Manna Epicure Menu South Africa

Have you found yourself craving classic French cuisine and now wondering where you could get the most authentic french type of food? Are you the type of customer that also consider the price before actually trying a restaurant?

I found the best restaurant to fulfill your cravings without breaking the bank. Look no more I got you. In this restaurant, they serve classic french cuisine not only because they also serve South African cuisine for those who want to explore more because they serve fusion foods for you to enjoy. Imagine eating a french classic with a South African touch, awesome right?

I’ll go directly to the point, have you heard about Manna Epicure? If not I know after all this introduction you’re already interested in this said restaurant, please do have time to read my article and let’s get to know Manna Epicure a little bit more, let’s talk about the foods menu that they offer, their prices, best sellers and many more. Let’s see if after this article you’re interested already to try Manna Epicure. Without further ado let’s begin. 

Here are Manna Epicure menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Muesli and nuts65
Fresh fruit platter 50
Homemade waffle with golden syrup and whipped cream 55
French toast croissant 70
The classic 65
No carb classic 65
2 free range any style on toast35
3 egg omelette with toasted bread30
Parma style breakfast75
Scambled eggs with smoked salmon trout80
Free range egg benedict80
Coconut breakfast 90
Minute steak breakfast 95
Free range eggs florentine95
Toasted breakfast croissants 75
Vanilla pod porridge65

Sandwiches and platter

Open caprese70
Open country caesar75
The Atlantic 105
Manna platter105


Caesar salad with croutons and Parmesan shavings 45
Caprese salad80
Calamari salad95

Slow food

Pan roasted free range chicken breast 95
Argentinian panko crusted beef schnitzel 95
Panko crusted calamari115
Moules frites125
Pan roasted fish of the day135

The braai

Sirloin 250g105
Fillet 200g145
Ribeye 300g160
Sticky pork spareribs 130
Epicure beef burger 70
Die sitrus chicken burger85


Cales selection 40
Creme brûlée 45
Manna banana split 45
Sticky malva pudding 45
Valrhona chocolate fondant 60
South African cheese board95

Coffees and teas

Americano 18
Flat white21
Chai latte14
Espresso 18
Rooibos cappuchino18
Hazelnut iced coffee 21
Dark hot chocolate 17

Fresh juice

Mix of 3 fresh fruits/vegetables 37
Mix of 2 fresh fruits/vegetables 32
1 fruit/vegetables25

About Manna Epicure

Jacques Erasmus is the first owner of Manna Epicure who focused on the baking side with his business partner and co-owner Maranda Engelbrecht but their partnership broke up, Jacques start her new business, the heavenly hemelhuijs and Maranda becomes a constant chef.

The ownership passes on and now the fourth owners are husband and wife Agnes and Johnny van der westhuizen. Johnny is the chef of the restaurant and his wife Agnes is in charge of marketing and managing the restaurant. They tried to improve everything in the restaurant including the design inside of it. The food was also upgraded specifically the main courses.

Their modern-looking menu is very pleasant to the eye but not just because they have a great presentation but because the taste is surprisingly very good. The transformation of the Manna Epicure draws tourists and locals. Their most popular is not just their dishes but also their bread like their pecan and raisin bread which is really good.

They serve delicious food at a reasonable price close to affordable to their customers aiming to get their loyalty and capture their tastebuds which they actually become successful. 

Manna Epicure Menu Best Seller

Here on the list are the Manna Epicure menu best-seller dishes that you should try and might love the first time you tasted them. Also on our list are their chef recommendations so it’s safe to choose even if you have no idea at all about their foods.

Argentinian Steak Tartare – Not to be biased but this is so far the best steak tartare that I tried so far. They use onions, mustard, pickles, and other spices that gave their steak tartare its best taste. Also very tender you could actually cut it without using the steak knife. They carefully Prepare their steak to its best texture to serve this masterpiece very excellent and elegant looking. Perfect for those who love steak with some bursting flavors.

Calamari Salad – Made with sauteed calamari in garlic and chili then served with chorizo, roasted peppers, chickpea, fresh baby leaves, and herbs then tossed in some lemon dressing. Good taste and a large serving. This dish is truly magnificent and an actual bomb when it comes to the salad but to be honest this could pass as an appetizer as well. 

Manna Epicure Calamari Salad Menu

Homemade Waffle with Golden Syrup and Whipped Cream – Fluffy tender and delicious. This breakfast menu of Manna Epicure is one of the best that they serve for breakfast. Topped with bacon and sweet caramelized banana to add more goodness to your breakfast plate. One of the favorites and very popular among customers especially those who have sweet tooth.

Creme Brûlée – Baked custard with an organic vanilla pod with a caramelized topping that you can actually break. This awesome item is one of their most popular and best seller when it comes to desserts. Not too sweet just right and a perfect dessert after e joying every main. 

Breakfast Menu

Manna Epicure has always been a favorite breakfast spot. They offer wide selections of breakfast items that is surely great tasting and worth your money. Some of the Manna Epicure breakfast menu includes sandwiches and platters Like gypsie, open caprese, open country caesar, the Atlantic, and manna platter.

Manna Epicure Brunch Menu
Photo Credit: Manna Epicure FB Page

They also offer gluten-free bread, rye, pecan nuts, and raisins or ciabatta. Aside from breakfast sandwiches and platters they also offer egg-based breakfast that includes a free range of egg benedict, 3 egg omelets with toasted bread, and many other choices that you will surely love. 

Dinner Menu

When it comes to the dinner menu Manna Epicure offers a variety of great choices of good food. Their starters include soup of the day, Argentinian steak tartare, buffalo mozzarella, and many more. Also serve a great selection of steaks and on-the-bone meats.

Manna Epicure Menu Delivery

Upon checking thru their website, unfortunately, Manna Epicure doesn’t cater deliveries however they have curbside pick up for a more convenient ordering especially if you don’t have time to drop by their restaurant for a long time. All you have to do is to call +27 (21) 426-2413. Or you can always use third-party delivery services available in your area. 

Talk to Manna Epicure South Africa Staff

If you want to talk with the Manna Epicure staff for comments, suggestions, or questions, you can reach them on their social media pages. Just hit the send message button and write your queries. When you browse their official page, we also encourage you to subscribe to their account. In this way, you can always get updated posts such as a new menu, prices, and current promos.





The first ambiance is clean, cozy, and nice. I love how they manage to maintain their restaurant despite being busy, especially at night time. Their service crews are very attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable about their products and available services. Food serving is surprisingly fast and you’ll never feel bored while waiting for your food because the place itself is amazing. The food is great, fresh as always. You can actually choose from a healthier option for those who are not so healthy but very delicious. The Manna Epicure menu is all at reasonable prices, the quality is superb. I highly recommend this place for those of you who love to try french cuisine with a South African twist.