Lekker Vegan Menu South Africa

If you’re looking for the best vegan food in Africa, you can find them on the Lekker Vegan menu. If you’re new to vegan food and you’re discouraged by the taste of regular vegan food, don’t fret! 

Most vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians don’t transition into plant-based life because they prefer the taste. Most of the time, they transition for health and ethical reasons. Lekker Vegan makes sure that your meals taste like regular food, healthy, and even better!

Here are Lekker Vegan menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

Plant-based Meat Burgers

Lekker Spicy Deluxe119
Lekker Crispy105
Lekker Triple Triple165
Lekker Cheesy115
Lekker Veggie79
Lekker Meaty119
Beyond Lekker165
Lekker Future129
Lekker Italy115

Lekker Gatsby



Nuggy Wrap95
Meaty Wrap119


Nacho Bowl105
Nuggy Salad95

Lekker Chips

Regular Crispy Chips29
Large Crispy Chips39
Regular Sweet Potato Chips39
Large Sweet Potato Chips49
Regular Crispy Potato Wedges39
Large Crispy Potato Wedges49
Loaded Chips59

Snack Meals

Swahili Bunini69
4 Nugnuggets45
9 Nugnuggets89
20 Nugnuggets169
4 Italian Meatballs75
Meaty Kebabs79


Chocolate Brownie65
Apple Crumble Pie49
Chocolate Cheesecake65
Mylk Ice CreamAsk for Flavours

About Lekker Vegan

They started dedicating their time and effort to their customers back in 2017. They’ve made it their goal to help transition to vegan foods easier by making vegan items taste like foods you’re used to. They always keep you on your toes by adding something new to the menu every time.

They’re open from 10:30am to 9:00pm, except for Sundays when they’re open only until 8:00pm. 

Lekker Vegan Menu Best Seller

Lekker Gatsby – This monster of a sandwich tastes so good you won’t believe it’s vegan. This is a great source of vegan protein, so be sure to try it whenever you can. The vegan sandwich is available in beef, chicken, or mix. Other ingredients include: Jalapenos, Red Onion, Lekker lettuce and tomato, lekker spicy sauce, vegan cheddar cheese, and crispy chips.

Lekker Vegan Lekker Gatsby Menu
Photo Credit: Lekker Vegan FB Page

Nuggy Wrap – The Lekker Nuggy Wrap consists of Chopped Nugnuggets, lekker lekker sauce, grated vegan cheddar, salad, and salsa. All of these are wrapped, and served. The crispy texture, and the great taste of the nuggets are what sets this wrap from other items. The greens add more texture to the meal, and the salsa binds all the flavours together. The grated vegan cheddar adds a strong flavour to the mix, perfect for wrap lovers out there.

Meaty Wrap – This Lekker Vegan menu consists of soy-based beef, lekker lekker sauce, grated vegan cheddar, salad, and salsa. All of these are wrapped and served. Most of the ingredients from this wrap are similar to the Nuggy wrap’s ingredients. This wrap uses vegan soy-based beef. The greens form an amazing texture. The salsa and the lekker lekker sauce creates a unique and amazing taste that will keep you coming back for more.

Loaded Nacho Bowl – If you’re looking for something cheesy and savoury, the loaded nacho bowl is for you. Nachos are usually avoided by vegetarians and vegans alike, because it’s made of meat and cheese. Lekker Vegan makes it so that you can enjoy nachos even if you’re vegan. The nacho bowl consists of Lekker Lekker sauce, grated vegan cheddar, salsa, nachos, and vegan mince. This is a great source of carbs and proteins. The salsa, lekker lekker sauce, and vegan cheddar binds and compliments each and every flavour.

Lekker Vegan Loaded Nacho Bowl Menu
Photo Credit: Lekker Vegan FB Page

Meaty Kebabs – The meaty kebabs are two vegan pork skewers. These are basted with the establishment’s Lekker Satay Sauce. The kebabs are served with salad, chips, and crispy-fried onions.

Best Plant-Based Burger

Lekker Vegan menu offers the best plant-based burgers around. You can turn any of these burgers into salads for a fee. You can also choose to add some avo and/or jalapenos to the burger.

Lekker Crispy – If you’re just getting into vegan meals, the Lekker Crispy is a simple but amazing dish for you. This dish features fried onion rings, melted vegan cheddar, and crispy-fried vegan patty. This burger also features onion and sour cream crisps, OG Lekker Sauce, and Tomato and Lekker Lettuce. 

Lekker Triple Triple – This monster of a burger is as healthy as an amazing burger can be. The Lekker Triple Triple menu got its name because the establishment used triple chicken, cheese, and more in this burger. This item features plant-based chicken strips, nuggets, and patties. It also uses a combination of three cheese blends, which are: sauce, grated, and melted. The burger also includes tomato and lekker lettuce, and the lekker lekker sauce. I recommend that you try this one because it is really delicious.

Lekker Cheesy – This is for all you vegan cheese lovers out there. This Lekker Vegan burger menu uses juicy strips of vegan chicken, and lekker vegan’s special lekker cheese sauce. This burger also uses chives, spring onions, lekker mayo, and lekker lettuce, and tomato.

Lekker Vegan Lekker Cheesy Menu
Photo Credit: Lekker Vegan FB Page

Lekker Spicy Deluxe – This spicy monster features two of their delicious chicken patties, with a twist! This burger contains a very dangerous ingredient; an ingredient so spicy, it has garnered an infamous reputation; the ghost pepper. This burger also includes other ingredients common to the other items such as the OG Lekker sauce, Lekker lettuce, tomatoes, onions, melted vegan cheese, and more!

Lekker Vegan Snack Menu

Swahili Bunini – This meal is great if you’re looking for something toasty. This sandwich features a burger bun toastie, with chicken and mayo. The sandwich uses sesame seeds, tomato, spring onions, and melted cheddar cheese.

Nugnuggets – Who doesn’t like a good nugget meal. The Nugnuggets are available in packs of four pieces, nine pieces, and twenty pieces. If you get four pieces, you get one sauce. If you get nine pieces, you get two sauces. If you get twenty pieces, you get three sauces.

Cheese Sticks – Lekker Vegan’s cheese sticks are spring rolls that include vegan cheddar cheese. It also has spring onions, and the establishment’s special Lekker Lekker Sauce. This is also available in Chilli and Beef varieties. The Chilli variety includes Jalapenos, and the Beef variety includes Vegan mince.

Lekker Vegan Menu Delivery

All of your orders will arrive at your table as soon as possible. The staff ensures that the quality of the meals doesn’t drop even after being served as soon as possible. 

How to Contact Lekker Vegan South Africa Team?

To contact the Lekker Vegan team, have multiple options to do. First, you can check their website and then fill up the contact form. Another one is by sending them a message on their official social media pages such as Facebook, or Instagram.

Lastly, if you want a traditional way of contacting them, you can call them right away using this number – +27 84 903 6697.


The Lekker Vegan Menu features great vegan dishes that even meat lovers will enjoy. Great food can come from vegan dishes as well. Maybe, you would even like the vegan version of your favourite meals more. The wide array of dishes makes sure that you won’t get bored with their menu. 

With Lekker Vegan, you won’t have to worry about preservatives and oily, unhealthy meals. Be sure to check this eatery out whenever you’re in the area. A step into their door is a step into a new lifestyle.