Milky Lane Menu South Africa

Whether you’re savoring a delicately crafted, in-restaurant Waffle, a tenderly packaged NiceCream Stix, or a freshly swirled Milkshake, you can savor every bite with the knowledge that it was handcrafted just for you from the highest-grade ingredients available on the Milky Lane menu. In the kitchen, they adhere strictly to the finest global and industry standards for health and safety.

Additionally, we routinely examine all of our restaurants and their suppliers to guarantee that the quality of your Milky Lane treat is consistently the same wherever you go. The next time you visit Milky Lane, feel free to savor every mouthwatering mouthful, sip, or scoop of your feel-good delight in our dazzlingly clean, secure, and happy-making restaurant.

Here are Milky Lane menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrices (R)

Decadent Waffles

Bar-One and Peppermint Aero78
Bar-One and Banana71

Favourite Shakes

Strawberry Shake45
Chocolate Shake45
Vanilla Shake45
Bubblegum Shake45
Banana Shake45
Peppermint Shake45
Lime Shake45


Choca Mocha Whizzer51
Crunchie Whizzer51
Choco Cookie Whizzer54
Bar-One & Hazelnut Whizzer58
Bar-One and Peppermint Aero Whizzer58
Smarties Galaxy Whizzer58
Bar-One & Banana Whizzer54


Peppermint Aero11.9
Jelly Tots11.9
Jelly Beans11.9
Chocolate Candy11.9
Ruby Pearls11.9

Favourite Waffles

Oreo Cookies and Cream61
Bar-One Peanut66
Bar-One Bonanza71
Rolo Waffle74
Death by Chocolate Waffle78

Warm & Fuzzy

Milky Lane Coffee31
Cafe Latte33
Hot Chocolate37
Bar One Hot Chocolate39

Oh So Special Shakes

Oreo Shake55
Peppermint Aero Shake55
Bar-One Shake55


Oreo Sunnydae71
Custard Surprise Sunnydae71
Peppermint Aero & Bar-One Sunnydae71
Triple Choc Sunnydae71
Crunchie Sunnydae71

Craft Sodas

Raspberry Craft Soda31
Apple Craft Soda31
Mango Craft Soda31
Mango Coca-Cola Craft Soda31

About Milky Lane

The Feelgood Specialists have been dishing out grins and twirling delicious delicacies in wonder-filled ways since 1958. Everything here is a cause for celebration, from the world-famous waffles to the hilarious inventions and more. Everything starts with our top-secret NiceCream. An even sweeter than a dream soft serve. So go ahead and plaster a huge smile on your face and discover your happy place.

They want to do their part to assist in safeguarding and maintaining our beautiful planet for future generations because they love it and consider it to be their home. For this reason, they have made admirable efforts to minimize plastic waste in the eateries. Instead of plastic straws, your favorite Craft Sodas and Milkshakes are provided with biodegradable ones. Less single-use plastic garbage contaminating our seas and parks is a little shift that has a significant and beneficial influence on the environment.

Milky Lane Menu Best Seller

Choco Mocha – A must-have for mocha fans. Swirls of Ripple, coffee, Ripple, chocolate mousse, and other delicious ingredients.

Banana Split – Delicious classic banana split with cream and oh-so-delicious NiceCream, topped with crispy chopped peanuts. When it comes to ice cream sundaes, nothing compares to a classic Milky Lane menu! Because it generally includes three varieties of ice cream, a banana, maraschino cherries, and three distinct toppings with almonds on top, this childhood classic is also a favorite of many adults.

Tripple Chocolate Mousse Milky Lane Menu
Photo Credit: Milky Lane Botswana FB Page

Tripple Chocolate Mousse – With layers of oh-so-delicious NiceCream, chocolate mousse, and chocolate sauce, topped with a Ripple and cream, this dessert has three times the flavor. One of the most popular chocolate desserts is chocolate mousse. All ages find it to be highly appealing. Its strong chocolate taste, light, airy appearance, and soft, melting texture make it simple to identify by texture. The lighter, fluffier relative of the pudding is mousse. Mousse, like pudding, can be either savory or sweet.

Milky Lane Kids Menu

Mr Waffle Head Milky Lane Menu
Photo Credit: Milky Lane FB Page

Mr. Waffle Head – You’ll adore him so much that he’ll become your new best buddy with two swirls of delicious NiceCream, a bubblegum ball, and three wafer cups packed with fantastic Choc Candies, SMARTIES, and crushed Ripple.

Forest Feast Sunnydae – This Milky Lane menu is a swirl of chocolate ganache placed on top of chewy chocolate biscuits baked with cherry brandy. This delectable dish is layered with chocolate cake and sweet cherries and is utterly indulgent. When attempting to create a romantic dessert for two, sweet cherries, dark chocolate, and cream form the ideal dish. If you prefer chewy, mochi-like snacks with blood, you’ll probably appreciate sundae.  Add flavor to the sausage, which has a modest taste on its own. The taste of the blood is clearly audible.

Chocolate Milkyshake – A good chocolate milkshake has the perfect amount of rich chocolate flavor, but it also has to be creamy enough to be more than simply ice cream in a glass. Fast-food restaurants often provide at least one chocolate milkshake option on their menu in addition to the traditional diner shake.

NiceCream Cakes Menu

Golden Crunchie – Crunchie pieces are deliciously layered with honey and butterscotch NiceCream and then covered with chocolate and crushed crunchies. This Milky Lane menu is a culinary delight. If you enjoy the Crunchie Bar, you won’t be able to resist this dessert since it combines the sweetness of honeycomb with the richness of the chocolate cake. Because the chocolate cake itself isn’t overly decadent, the creamy frosting studded with crumbled Crunchie Bars can really shine. This cake just keeps getting better and better with a pyramid of additional crushed golden Crunchie Bars on top.

Swirly Peppermint – With a base of tennis biscuits, mint chocolate and peppermint crisp-flavored NiceCream, and mint mousse and Peppermint Crisp bits on top. It already tastes a lot like Christmas! This traditional Christmas treat mixes a silky white chocolate layer atop semi-sweet chocolate with the cooling flavor of peppermint. A lovely Christmas treat that is ideal for gift-giving to friends, coworkers, and family.

Let’s Celebrate – A vanilla Nicecream cake with an oreo crust, chocolate NiceCream, and crushed Oreos is topped with whipped cream icing and Oreos. Oreo Birthday Cake Cookies have a tasty flavor that is filled into traditional Oreo cookie wafers and has the flavor of birthday cake. They taste best when paired with milk for the authentic Oreo experience and are produced with true chocolate and creme flavor.

Milky Lane Menu Delivery

If you enjoy sweets, you are aware of how challenging it is to purchase them online. The most probable place for you to sample it is in a restaurant. To keep its flavor, you are compelled to consume it at the restaurant. Fortunately, Milky Lane offers cutting-edge delivery services and even has its own app. Ordering is simple since you can always use the website or the app to place an online order.

You can also send them a message about your orders via their website from here:


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You’ll be grinning ear to ear after just one spoonful of the delectable NiceCream, they guarantee! That is the key to magical treats: NiceCream. The iconic soft serve that makes you happy. They have been utilizing their own special recipe for years. To get a thick and creamy texture, they employ premium buttermilk and natural flavorings, which are healthier for you than artificial ones. They are concerned about your lifestyle, health, and general well-being at Milky Lane menu. Your ability to make educated judgments while selecting your guilt-free delight is aided by their nutritional guidance.