Panchos Menu South Africa

Come one, come all! If you’re looking for the best Mexican food around, then you’re looking for Pancho’s! The Pancho’s menu serves a variety of Mexican delicacies.

These includes: dips, nachos, chilli, quesadillas, chicken wings, the best tacos in town, enchiladas, burritos, tortillas, and more! If you’re craving Mexican food, they have it all!

Here are Pancho’s menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Chilli Con Queso70
Frijoles Con Queso / Combo Dip70
Frijoles / Refried Beans58
Salsa Dip55
Mixed Starter70
Eight Layered Dip75
Chilli Con Carne75


Costillas Santa FE100
Chicken Wings78
Chicken Wings and Fries95
Chilli Poppers Full Portion110
Chilli Poppers Mexican Portion70
Cheese Quesadilla95
Chicken Quesadilla110
Three Cheese Quesadilla99
Mushroom Quesadilla99
Beef Quesadilla110
Starter Platter 2 PAX210
Starter Platter 4 PAX375

Main Course

Taco's DIY125
Taco's Mexican Portion105
Tostada Mexican Portion105
Enchilada Mexican Portion105
Flauta Mexican Portion105
Burrito Mexican Portion105
Fajitas Mexican Portion110
Super Burrito140
Chilli Con Carne125
Chilli Con Carne Mexican Portion105


Vegetarian Combo110
Zucchini Mexican Portion85

Postres of the Day

Chocolate Tart60
Chocolate Torro60
Aztec Ice Cream60
Banana Split60

About Pancho’s

Pancho’s is a Mexican-themed restaurant that serves different dishes which bring Mexican culture to South Africa. If you’re looking for a good restaurant then look no further.

Pancho’s Menu Best Seller 

Burrito – When we’re talking about Mexican Food, of course, we can’t forget about the Burrito. Pancho’s Burrito features a tortilla made with high-quality ingredients filled to the brim with salsa, the best cheese, and your choice of filling. The burrito is covered in cheese and enchilada sauce, then baked afterward. The burrito is served with sour cream to accent the meaty goodness.

Panchos Burrito Menu

Super Burrito – If you want to level up your regular burrito, then you should order the Super Burrito from Pancho’s Menu. The super burrito features a tortilla filled with high quality salsa, the best cheese, beans, rice, chicken, and beef. The super burrito is sprinkled with cheese and smothered with their special enchilada sauce. The super burrito is baked and served with their special sour cream.

Chilli Con Carne – Pancho’s also serves their own take on chilli con carne. This meal features spicy, savory ground beef, tomato mixture, and beans, served with a serving of rice, sprinkled with cheese, and served with their special sour cream. 

Churros – If you’re looking for a classic Mexican dessert, then this one’s for you. Up next, we have the all-time favorite Churros. The churro is a fluffy and light stick of Mexico’s own spin on doughnuts. Pancho’s churro is sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and served with Pancho’s own take on the classic churro dip: chili-infused chocolate ganache. 

Enchiladas – If you’re not familiar with what enchiladas are, they are corn tortillas filled with a filling of your choice, along with high quality cheese and salsa. The outside of the enchilada is generously covered in cheese and sauce, and then, finally, baked. The enchilada is served with sour cream, perfectly complimenting the cheesy-saucy goodness of the enchilada with a tang.

Chili con Queso – Pancho’s also offers a dips menu by themselves. First off is their chili con queso, which features a blend of their own pick of cheeses, and sweet, spicy chili which are combined to make this tasty dip. They also offer the world-famous guacamole. You can’t leave out guacamole when talking about Mexican dips. Aside from these dips, they serve a whole lot more. 

Pancho’s Main Course Menu

Tacos – Pancho’s offers different main course items, giving their customers a wide array of choices. First up, they offer Tacos, with a twist! These tacos feature optional vegan cheese if you’re vegan. The tacos come with salad, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, and grated cheese. If you’re looking for a mainstream meal prepared in a unique way, then look no further than Poncho’s

Panchos Tacos Menu

Tostadas – If you’re not familiar with what a Tostada is, it’s a label given to different Mexican dishes which uses a toasted tortilla as the base for the meal. The tostada is typically in the shape of a bowl, or flat. The tortilla is either deep fried or toasted. To create Pancho’s Tostadas, the establishment prepares its tostadas with crispy tortillas. The tortillas are featured with a filling of your choice. 

Flauta – This Pancho’s menu is packed with savory salsa, high-quality cheese, and a filling of your choice. The flauta is deep fried to give you that crisp crunch when you bite into it. The whole serving is topped with cheese, and it’s served with some guacamole, even more salsa, lettuce, and sour cream.

Pancho’s Starter Menu

Costillas Santa Fe – Let’s start off with Pancho’s Costillas Santa Fe. These are spare limbs from a lamb, served in a special spicy sauce, and served along with crispy potato chips. If you’re looking for a savory crunch, then this Pancho’s menu is for you. They also offer spicy chicken wings served Mexican-style. You can also order your chicken wings with some fries. 

Chilli Poppers – Craving for something spicy? Poncho’s also offers Chilli Poppers to meet all your spicy needs. You can get them with cheese or with refried beans. You can ask for your cheese to be vegan depending on the diet you’re practicing. 

Starter Platter – If you’re looking for a mega starter, then you’re looking for the starter platter. The platter includes a serving of cheese quesadilla, a serving of chicken wings, a serving of beef and chicken poppers, a serving of chips, fresh and original salsa, their original sour cream sauce, feta wraps, and their own take on chili con carne wraps. 

Postres of the Day

Chocolate Tart – It’s time to mention the desserts, which Pancho’s has cleverly named “postres of the day.” The first one on our list is their chocolate tart. Their chocolate tart features decadent chocolate ganache. The chocolate ganache is encrusted with oreos, and finally served with their amazing chili cream.

Aztec Ice Cream – If you want a simple ice cream dessert, then you’re looking for this one. The next postres of the day is Pancho’s Aztec Ice Cream. Their amazing vanilla ice cream is drizzled with chocolate sauce of their own blend and topped with their amazing chopped nuts and cream.

Banana Split – Up next is a familiar name, the Banana Split. Pancho’s takes this dessert and puts their own spin on it. The Banana Split features bananas and ice cream topped with their house-blend chocolate fudge. The postre is served with a sprinkling of chopped nuts and cream.

Banana Split Menu

Pancho’s Menu Delivery

Pancho’s does its best to serve your meal to your table as soon as possible. Their high-quality staff members make sure that your meal is prepared fast, and delicious. 

Social Media Pages

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If you’re looking for an amazing Mexican-themed restaurant, then you’re looking at one of them. Pancho’s offers a wide variety of Mexican menu that will surely keep you coming for more. From their burritos, to their vegan dishes, everybody has a place in their establishment. Pancho’s, where the Mexican experience doesn’t end with the dishes.