanta Orange Juice20.9

Hot Beverages

Hot Malt32.9
Café Mocha32.9
Café Latte29.9
Hot Chocolate30.9
White Coffee23.9
Black Coffee21.9
Chai Latte45.9

About Kota Joe

One thing about Kota Joe is that they have so many choices of food and drinks easily made available anywhere and everywhere.

The foods are also cheap and can be dined in Or taken away. These foods are truly amazing for they are served well and fast. Not our usual fast food, they also have a bigger space for a lot of customers.

Kota Joe Best Seller Menu

Butter Chicken – Is one of their best sellers in Kota Joe due to its rich flavour of butter and big crispy chicken plus a drizzling sauce of cheese in it. It is one of the reasons why people loved it so much because aside from its flavourful and rich taste, the price is also affordable.

Chili Cheese – This Kota Joe menu is also considered one of the best sellers because of its unique combinations of spices and ingredients. It has garlic and thyme spiced chips, succulent tender beef strips, red chili, grated cheese, hot sauce, and cheese sauce. This is perfect for those people who love to eat spicy foods.

KJ Crumbed Chicken Dog – A bestselling combo available at Kota Joe with crispy crumbed chicken strips, fried chip stix, bbq, and cheese sauce. Just by looking at the combinations, you surely will try this combination of crispy chicken burgers. A taste that will never disappoint.

Superstyle Steak Roll – The very famous steak of Kota that includes succulent tender fillet steak, fried onion, and their secret sauce which made the flavour of the whole meal deliciously amazing. The steak is so tender and rich in flavour, the sauce is amazing and very authentic. A must-try in Kota Joe.

Pizza – Is also one of the best selling due to its demand, especially for kids. Kids love having pizza paired with their burgers or fries. It’s like having an Italian meal on a busy street in the city. Pizza is a food that kids can easily remember the taste of and they can easily recognize it among all the foods. But of course, if kids love it, Adults love it as well.

Kota Joe Roadhouse Classic Menu

Their roadhouse classic has different sets of flavours. They have chicken, mince and cheese, steak, fried onions, hake and chips, Russian chips, toasted bacon and banana, toasted rice, and toasted Blondie. These have a strong trademark flavour of Kota Joe which can come in different sauces depending on the customer’s preferences. They can go from sweet, mild, and even up to the spiciest sauce. This is also one reason why people keep coming back. A food that will make you full at a very reasonable price.


Kota Joe has many varieties of burger menus to choose from. They have a regular healthy vegetable burger with fresh vegetables, chicken mayo, avo, garnish, and tangy honey mustard mayo. Another one is of course their famous buttered chicken which is filled with cheesy and crispy chicken inside.

Kota Joe Burger Menu
Photo Credit: Kota Joe FB Page

Aside from the vegetable and buttered chicken burgers, They also have Trinchado which has rump cubes and trinchado sauce. Plus they also crumbed chicken dogs, chili dogs, jalapeno cheese dogs, and KJ dogs. All of these burgers are flavourful and equally yummy.


Kota Joe also offers two flavours of pizza on their Kid’s Menu. They have the Hawaiian and the Margherita. We all know that kids loved to eat pizza that’s why it is part of or was placed on the kid’s menu. But that doesn’t mean that adults cannot order it. They can, and the prices for each Pizza are 52.90 and 49.90 respectively.


When there’s food, then definitely there’s a drink or beverages. Kota Joe also has drinks both for adults and kids. One of that is their child-friendly shakes which come in different flavours. The first one is the Nutella flavour shake which is made or comes from the word itself and the all-time favourite of the kids, the Nutella.

Kota Joe Shakes
Photo Credit: Kota Joe FB Page

The second is the Frulata. It obviously has fruits, and cream, and customers can choose their own fruit flavours. They have it in mango, strawberry, orange, and cocktail. Lastly, they have Chokits which is clearly a chocolate-flavoured shake that is one of the bestselling shakes in Kota Joe since most of the kids like to pair their burgers or pizzas with chocolate drinks.

Kota Joe Menu Delivery

Kota Joe food, drinks, and snacks are open for delivery daily. Just visit their webpage or call them directly at (+27 12 543 2602) for your order. Just fill in all the needed information when ordering like your name, address to where the food should be delivered, mode of payment, and of course your order.

It will be delivered instantly right in front of your doorstep. Amazing, Isn’t it? Kota Joe really provides the best service just for their customers.

For more information regarding the delivery, you can check their website at: http://www.kotajoe.co.za/

Social Media Accounts

If you want to follow the Kota Joe page to get the latest updates, and promos, you can reach find their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages at the following links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KotajoeSA/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kotajoesa/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kotajoesa


Kota Joe is now one of the leading fast food chains that offer and provide the best for their customers. They have so many varieties of food like pizza, chicken, Burgers, Tacos, Ice creams, Drinks, and shakes. The Kota Joe has a set menu both for adults and kids. They have different combos for each menu that customers can avail of. One of the good things about Kota Joe is that they also offer delivery service. In that way, people who cannot easily dine in the place can place an order and have it delivered to their respective addresses.