Osteria Tarantino Menu South Africa

The Osteria Tarantino Menu opens your palette to Italian cuisine. The establishment uses modern techniques to spice up traditional recipes and bring a whole new taste. 

They offer a wide variety of items; from main dishes like pasta and meatballs, down to desserts like affogato and cannoli, they have them all. 

Here are Osteria Tarantino menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

White Wine

Esona Chardonnay260
Esona Sauvignon Blanc240
Esona Chenin Blanc380
Morgenster Sauvignon Blanc230
Madonna Chardonnay240


Hidden Treasure230
Frankly My Dear Pinot Noir230
Morgenster Caruso240

Red Wine

Morgenster Lourens River Valley350
Morgenster Toca350
Morgenster Merlot230
Madonna Shiraz260
Madonna Pinotage260
Esona Shiraz280
Pinot Noir290


Prosecco Valdo150
Prosecco Estra Dry360
Prosecco Dry380
Prosecco Brut Rose400


Castle Lite35
Striped Horse Lager45
Striped Horse Pilsener45

Main Meals

Veal Meatballs160
Veal and Mushroom200
Veal Gorgonzola200
Gnocchi Gorgonzola140
Bucatini Amatriciana140


Chocolate Truffle60
Chocolate Salame55
Ferrero Rocher Ice Cream35
Artisan Vanilla Ice Cream30

Homemade Pasta

4P's Bianco140
Pappardelle Carbonara140
Ravioli Cream Sauce145
Ravioli Cream of Truffle160


Antipasto Della Casa180
Mozzarella Baffo130
Tuscan Cigars150
Veal Carpaccio150
Burrata Veg150
Salame and Parmegiano140
Vitello Tonnato150
Italian Salad75

About Osteria Tarantino

The Osteria Tarantino is an Italian restaurant that caters to Italian food enthusiasts, food lovers, and just hungry people alike. You can find them at 125A Waterkant Street, Cape Town. They offer to dine-in, outdoor seating, and take-out services. You can reach out to them through Facebook, and you can learn more about them through their TripAdvisor page you can access on Facebook.

Osteria Tarantino Menu Best Seller

Veal Gorgonzola – Gorgonzola, is a very ancient and traditional cheese used throughout Italy. This dish pairs gorgonzola cheese sauce with veal, forming a spectacular flavour that shows a part of Italian culture. The gorgonzola cheese sauce is prepared with cream, gorgonzola, and minced shallots. The sauce goes well with other dishes as well, such as steaks, gnocchi, and more.

Affogato – The affogato is a well-known dessert, especially among coffee lovers, and ice cream or gelato lovers. This Osteria Tarantino menu is made by drowning vanilla gelato or vanilla ice cream with a hot espresso shot.

Tiramisu – Tiramisu is a beloved flavour. We’ve incorporated the dessert into different flavours of other desserts such as ice cream, and more. The tiramisu is made by dipping ladyfingers into coffee and layering it with a mixture of mascarpone cheese, sugar, and eggs. 

Osteria Tarantino Tiramisu Menu

Osteria Tarantino Main Menu

Veal Meatballs – The meatball is a staple Italian dish that we know very well. Made from milk-fed calves, the veal meatballs are packed with protein and flavour that will surely not disappoint. Osteria Tarantino prepares their veal meatballs with ground veal, pepper, garlic salt, parsley, onion, egg, and bread crumbs.

Veal and Mushrooms – One of the best items to pair with veal is mushrooms. The veal and mushroom meal features veal made from milk-fed calves and fresh high-quality mushrooms. The mushrooms accent the flavour of the veal, and the combination of the two main ingredients is both healthy and tasty!

Saltimbocca – The saltimbocca, or saltinbocca, is an Italian classic well-known among Italian food enthusiasts. To prepare this dish, the veal is wrapped with prosciutto and sage, and then the wrapped veal. Osteria Tarantino uses a secret marinade to make their saltimbocca stand out from the rest.

Gnocchi Gorgonzola – This Osteria Tarantino menu is a dish well-known, even outside of Italian cuisine enthusiasts. The gnocchi is a type of Italian fried dumpling, made with the dough which consists of potato, salt, egg, and wheat flour. The gnocchi is served with a gorgonzola sauce, a sauce that pairs well with the gnocchi. The sauce uses minced shallots, gorgonzola, and cream. This dish is perfect for potato lovers.

4RP’s – This pasta uses the same ingredients as the 4P’s, but with a twist. This pasta also includes ravioli, a well-known kind of pasta. The ravioli is a big part of traditional Italian cuisine, and it perfectly pairs with the other ingredients.

Pappardelle Carbonara – Usually carbonara uses spaghetti or rigatoni. Osteria Tarantino uses pappardelle, a pasta well-known and loved by many. They use salt, pepper, olive oil, parmesan, eggs, and pancetta. The carbonara is served in many places, but Osteria Tarantino’s 


Cannoli – The cannoli is a classic Italian dessert that consists of two main parts: the shell and the filling. The shell is usually a fried pastry dough, and the filling is made with ricotta.

Chocolate Truffle – The chocolate truffle is a classic French dessert and a favourite among chocolate lovers. This dessert is chocolate ganache, coated in cocoa powder, chocolate, chopped and toasted nuts, or coconut. 

Osteria Tarantino Chocolate Truffle

Cassata – The cassata is a traditional Neapolitan cake. It’s a round sponge cake that uses liqueurs or fruit juices. The dessert is layered with candied fruit and ricotta cheese.

Chocolate Salame – This traditional Italian dessert is made with eggs, milk, butter, broken biscuits, a hint of alcohol, and chocolate. This dessert resembles salame, which is where it got its name from.


4P’s – 4P’s is a term for pasta that use 4 main ingredients starting with P, and these ingredients are usually of Italian origin. Osteria Tarantino’s 4P’s pasta uses pancetta, parmigiano, porcini mushrooms, and pappardelle pasta. The establishment also uses other ingredients such as mince, either cream or tomato base, and just a touch of chilli for that small kick. This dish is perfect for those pasta lovers out there.

Osteria Tarantino Signature 4ps
Photo Credit: Osteria Tarantino FB Page

4P’s Bianco – This pasta uses the same ingredients as its predecessor, the 4P’s, but uses a special bianco sauce made with cream. The ingredients of this pasta blend well with the added cream sauce. The parmigiano’s flavour accompanies the cream sauce well, and the sauce accents the salty pancetta. Each and every ingredient connects to the pappardelle pasta and the porcini mushrooms.

Tagliatelle – Tagliatelle is a traditional Italian pasta. It’s similar to fettuccine, and traditionally 6mm wide. Osteria Tarantino serves them with either a bolognese sauce or a cream sauce.

Ravioli – The ravioli is an Italian classic, consisting of a filling that is enveloped by pasta. Osteria Tarantino serves their ravioli with cream of truffle.

Osteria Tarantino Menu Delivery

Osteria Tarantino values their customers’ time well, as such, they make sure to keep their preparation time to the minimum. Their items come and go; your order will be delivered to your table as soon as possible. Osteria Tarantino also offers takeout delivery services. You can enjoy amazing Italian dishes in the comfort of your own home.

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The Osteria Tarantino Menu caters to all your Italian cuisine needs. It features a variety of meals, ranging from desserts like cannolis, to main dishes like ravioli, and veal with mushrooms.