Lupa Osteria In South Africa

You might be someone looking to dine at Lupa Osteria with your family or partner for the first time. Having a clue about the best dishes and menu specials is very important at the beginning. You never know if the restaurant meals may or may not impress your partner or family. Let us dive into the matter above and more in this article.

Here are the Lupa menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemPrice (R)


Oven-Baked Snails & Gorgonzola90
Melanzane Al Parmigiano65
Carpaccio Di Manzo90
Chicken Livers75
Caramelised Onion And Feta Focaccia65
Falkland Calamari90
Pork & Beef Meatballs75
Parma Ham From Davide Vitali80
Italian Nachos (V)85
Garlic Focaccia50
Caprese Salad115


Caprese Salad115
Pear & Gorgonzola Salad110
Grilled Chicken Salad110
Crispy Artichoke Salad90


Pork & Beef Meatballs105
Gnocchi Del Sol155
Trio Of Stuffed Pastas (V)125
Porcini Panzerotti135
Gnocchi Fantasia145
Penne Oriental125
Loula ( V )70
Fettucine Carbonara175
Marcella Hazan's Crespelle130
Lasagne Al Forno115
Gardienera ( V )115


Popeye & Olive95
The Di Mare175
The New Yorker95
The Massimo Calzone145
Yoga Bunny145
The Amy (V)95
The Sarah140
The Nacho Libre155
The Popolare95
Meat Lovers145
Cajun Chicken130
Margherita (V)75


Pollo Ciao Italia195
Chargrilled Sirloin210
Veal Marsala195
Balsamic And Avo Fillet215
Chargrilled Burger115
Chicken Marsala155
Falkland Calamari185
Veal Piccata195
Mushroom And Parmesan Fillet220
Beyond Meat® Veggie Burger155
Pollo Arrosto175


The Lupa Sundae (To Share)85
Nutella Stuffed Crepes65
Cremino Al Cioccolato75
Dark Chocolate Mousse & Vanilla Panna Cotta75
Gelato Per Scoop35
Crème Brûlée60


Bos Ice Tea20
Bambini Spaghetti & Meatballs50
Bambini Hawaiian Pizza45
Bambini Penne (V)35
Bambini Spaghetti Bolognaise45
Bambini Scoop Of Gelato20
Bambini Breaded Chicken Escalope45
Bambini Margherita Pizza (V)40
Bambini Penne Alfredo45


Strawberry Basil Smash60
Italian Job65
Saints Secret65
Hidden Garden68
Aperol Spritz68
Crimson Tide78
Summer Splash65


Italian Sunset60
Island Breeze58
Summer Fling55


Martini Brut Prosecco 150Ml Glass65
Kleine Zalze Cellar Selection Unwooded Chardonnay60
Fairview Goats Do Roam Rosé55
Ken Forrester Petit Semi Sweet50
Antonij Rupert Protea Chenin Blanc50
Paul Cluver Sauvignon Blanc70
Lupa Sauvignon Blanc60
Fairview La Capra Sauvignon Blanc ‘On Tap’45
Beyerskloof Pinotage65
Hartenberg Cabernet Shiraz65
Lupa Merlot65
Durbanville Hills Merlot60
Fairview La Capra Merlot ‘On Tap’45

Lupa Osteria Menu Best Seller

Lupa Osteria restaurant is an obvious choice for those people looking for a great place to eat healthy meals. Besides that, it is an excellent place for the top Italian cuisine in the country. Below are the best dishes at Lupa restaurant:


Lupa Osteria Pizza
Lupa Osteria Pizza

It’s no secret that pizza is a favorite Italian food amongst many people. But some people may choose an alternative over pizza for a reason or two.

Pizza toppings are so versatile and many Lupa Osteria competitors tend to mess around with them. It is the reason why people choose something other than pizza.

But Lupa Osteria usually takes pizza preparation very seriously. The wood-fired pizza has a delicious crisp flatbread base with stringy mozzarella toppings.

These pizza ingredients and recipes make Lupa Osteria the best in town. We recommend booking your table to authenticate the preposition.


Pasta is no doubt among the best dishes at Lupa restaurant due to its Italian roots. It is a top Italian dish since it can be prepared in many forms to meet different tastes and preferences.

My favorite pasta forms at Lupa Osteria are penne, gnocchi, lasagna, and Bolognese due to their ingredients and preparation style. Most pasta dishes at Lupa Osteria are prepared with love and care from scratch.

The time taken to prepare the pasta will depend on the type. But usually, it should not take the chef more than 10 minutes to complete and avail the food on your table. We recommend booking the table to avoid the last hour rush.


Risotto is a popular northern Italian rice dish prepared with broth until it attains a creamy consistency. The broth may come from fish, meat, or organic vegetables.

The extraordinary bowl of rice consists of short-grained rice from Italy and a unique recipe that can accommodate wine addition. 

The deboned baby chicken with a wood-roasted aroma and roasted vegetable toppings make risotto a great deal. This cooking style makes the dish the best among many.


This is another Italian delicacy that lives up to its expectations due to the unique cooking technique at Lupa Osteria.  Classic porchetta is a wood-roasted pork belly served on wilted spinach and crushed potatoes.

Lupa Osteria Porchetta

You can also combine the porchetta dish with red wine sauce and apple chutney. The meal is prepared from scratch at the restaurant to provide the tastes that suit different clients.

Market Fish

The fish dish at Lupa restaurant is mouth-watering. The fresh fish from the market and cooking style set this restaurant apart from others in the country.

My favorite is marinated sardines with chickpeas and hummus preparation. The homemade spices infused into the fish make the dish delicious and wonderful.

Melanzane AL Parmigiano

It is a classic Italian dish at Lupa restaurant ideal for all vegetarians. The dish is made by layering Lupa Napoli sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, and aubergine.

It is also among the Lupa menu specials for hot summer days. We recommend this classic Italian food for those people living a healthy lifestyle.

Lupa Osteria Menu Specials

Lupa Osteria is an authentic Italian restaurant with simple flavored dishes made from fresh ingredients only. It is my favorite restaurant due to its mouth-watering foods alongside the weekly Lupa specials. Below are menu specials that can make you visit them often:

Pizza and Birra

Lupa Pizza And Wine
Lupa Pizza And Wine

Pizza and Birra is a menu special at Lupa that runs from 3 pm Sunday until 9 pm on Monday. The client is free to choose any pizza and a glass of wine or beer at R105 only. Remember this offer excludes seafood pizza. 

Lunch Specials

It is a popular Lupa menu special offering a wide range of dishes with high-quality tastes and flavors. Customers can choose from pizza, burgers, and steak options for R89 only.

Wine Wednesday

The Lupa menu special is valid every Wednesday where customers are allowed to bring a single bottle of any wine into the store at no corkage fee. The wine should be served between two people only.

Blackboard Specials

It is another popular Lupa menu special that makes a huge difference since it consists of fresh and homemade pasta, imported tomatoes, and wood-fired pizza. The menu is susceptible to changes every two months with the most delicious homemade dishes.

About Lupa Osteria

Lupa is a leading Italian restaurant in South Africa for dining. The name was derived from an immortal Roman wolf goddess known for training Roman demi-gods in the city ways.

The seven-foot-tall with chocolate red fur goddess has silver-like eyes. The she-wolf is also known to have saved, nurtured, and raised Remus and Romulus after being thrown into the great Tiber River by their parents Mars and Rhea Silvia at the command of uncle Amulius.

These twins grew strong and later destroyed the great evil-uncle Amulius to establish the city of Rome. Lupa restaurant is a neighborhood Osteria with a casual inexpensive family dinner of pizza and pasta alongside house wine, fresh fish, and veal for corporate customers.

Lupa Osteria Locations in South Africa

Lupa Osteria has multiple locations in South Africa. For most of these Osteria recommends making a booking in advance via email or phone call before visiting the venue.


Address: Shop B06 Loftus Park, 406 Kirkness Street, Pretoria, Arcadia 007.

Phone: +27 100208550



Address: Shop 77b Crossing Shopping Centre, Madiba Drive, Nelspruit 1201.

Phone: +27 135917147



Address: Shop 7 Village Square Mall, Queen Street, Durbanville

Phone: +27 878221655



Address: Shop 36 Meyersdal Mall, Corner Michelle Ave & Hennie Alberts St, Meyersdal 1447.

Phone: +27 10447 4001



Address: Shopping on Ridgeway, Ridgeway Avenue, Midstream Estate

Phone: +27 120650739



Address: Shop F13, Bedford Centre, Bedford Garden, Bedfordview

Phone: +27 116220131


Design Quarter

Address: Shop 68 Design Quarter, William Nicole Drive, Fourways

Phone: +27 114651640


Florida Road

Address: 257 Florida, Durban

Phone: +27 315210525


Suncoast Casino

Address: Shop UR006, Suncoast Casino, 20 Battery Beach Road, Marine Parade, Durban 4001

Phone: +27319426777



Address: Shop No. 3, Ballito Lifestyle Center, Cnr 398/498 Main Road, Ballito Durban 4004

Phone: +27 87 3577409



Address: Lighthouse Mall 4 Chartwell Drive, Umlanga

Phone: +27 319406689



Address: 14 Old Main Road, Hillcrest KZN 3650

Phone: +27317653059



Address: 124 Jan Hofmeyr Road, Westville 3629

Phone: +27312668793


Durban North

Address: 6-12 Swapo Road, Durban North

Phone: +27 319411181



Do you want to contact them on their social media? Feel free to ask them.

If you have read up to this end, you might be looking for an authentic Italian restaurant in South Africa.

We hope you found this article helpful to book your next Italian meal and enjoy it.