La Parada Menu South Africa

The La Parada Menu features some of the best dishes available in Cape Town. They serve a wide array of dishes which include tapas, pizzas, main courses, signature salads, sushi, kiddie meals, and much much more!

They put in the time and effort to make sure that the food and the atmosphere are the best that they can be.

Here are La Parada menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

Bar Snacks

Truffle Potato Skins30
Marinated Olives30


Wagyu Beef Potstickers120
Miso Aubergine80
Prawn Croquetas95
Grilled Calamari125
Fried Calamari125
Tuna Tacos130
Ham Croquetas90
Beef Short Rib235
Pork Belly130
Bikini Toastie80
Beef Fillet185
Spicy Kingklip Bites90
Pork Bites100
Bao Buns140
Tuna Poke Bowl150
Vegan Poke Bowl130

Main Courses

Mushroom Pappardelle155
Crispy Chicken Burger125
Wagyu Beef Burger180
Rib Eye 300g295
Lamb Rump 300g295
Pulled Beef Pasta140
Beef fillet 300g300
Kingklip and Palak Chaat275
Prawn Pasta160

Signature Salads

Harissa Chicken110
Fillet Tagliata165
Tuna Sashimi Nicoise Salad155


Patatas Bravas60
Sweet Patatas Braves60
Baby Veg Bowl70
House Side Salad45


Olive Oil Sponge75
Chocolate Popcorn Smores85
Caramel and Vanilla Baked Cheesecake130


California Roll - Veg45
California Roll - Tuna85
California Roll - Salmon130
California Roll - Prawn110
Nigiri - Tuna50
Nigiri - Salmon60
Nigiri - Prawn50
Sashimi - Tuna105
Sashimi - Salmon130
Deep Fried Rolls - Tuna135
Deep Fried Rolls - Salmon155
Deep Fried Rolls - Prawn125
Sushi Mosaic165
Full Moon Maki160
Ultimate Rainbow180
Salmon Bombs250
Prawn Bombs90
Tempura Top Roses150
Rockpool Platter240


Crispy chicken135
Feta, Avo, and Bacon145
Kiddies Margherita50
Kiddies Ham60

Kids Menu

Chicken and Potatoes50
Ham and Cheese Toastie45
Chicken Burger50
Ham Bites70
Margherita Pizza50
Ham Pizza60


Honey Yoghurt65
Bacon Benedict95
Breakfast Fry UP145
Cheese Omelette65
Avo on Toast70
Breakfast Roll90
Thick-cut French Toast125
Croissant - Plain45
Croissant - Jam and Cheese65


Gobbler O'clock62
Classic Daiquiri62
Mint Mojito68
La Parada Margarita80
Whiskey Sour86
Watermelon Gin Bull75
Aperol Spritz90
Shiny Citrus92
Grey Goose Chase105
Corona Rita125
Malfy Coast101
Beefreater Jug156
Endless Summer88
1st Edition70
Love Philosophy95
Taste of a Rainbow80
3rd Degree90
Big Bang135
Pink Clouds95
Sugar Rush75
Patron Silver Breeze115
Royal Rum Punch66
Strawberry B&T68
SKYY Blue Vodka and Red Bull71
Cape G&T72
Absolute Lemonade72
Crafted Paloma80
A John Dewar's88
Johnnie Walker Manhattan88
Madagascan Martini89
Collin the Passionate82
Cranberry Vodka Spritzer88
Crazy Cranbucha88
Sea Breeze117
Carribean Iced Tea105
Pineapple & Pepper Margie74
Red Bull Vodka71
The Fiero Spritz97

About La Parada

La Parada is an establishment that focuses on serving great food and developing an atmosphere that reminds you of home. You can find their branches all around Cape Town and more! They’re in Bree Street, Century City, Constantia Nek, Olivedale Corner, Parkmore Sandton, Rosebank, Umhlanga Ridge, V&A Waterfront, and Waterfall Corner. You can view more about them on their official website.

La Parada Menu Best Seller

Crispy Chicken – The Crispy Chicken Pizza features chicken, marinated in buttermilk and crumbled. The pizza also features PEPPADEW, Piquante peppers, coriander, avo, and onion. This pizza costs R135.

La Parada Crispy Chicken

The following are some of La Parada’s most famous dishes. If you’re new to the establishment, these are dishes that will surely pique your interest.

Beef Short Rib – The Beef Short Rib is prepared using sticky paprika. The establishment glazes the beef short ribs with orange segments to give it its amazing orange glaze. The ribs cost R235.

Bikini Toastie – The Bikini Toastie features La Parada’s original grilled cheese recipe. The grilled cheese is paired with truffle aioli and gypsy ham. The Bikini Toastie costs R80.

Sashimi – The Sashimi is served in four pieces and is available in two different varieties. These include Salmon for R130 and Tuna for R105.

Wagyu Beef Burger – The Wagyu Beef Burger from the La Parada menu features a 180-gram wagyu patty, toasted artisan brioche bun, patatas bravas, roasted pepper chutney, La Parada burger sauce, and butter lettuce.

La Parada Wagyu Beef Burger


The Tapas section features small plates of food that are perfect to pair with alcohol. You could say that these tapas are bar snacks, perfect for wine in hand.

Wagyu Beef Potstickers – The Wagyu Beef Potstickers meal features either steamed or seared wagyu beef. This tapa dish is served with Indonesian soya dipping sauce and kimchi. The meal costs R120.

Miso Aubergine – The Miso Aubergine menu from La Parada features deep-fried misoyaki aubergine, onion and honey cream cheese, tomato, and miso corn emulsion. This miso dish is completely vegan. This dish costs R80.

Poppers – The Poppers tapa is a vegan meal that features whole peppadew peppers filled with basil aioli and cream cheese. This dish costs R80.

Grilled Calamari – The grilled calamari dish features cucumbers, tomatoes, and chimichurri. The calamari is served with roasted garlic aioli. This dish costs R125.

Tuna Tacos – The Tuna tacos feature tuna, guacamole, pineapple rainbow salsa, jalapenos, and miso emulsion. This dish costs R130.

La Parada Tuna Tacos


Who doesn’t like pizza? If you’re looking for a meal that you will surely enjoy, these pizzas are perfect for you. The menu items are the perfect balance of health and flavour.

Chorizo – The Chorizo pizza features, of course, chorizo, along with coriander, oven-dried cherry tomatoes, and jalapeno cream cheese. This pizza costs R125.

Calamari – The Calamari pizza features calamari, toasted sesame seeds, pickled ginger, chili, and Japanese mayo. The pizza costs R165.

Vegetarian – If you’re looking for a healthy option then this pizza is for you. This pizza features chimichurri, avo, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and mushrooms. This pizza costs R145.

Margherita – Another vegan pizza is the Margherita. The Margherita features tomato and basil. This pizza costs R100.

Main Courses

After you’ve warmed up and are back for more deliciousness, these main courses are where you’ll go. La Parada’s main courses feature pasta, burgers, steaks, and more!

Mushroom Pappardelle – The Mushroom Pappardelle features thick and flat ribbons of fresh pasta. The fresh pasta is mixed with parmesan, truffle zest, sage ragout, and mixed mushrooms. Pasta is completely vegan, and available for R155. Adding bacon costs R35, and adding grilled chicken costs R35.

Crispy Chicken Burger – The Crispy Chicken Burger features crunchy chicken breast, a toasted artisan brioche bun, butter lettuce, patatas bravas, La Parada burger sauce, tomato, and avo. The Crispy Chicken Burger costs R125.

Rib Eye – This La Parada menu features 400 grams of coffee-rubbed, flame-grilled rib eye steak. The steak is served with hand-cut beef fat fries, sage cream, gorgonzola, and Portobello mushrooms. This steak costs R295.

Lamb Rump – The Lamb Rump meal features 300 grams of the flame-grilled rump. The meal is served with minted red wine jus, confit garlic tzatziki, and creme fraiche. The Lamb Rump meal costs R295.

Signature Salad

If you’re exploring the La Parada menu and want to enjoy a nourishing option, these salads offer a healthy and delicious way to savor the experience. Some of them are vegan, while some introduce some protein into the mix.

Mediterranean – The Mediterranean salad features baby spinach, toasted chickpeas, feta, roasted Aubergine, candied red peppers, sundried tomato pesto, and marinated zucchini noodles. The salad is vegan and costs R115.

Harissa Chicken – The Harissa Chicken meal features a chicken thigh glazed with harissa. The chicken is served with mixed greens, lime dressing, cherry tomato, feta, saffron couscous, and dukkah. The Harissa Chicken costs R110.

Fillet Tagliata – The Fillet Tagliata meal features truffle oil, sundried tomato pesto, Parmesan shavings, balsamic reduction, exotic tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, and wild rocket. The salad also features medium rare beef fillet sliced and served cold. The salad costs R165.

Tuna Sashimi Nicoise Salad – The Tuna Sashimi Nicoise Salad is a seared tuna salad served with crispy baby gem lettuce, soft poached egg, pickled ginger, yuzu dressing, tomato, and an apple. The salad costs R155.

La Parada Tuna Sashimi


La Parada may be Spanish-themed, but they still sushi. People from all over love sushi so it only makes sense to add it to their menu.

California Roll – The California roll is served in eight pieces and is available in four varieties. The varieties include Prawn for R110, Salmon for R130, Tuna for R85, and Veg for R45.

Nigiri – The Nigiri is served in two pieces and is available in three different varieties. These include Prawns for R50, Salmon for R60, and Tuna for R50.

Deep Fried Rolls – These are labeled as “on-fire sushi,” which means they are served with a teriyaki sauce infused with vodka. Upon serving the deep-fried rolls, the sauce is lit and poured all over the sushi on the table. The deep-fried rolls are served in eight pieces and in three different varieties. These include Prawns for R125, Salmon for R155, and Tuna for R135.

Sushi Mosaic – The Sushi Mosaic meal features four pieces of sushi which form a mosaic pattern; the sushi is filled with cucumber, tuna, and salmon. The meal comes in four pieces and is available for R165.

La Parada Menu Delivery

La Parada ensures that your food is delivered to your table as soon as possible. When ordering your food, you can order them up front, but to ensure that you can get a spot, especially during their busy hours, you can book a reservation. You can also order their food online on sites such as doordash.

Social Media Pages

In order to ensure that you have the latest offers and menu from La Parada, I highly suggest that you start to follow them on their social media. In this way, you won’t miss any important news about them whenever they have something new to share. To follow them, see the links below:





The La Parada menu features some of the best Spanish food you’ll ever get in Cape Town. The Spanish-themed establishment provides a wide variety of dishes; you will surely find the best meal for you. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to try out La Parada; their arms are always open for newcomers and old friends alike.