Maxis Menu South Africa

Every breakfast, burger, and grill is worth the bill at Maxi’s Menu. They offer a variety of quality meals at affordable prices. The welcoming environment of their stores is perfect for any occasion, be it a friendly meetup, a family gathering, or even a business meeting. 

If you’ve always dreamt of owning your own food place, then Maxi’s can help you out. They are a franchise, that welcomes aspiring business owners with open arms. All you have to do is to approach them through one of their contact information and you’ll be a store owner in no time. 

The brand offers a wide array of items, ranging from burgers to desserts. If you’re also on the lookout for a premium coffee experience, then Maxi can give you what you want. 

Here are Maxi’s menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

Breakfast Meals

Rise and Shine32.9
Breakfast on Toast42.9
Mince and Egg on Toast52.9
Cheese Griller Breakfast52.9
French Toast Stack54.9
Scrambled Up Breakfast56.9
Farmhouse Breakfast62.9
Maxi's Breakfast64.9

Maxed Breakfasts

English Breakfast82.9
Halloumi Breakfast82.9
Hashtag Breakfast92.9
Mega Works Breakfast99.9

Healthy Choice Breakfast

Smashed Avo with Egg on Rye54.9
Fruit Salad, Muesli and Yoghurt59.9
Carb Friendly Breakfast79.9


3 Cheese64.9
Maxi's Wors and Fried Onion76.9
Mince and Fried Onion76.9
Cheese Griller and Fried Onion76.9

Toasted Sarmies

Cheese and Tomato44.9
Ham and Cheese46.9
Ham, Cheese and Tomato49.9
Bacon and Egg52.9
Chicken Mayo and Spring Onion52.9
Bacon and Cheese52.9
Bacon, Egg and Cheese 62.9
Mince, Fried Onion and Cheese64.9

Gourmet Toasted Treats

Chicken Mayo, and Spring Onion84.9
Chicken Liver and Fried Onion84.9
Steak and Fried Onion89.9
Chicken Strips, Avo* and Sweet Chilli Mayo89.9
Spinach and Feta89.9
Bacon, Feta and Avo89.9
Mince and Fried Onion94.9

Favorite Wraps

Bacon, Feta and Avo89.9

Hand Crafted Burgers

Maxi's Burger Single64.9
Maxi's Burger Double89.9
Chicken Burger Single64.9
Chicken Burger Double89.9
Cheese Burger Single69.9
Cheese Burger Double94.9
Dagwood Single99.9
Dagwood Double124.9

Classic Colossal Burgers

Tangy Chilli Cheese Burger89.9
Cheesy Hawaiian Burger89.9
Bacon and Cheese Burger99.9

Gourmet Colossal Burgers

Saucy Giant102.9
Maximelt Burger109.9
Hashtag Burger109.9
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Burger109.9
Bacon and Avo Burger109.9
Halloumi and Avo* Burger109.9


Cheesy Garlic Roll36.9
Chicken Livers62.9

Fresh Salads

Crumbed Calamari Strips89.9
Chicken Strips and Crispy Bacon104.9
Grilled Chicken, Feta and Maxi Peppers104.9
Halloumi and Avo*104.9

Mouth Watering Grills

T-Bone 350g139.9
T-Bone 500g189.9
Rump 200g124.9
Rump 400g149.9
Spicy Rump 200g134.9
Spicy Rump 400g159.9
Ribs 400g159.9
Ribs 600g209.9
Lamb Chop Loins 400g219.9

A Little Bit on the Side

Onion Rings14.9

Delicious Grills

1/4 Chicken Leg79.9
Chicken Fillets and Salad79.9
1/4 Chicken Leg and Maxi's Wors99.9
Chicken Wings99.9
Double 1/4 Chicken Leg116.9
Chicken Thigh Curry104.9
Beef Curry104.9


Raspberry Ginger Fizz59.9
Vinalla Cola Fizz59.9
Passion Fruit Fizz59.9


Regular Milkshakes36.9
Large Milkshakes42.9
Regular Double Thick Milkshakes44.9
Large Double Thick Milkshakes54.9
Regular Fruit Smoothies49.9
Regular Fruit Crushers44.9
Large Gourmet Milkshakes54.9

Maxed Grills and Seafood

Mini Mixed Grill109.9
Ribs and Wings199.9
Mixed Grill169.9
Gigantic Grill199.9
Calamari Strips99.9
Single Hake86.9
Double Hake119.9
Hake and Calamari Strips129.9
Rump and Calamari Strips 200g149.9
Rump and Calamari Strips 300g169.9
Ribs and Calamari Strips199.9

About Maxi’s

Maxi’s is a restaurant that offers breakfast meals, juicy and delicious burgers, grills that will give you your fill, and desserts to end your meal. They’ve been serving affordable meals for over 25 years now.

Maxi’s is a South African food franchise and they’re slowly branching out to more locations to ensure that they spread their love and deliciousness everywhere. 

Maxi’s Bestseller Menu

Chicken Wings Maxis Menu
Photo Credit: Maxi’s Mokopane FB Page

Maxi’s bestsellers are some of the best deals out there. You can never go wrong with trying out their Chicken Wings meal deal. This meal features six chicken wings basted with peri-peri or Maxi’s special barbecue basting. 

Maxis Menu Mixed Grill
Maxis Menu Mixed Grill

Mixed Grill – If you want a maxed-out grill meal, then this menu is for you. It offers one piece of Maxi’s beef patty, their wors, and two chicken wings basted with either peri-peri or Maxi’s barbecue basting. 

Cheese Griller Breakfast – This breakfast meal features one egg, one cheese griller, grilled tomato, and toast, served with a small portion of chips.  Start your day with a smile, say cheese!

Halloumi Breakfast – If you’re not familiar, Halloumi is a type of cheese; if you’re a cheese lover then this Maxi’s menu is for you. It offers one egg, two Halloumi fingers, hash browns, grilled mushrooms, grilled tomato, and toast, served along with a small portion of chips.

Scrambled Up Breakfast – Start your day out with protein by choosing this menu. This meal features three scrambled eggs with crispy bacon bits on top, with grated cheese and toast on the side. 

Maxi’s Breakfast Menu

Unlike other food places, Maxi’s offers their breakfast menu 24/7. You don’t have to wait for the morning to order these menus.

Rise & Shine Meal – First off, you can’t go wrong with going for the simplest choice. The Rise & Shine menu features one egg, two bacon rashers, and grilled tomato and toast. If you’re looking for a simple and quick meal, then this one’s for you.

Breakfast on Toast – Moving on to the next, Maxi’s boasts their amazing Breakfast on Toast. This meal consists of one egg, and two bacon rashers on toast with a small portion of chips served with cheese.

Mince and Egg on Toast – In this meal, you get high-quality mince with diced fried onion, served along with one egg on toast and a small portion of chips. 

Maxi’s French Toast Stack – Satisfy your sweet tooth as you eat your breakfast. Experience a new maple goodness with this Maxi’s menu. This meal comes with three bacon rashers, a cheese griller, grilled tomato, and toast, served along with a small portion of chips. 

Farmhouse Breakfast – If you want to get that morning protein dose of protein you need, then the Farmhouse Breakfast is for you. It features two eggs, three bacon rashers, grilled tomato, and toast, served with a small portion of their chips. 

Maxi’s Breakfast – The brand has its own take on what breakfast should be. The Maxi’s Breakfast menu features two eggs, one of their own special patties, grilled tomato, and toast, served along with a small portion of chips. 

Maxed Out Breakfast – If you’re looking for a breakfast that packs a bigger punch, then the Maxed Out Breakfast category is for you. Starting off with the English Breakfast features classic English items. This meal offers two eggs, three bacon rashers, a small portion of chips, and grilled tomato and toast. You can choose between one cheese griller of your choice, their special Wors, or two pork bangers to add to your meal. The choice is up to you!

Hashtag Breakfast – #besthashbrownsaround, this menu is for you if you are a hashbrown lover out there. The menu offers two eggs, two pieces of bacon rashers, one piece of Maxi’s beef patty, and two pieces of their best hash browns sandwiched with a slice of cheese, grilled tomato, and toast. 

Sometimes, we have to take a break from meat and get a healthier option instead. Don’t worry, Maxi’s makes sure that even if they’re healthier, they taste just as good as the rest of the menu. Their Smashed Avocado on Rye, Fruit Salad with Muesli and Yoghurt, and their Carb Friendly Breakfast will healthily leave please your taste buds. 

Grill and Seafood Menu

Maxi’s grills may take longer to serve; they do everything they can to make sure that their dish comes out the best that it can be so please be patient and look forward to a fantastic meal

Maxi’s Promotion

Maxi’s regularly introduces new promotions to make sure they never run out of new experiences to offer. These promotions come at the most affordable prices so customers won’t have to empty their wallets to enjoy them. You can view ongoing promotions at their official website, and you can subscribe to their service to keep updated on the newest deals. 

Maxi’s Menu Delivery

With their numerous branches, they ensure speedy delivery if the chain is available in your area. You can find a list of the contact numbers and location of each branch on their official website so be sure to give that a visit. 

Talk to Maxi’s South Africa Staff

If you need to talk with them for inquiries, you can start messaging them via their social media pages. We also encourage you to like and follow their page so you won’t miss any news, especially if they have a promo. To find their social media profiles, refer to the links below:





If you’re in the mood for a maxed-out meal, then Maxi’s offers a lot of deals. They offer anything from breakfast, and grills, to desserts. You will never get tired of Maxi’s because they keep something new incoming.  Don’t let maxed-out satisfaction wait, try out Maxi’s now!