Mariams Kitchen Menu South Africa

Mariam’s Kitchen Menu is perfect if you’re looking for the next big thing for an affordable price.

The establishment offers a variety of menus ranging from one of the best gatsbies, to modern takes on classic meals such as steak curry with rice. There is a load of dishes that you can try so be sure to try them all.

Here are Mariam’s Kitchen menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

Deliciously Prepared Meals

Hot Chips25
Chip Roll28
Polony Chip Roll33
Hot Dog (Single)33
Hot Dog (Double)39
Russian Roll35
Boerewors Roll with chips, braised onions, and salad45
Boerewors Roll with braised onions, and salad35

Vienna and Chips Parcels



Half Polony65
Half Russian65
Half Vienna65
Half Vienna and Polony75
Half Chicken95
Half Boerewors95
Half Curry95
Half Steak with Braised Onions95
Half Steak with Eggs105
Half Steak with Cheese105
Half Steak with Eggs and Cheese115
Full Polony120
Full Russian120
Full Vienna120
Full Vienna and Polony140
Full Chicken150
Full Boerewors150
Full Curry150
Full Steak with Braised Onions150
Full Steak with Eggs170
Full Steak with Cheese170
Full Steak with Eggs and Cheese190


Chicken Pasta55


Steak with Salads50
Chicken with Salads45


Steak with Salads50
Chicken with Salads45


Toasted Curry35
Toasted Veg Curry Sandwich30
Toasted Spiced Beef33
Toasted Tuna and Mayonnaise35
Toasted Liver35
Toasted Liver with Chips45
Toasted Mini Steak45
Veg Burger45


Toasted Steak and Chips45
Toasted Steak and Eggs45
Toasted Steak and Cheese45
Toasted Eggs and Chips50
Toasted Eggs and Cheese50
Toasted Chips and Cheese50
Toasted Steak and Chips50
Toasted Steak, Chips, Eggs, and Cheese55


Toasted Chicken and Mayo33
Toasted Chicken and Chips38
Toasted Chicken and Cheese38
Toasted Chicken, Chips, and Cheese43
Toasted Chicken, Cheese, Egg, and Chips48


Toasted Cheese and Tomatoes20
Toasted Cheese and Chips25
Toasted Cheese and Egg25
Toasted Cheese and Vienna25
Toasted Cheese and Polony25
Toasted Cheese and Spice Beef28
Toasted Cheese Egg and Polony30
Toasted Cheese, Egg, and Spiced Beef33

Toasted Egg

Toasted Egg and Tomato20
Toasted Egg and Polony25
Toasted Egg and Vienna25
Toasted Egg and Spiced Beef28

Fillet Chicken Burgers

Chicken Burger with Chips45
Chicken Burger with Eggs45
Chicken Burger with Cheese45
Chicken Burger with Egg, Chips50
Chicken Burger with Egg, Cheese50
Chicken Burger with Chips, Cheese50
Chicken Burger with Chips and Pineapple50
Chicken Burger, Egg, Cheese, and Chips55

Mini Steak (Patty Burgers)

Burger with Chips and Salad45
Burger with Eggs and Salad45
Burger with Cheese and Salad45
Burger with Egg, Chips, and Salad50
Mini Steak, Egg, Cheese, and Salad50
Mini Steak, Cheese, Chips, and Salad50
Mini Steak and Chips, Egg, Chips, Cheese and Salad50
Mini Steak, Egg, Cheese, and Salads53
Toasted Mini Steak with Chips and Salad43

About Mariam’s Kitchen

Mariam’s Kitchen is an eatery situated in Cape Town. The establishment serves different dishes such as local classics and even foreign cuisine. Aside from the amazing taste, their atmosphere is also to die for. 

Mariam’s Kitchen Menu Best Seller

Vienna and Polony – The Vienna and Polony Gatsby features the goodness of both Vienna and Polony Gatsbies. This Gatsby also features either peri or plain chips, tomato sauce, and salad. The Vienna and Polony Gatsby are well-loved among the customers of Mariam’s Kitchen. This Gatsby is available in two varieties: half for R75, and full for R140.

Mariams Kitchen Vienna And Polony

Chicken – The Chicken Gatsby features high-quality chicken, plain or peri chips, tomato sauce, and a serving of salad. This Gatsby is a great choice if you’re looking for a healthier source of protein. The Chicken Gatsby is available in two varieties: half for R95, and full for R150.


Russian – This sub sandwich consists of Russian sausages as the main component, paired with either peri or plain chips, a drizzle of tomato sauce, and a crisp salad. Renowned for its unique flavor, the Russian Gatsby continues to be a beloved staple in local cuisine.

Vienna – The menu at Mariam’s Kitchen features vienna sausages as the main ingredient, accompanied by either plain or peri chips, a side of tomato sauce, and a salad. One of the most popular offerings at the restaurant is the Gatsby, a sub sandwich that has achieved fame among South Africans. This sandwich is considered the most famous fast food item in Cape Town

Polony – The iconic fast food dish of Cape Town, is commonly referred to as the Polony Gatsby. This sub sandwich features polony as the key component, along with a choice of plain or peri chips, a tomato sauce topping, and a fresh salad. Renowned among South Africans, the Gatsby has become a beloved staple in their cuisine.

Mariams Kitchen Polony

Mariam’s Kitchen Steak Menu

Toasted Steak and Chips – The Toasted Steak and Chips item features a serving of steak cooked to perfection served with chips that complement your steak well. This meal also comes with a serving of chips that are best enjoyed with steak. This menu is available for R45.

Toasted Steak and Eggs – This menu features Toasted Steak paired with eggs. The Toasted Steak and Eggs is one of the simplest protein-focused meals on this menu. 

Toasted Steak and Cheese – Adding cheese may seem like a unique way to enjoy your steak, but we do it all the time with sandwiches! The cheese compliments the savoury flavour of the steak. This Mariam’s Kitchen menu is highly recommended.

Mini Steak

Burger with Eggs and Salad – Available for R45, this mini steak is a tastier choice and is packed with more protein. The patty is cooked to your liking and served with eggs and a serving of salad.

Burger with Cheese and Salad – The great taste of a cheeseburger packed into a meal. The burger patty is served with cheese and a serving of salad. This meal is available for R45. 

Burger with Egg, Chips, and Salad – Loved the burger with eggs and salad? How about the burger with cheese and salad? If you said yes to at least one of them, you’ll definitely love this Mariam’s Kitchen menu. The burger patty is grilled to perfection and served with an egg, chips, and a serving of salad. This meal costs R50.

Burger with chips and salad – Available for R45, this mini steak meal is great for all burger lovers out there. The Burger patty is cooked to your liking and served afterward with chips and a serving of salad. This is the perfect balance of tasty and healthy.

Mariams Kitchen Burger With Chips And Salad

Breakfast Platters

Early Bird – The Early Bird meal deal features two eggs, either spicy beef, polony, or vienna, and coffee. This is a great way to start your day. The eggs and meat of your choice provide protein and that extra kick with your coffee. This platter costs R43.

Breakfast Platter – The breakfast platter features different meat such as one sausage, vienna, polony, and egg. The combination of these 4 food items creates a symphony of meaty, protein-packed flavours. This meal costs R60.

Steak Platter – This platter features tender steak, egg, and braised onion. The tenderness of the steak is nothing to be joked about. It’s a perfect balance; cooked to your liking. This platter costs R60.

Mariam’s Kitchen Curry and Rice Menu

Steak Curry and Rice – This Mariam’s Kitchen menu is a new exotic and unique way to enjoy your steak. By incorporating the steak into curry, you and your taste buds are going to be introduced to a whole new set of flavours. The Steak and Curry Rice comes with a serving of onion salad.

Chicken Curry and Rice – A curry classic is chicken curry and rice. Mariam’s Kitchen offers a modern take on this classic cuisine. The Chicken Curry and Rice come with a serving of onion salad.

Vegetable Curry and Rice – If you’re looking for a healthier way to enjoy your curry, then The Vegetable Curry and Rice is a great way to do so. Mainly using vegetables to prepare the meal doesn’t hold back its taste. On the contrary, it offers a whole another experience. This menu costs R50, and it comes with an onion salad.


Mango Mania – Beat the heat with the Mango Mania. The Mango Mania mainly consists of pineapple, banana, and mango. These three fruit flavours are processed and incorporated into wonderful glasses. Each serving of the Mango Mania costs R30.

Lemon Lambda – Another cool drink with a cool name is the Lemon Lambda. The Lomon Lambda features lemon, pineapple, and frozen yogurt. This sweet and sour drink takes your taste buds on a road trip. The Lemon Lambda is definitely a drink to remember. This drink is available for R30.

Berry Blush – The berry bush, like the other smoothies on the list, is an amazing entry-level drink. The Berry Blush features raspberry, strawberry, Blackberry, banana, honey, and lastly, frozen yogurt. Each ingredient perfectly complements the other. This drink costs R30.


The establishment also offers a menu for its catering services. Feel free to check out where they are, and which ensues are still available. For more information, please visit the official webpage.

Mariam’s Kitchen Menu Delivery

Mariam’s Kitchen does its best in trying to serve its customers as soon as possible. They do this constantly, all throughout the day. Your food will arrive at your table as soon as possible. In case you want to talk to them about their delivery orders, you can ask them via their social media account here.


The Mariam’s Kitchen Menu offers one of the best foods in Cape Town. With their wide variety of menu items, you will surely find which one is for you, although it’s highly unlikely that you will not love whatever’s in store for you. If you’re in the area, be sure to check out Mariam’s Kitchen.