Mykonos Taverna Menu South Africa

If you’re craving something Greek, the Mykonos Taverna Menu features the most superb Greek dishes out there.

Introducing Mykonos Taverna, whose motto is to produce, develop, and serve amazing, flavorful delicacies that would bring Greece to the world. They serve everything from dips to platters. They embrace Greek traditions, and they make sure that each practice is handled with care. Each staff member is taught how to handle the food, treat their customers, and most importantly, how celebrate each tradition properly. 

Here are Mykonos Taverna menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Melitzanes Sto Fourno48
Dolmades Reloaded70
Calamari (125g)90
Pork Skewers79
Lamb Skewers90
Chicken Skewers79
Hummus Reloaded75
Calamari Tentacles90
Lamb and Halloumi Pies65


Kleftiko Lamb279
Vegetarian Moussaka155
Chicken Melintzane175
Greek-style Grilled Chicken Fillets145
Lamb Chops195
Baby Chicken179
Pork Ribs230
Souvlaki in Pita Pork Single110
Souvlaki in Pita Pork Double140
Souvlaki in Pita Chicken Single110
Souvlaki in Pita Chicken Double140
Souvlaki in Pita Lamb Single130
Souvlaki in Pita Lamb Double150
Add Halloumi to Souvlaki in Pita40
Souvlaki Portion Pork175
Souvlaki Portion Chicken175
Souvlaki Portion Lamb198
Add Halloumi to Souvlaki Portion40
Gyro Chicken Single115
Gyro Chicken Double140
Gyro Beef Single120
Gyro Beef Double150
Gyro Lamb Single140
Gyro Lamb Double175
Add Halloumi to Gyro40
Vegetarian Gyro135


The Mykonos Mezze Platter (S)285
The Mykonos Mezze Platter (L)395
The Skiathos Vegetarian Platter240
The Santorini Grill Platter620


Village Greek Salad (S)90
Village Greek Salad (L)135
Grilled Chicken Salad148
Grilled Saganaki Salad148
Grilled Chicken and Saganaki Salad148
Vicky's Supreme Salad159


Calamari (250g)185
Grilled Kingklip189
Kinglip and Grilled Calamari Combo255
Seafood Trio290

Side Orders

Home-baked Pita Bread15
Hot Chips30
Greek Salad30
Home-made Mashed Potato30
Seasonal Vegetables30

About Mykonos Taverna

Mykonos Taverna’s humble beginnings date back to the ’80s. The restaurant then was managed by Peter Peroglou and his household. The business was taken over by Peter’s son Dimitri Peroglou, and his son’s wife, Vicky Peroglou. Together, the couple runs the Greek Taverna, home of authentic Greek dishes. The establishment still celebrates the exact traditions it started with back in the 80s. 

The establishment strives to give exceptional, caring, fabulous, sincere, efficient, and uncompromised service. It is their passion to develop strong bonds with everyone that enters their doors. They build connections with anyone: their suppliers, their beloved customers, and their community. 

Mykonos Taverna Menu Best Seller

The Mykonos Taverna Menu offers platters for you to enjoy great meal combinations with other people. The first platter on their menu is the Mykonos Mezze Platter, which is available in 2-people and 4-people sizes. This platter features Pita Quarters, Chicken Skewers, Keftedes, Dolmades, Fried Saganaki, Melintzanes Sto Fourno, Hummus, and Tzatziki. 

Up next is a side-dish-less meal, the Yuvetsi. The Yuvetsi is a traditional Greek pasta made with rice called orzo. The pasta is served with pulled lamb and a cheese most common in Greece called kefalotin. The orzo compliments the pulled lamb very well, and the kefalotin’s flavour binds everything together. 

The next dish on our list may sound more grand, but it’s actually one of the dishes found at the simpler end of the Greek cuisine spectrum. The Greek-style grilled chicken fillets from Mykonos Taverna menu have a lot to offer. To prepare this meal, filleted chicken tenders are grilled on an open flame, with origanum, garlic, fresh lemon, and olive oil. Each component of this meal contributes to the amazing flavour of the chicken.

Another best-selling item is the lamb skewer. These succulent, Greek-style skewers are prepared by brushing the lamb with origanum, garlic, lemon, and olive oil over a flame grill. The skewer is served with tzatziki on the side. 

Mykonos Taverna Lamb Skewer Menu
Not an actual photo – for reference only

Last but not the least, we have Vicky’s Supreme Salad. For this Salad, you can choose between halloumi or chicken. This salad is made with pine kernels, avo, rocket, sun-dried, marinated tomato, grilled chicken, feta, red onion, olives, cucumbers, and fresh tomatoes.

Mykonos Taverna Main Menu

Let’s start things off with the establishment’s signature dish, the Kleftiko Lamb. This Lamb is slowly cooked to perfection. The lamb’s cooking process involves slowly roasting the lamb shank in a light lemon sauce for six hours. After those 6 hours, the bone falls off the meat, and the taste is just amazing. It’s definitely a must try item.

Up next is the Moussaka. This wonderful meal is baked in layers of ground beef, potatoes, and aubergine. The baked dish is, then, topped, with a house-blend bechamel sauce. If you’re a big fan of beef, then you’ll love this dish. This dish is packed to the brim with protein and flavours that will leave you coming back for more.

For those of you who want to try out the moussaka but worry that it’s too unhealthy, the moussaka also comes in a vegetarian variant. The baked dish uses Mediterranean vegetables and lentils to fill up the pockets of the moussaka. Like its meaty counterpart, the vegetable moussaka is layered with potatoes, aubergine, potatoes, and the given vegetables. The whole dish is topped with their ever-amazing bechamel sauce. 

If you’re not in the mood for something exotic, let me introduce the Chicken Melanzane. This meal is as simple as the Greek Chicken Tenders can get. This meal features filleted chicken tenders, topped with parmesan, Melanzane feta and baked in an oven.


Let’s move on to the Mykonos Taverna Mezze menu. For those of you who are not familiar, mezze is how dips are referred to in the Mediterranean. Mykonos Taverna offers a wide variety of sauces, such as the Tasalamata, and the world-famous hummus. Let’s focus on the latter first.

If you’re not familiar with how Hummus is made, it’s typically made using sesame paste, and chickpeas. Another drip offered by Mykonos Taverna is the Saganaki. This item is available in both grilled and fried options. This item is golden brown haloumi cheese


The next platter on the Mykonos Taverna Menu is the Skiathos Vegetarian Platter. This platter is good for two people, and it features pita, tzatziki, hummus, grilled saganaki, melitzanes sto fourno, four dolmades, two tiropita, and two spanakopita. This is great for those who are looking for healthy meals to enjoy. 

Mykonos Taverna Vegetarian Platter Menu
Not an actual photo – for reference only

The last platter on the menu is the Santorini Grill Platter. This platter is good for four people. The platter consists of four servings of the following, flame-grilled: lamb chops, lamb kebabs, chicken kebabs, and large tiger prawns. This platter also features chips, eight pita quarters, tzatziki, grilled saganaki, and keftedes. 

Mykonos Taverna Menu Delivery

The staff aims to serve any dish from the Mykonos Taverna Menu onto your plate as soon and as great as possible. The menu covers a vast array of dishes to ensure that all of their customer’s preferences are covered. Even so, they still find the time to serve their customers’ orders as soon as possible.

For concerns about their food, or delivery, you can send them a message on their social media and website:




Contact #: +27 21 439 2106


If you’re looking for an amazing Greek selection, then the Mykonos Taverna menu houses dishes that will leave a smile on your face. They offer a wide array of Greek cuisine that is prepared exactly as it should be. The establishment also brings culture and tradition alongside the flavour. There will never be a dull moment when eating in Mykonos Taverna, so make sure to try it out whenever you’re in the area.