Pedros Chicken Menu South Africa

They are not simply another brand of flame-grilled chicken; talk is cheap. The Pedros Chicken menu is meant to be noticed. It offers all of the conventional, well-liked flame-grilled chicken options. Actually, their birds serve as the platform for the unique taste to take flight.

Customers may add a variety of flavors to their chicken dishes, starting with the decision between the basting and the sprinkle spice. Customers may get the best of both worlds from them.

Here are Pedros Chicken menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

Chicken Only

1/4 Chicken29.9
1/2 Chicken 54.9
Full Chicken109.9
5 Wings34.9
2 Chicken Fillets39.9

Chicken Meals

1/2 Chicken & Chips69.9
1/4 Chicken Meal49.9
1/4 Chicken, Chips & Garlic Roll 44.9
1/4 Chicken, Chips & Roll 39.9
5 Wings & Chips44.9
1/4 Chicken & Side37.9
1/4 Chicken, Pap & Chakalaka37.9
1/4 Chicken & Roll34.9

Burger Meals

Veg Burger 29.9
Burger & Chips 39.9
Don Pedro Burger32.9
2 Grilled Chicken Burgers 49.9
Double Cheese Burger49.9
Burger Meal49.9
Chilli Cheese Bomb39.9
Kids Burger, Chips & Juice 39.9

Family Meals

Full Chicken & 4 Rolls114.9
Full Chicken & Large Chips119.9
Viva Meal129.9
Half & Half Viva Meal129.9
Pedros Full Meal169.9
Ola Meal139.9
Mega Meal279.9
Mini Combo 184.9
Maxi Combo219.9


Slaw Wrap29.9
Chicken Wrap34.9
Cheesy Jalapeño39.9
Fully Loaded44.9


Garlic Roll8.9
Cheesy Garlic Roll12.9
Portuguese Roll5.9
Regular Chips/Rice15.9
Large Chips/Rice25.9
Regular Wedges15.9
Large Wedges25.9
Pap & Chakalaka15.9
Coleslaw Salad15.9
Garden Salad25.9
Greek Salad 29.9
4 Jalapeno Rissoles39.9

Single Meals

Livers & Roll29.9
Giblets & Roll29.9
Strips & Spicy Rice29.9
Jalapeno Fries39.9
Chicken Salad39.9
Strips and Chips29.9

About Pedros Chicken

The rooster is a representation of luck, justice, and trust in Portugal. They can vouch for the fact that birds do exactly that—inspire trust in the flavor, honor the grill, and sprinkle on a little good fortune—because you’ll be going back for more! They are here to mix the art of food and retail into a culturally diverse brand of flamed grilled masters, bringing a distinctive flavor to the market. They understand that by combining our solid, reliable product with the hippest clucking chicken brand available, we will upend the QSR industry.

While they are strong and outspoken and are not afraid to defy QSR industry norms, they keep their ethics and values at the center of our company philosophy. They intend to undermine the fast food industry, and we are attracting the appropriate flock to expand our brand. You’ll undoubtedly taste the difference when you can get more tasto for less money.

Pedros Chicken Menu Best Seller

Simply those menu items that aren’t covered in the other areas of this article are listed in this greatest sellers section. The remaining menu items may all be categorized as top sellers.

Viva Meal Pedros Chicken Menu
Photo Credit: Pedros Chicken Fb Page

Viva Meal – This includes four buns, a whole chicken, and big fries. This is typically the order made by group customers as it makes choosing what to eat easier. This is practical since you can never go wrong with this order if you’re starving and can’t wait.

Coleslaw Salad – Cold salad known as cole slaw is usually made with sliced or diced raw cabbage combined with a mayonnaise or vinegar dressing. It frequently contains additional ingredients and flavors. The same idea is conveyed by the term “slaw.” Due to the presence of cabbage and carrots, as well as the complete recommended daily allowance of vitamin E from the plant oils in mayonnaise, a 100g serving of coleslaw offers roughly 25% of the required daily intake of vitamin A. Check the coleslaw’s ingredients before purchasing to be sure it doesn’t include too much salt.

Cheesy Jalapeno Pedros Chicken Menu
Photo Credit: Pedros Chicken Fb Page

Cheesy Jalapeno – This Pedros Chicken menu gives out the flavor of strong cheddar cheese and then has a jalapeno kick. This may be the closest thing we’ll ever find in a chip to a jalapeno popper. if you genuinely enjoy spicy foods.

Chicken Meals Menu

5 Wings and Chips – Buffalo wings, also known as hot wings, chicken wings, or wing, are drumsticks or chicken wings that haven’t been breaded and are deep-fried before being dipped in a spicy sauce made of vinegar, cayenne pepper, and butter. Common accompaniments include celery and a blue cheese dipping sauce, which cools the palate. Even though they are juicier and have a concentrated flavor of poultry, like black meat, chicken wings are made of white flesh. When people consider this portion of the bird, they frequently conjure up images of Buffalo wings, and for good reason.

Chicken and Side – This Pedros Chicken menu has a delicate, stringy, and sporadically somewhat gritty consistency. It has a gentle, mildly salty taste with a hint of yeastiness. Similar to mild sourdough bread in flavor, chicken is thick, more moist, fine-grained, protein-rich, and stringy. mostly as a result of the fat. The flavor is carried by fat in a variety of ways. It first enables food to cook without the taste being diluted by evaporation. Second, it imparts that flavor to every component of the dish that it is preparing.

Chicken and Roll – The chicken that is described here and above is the same chicken. In actuality, their chicken dishes are quite similar. They only differ in what arrives in place of the chicken. This one includes a garlic roll as well. a sort of bread with butter and garlic taste. Instead of being mixed into the bread dough, the garlic and butter are often placed on top of baked bread.

Burger Meals Menu

Double Cheeseburger – When we cook a piece of meat, the Maillard reaction, a process that increases the umami and fat content of the flesh, causes it to brown. Not only are hamburgers inexpensive, but they are also simple to consume. It is simple to eat because it is placed on a bun. There is simply lifting and no cutting.

Burger – The salt dissolves the meat’s cellular structure, and if you mix it too much, you activate too much myosin, which results in an extremely thick and chewy burger. The moment the flesh starts to appear a little whiter, you know you’ve gone too far.

2 Grilled Chicken Burgers – These delicious grilled chicken burgers will win you over. With lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and hot mayo on top, they make the tastiest, simplest meal and are sure to delight everyone. Chicken burgers go nicely with any of your preferred burger sides. Potato salad, potato wedges, and fries are all tasty alternatives. Also wonderful are grilled corn, potato chips, and macaroni salad. Chicken burgers are not well-known. Although they can probably be a little bit lean, a lean burger does not necessarily equal a boring burger.

Pedros Chicken Family Meals Menu

Chicken dishes have long been this store’s area of expertise. It delivers a distinctive and mouthwatering flavor of chicken that you will always want to return for, especially during difficult times. All of the mouthwatering Pedros Chicken menu items mentioned are served at the same time as family dinners.

The size of the dish is the sole distinction. In contrast to the meals stated, which can only be enjoyed by one person, the family size may satisfy at least three people.

Pedros Chicken Menu Delivery

Pedros is going digital to give its customers additional convenience with their orders. It has acknowledged that successful brand recognition and sales strategy depend on digital. Their digital is set up to convert likes into purchases at their stores. They have included Pedro’s app in their digital roadmap, and it will integrate with reward programs and trendy delivery services. Customers should be certain that their purchases and deliveries will be completed effectively as a result of this.

Talk to Pedros Chicken South Africa Staff

If you have a question in mind and you want to ask the staff about it, you can then send them a message on their social media accounts. Moreover, you can send them a message on their website using the contact form. We also encourage you to start following their page so you can get the latest updates whenever they started to post something on their timeline.






Through their brand promise, people, and product, Pedros Chicken’s menu is here to make a genuine difference and deliver on that promise. They want the consumer’s sight, heart, and brand loyalty in addition to their appetite. The company has been on a quest to bring together the illustrious past with the color contrast design and Pantone of the twenty-first century. They aspire to provide a distinctive flame-grilled product to the market with a brand and design that are as hot as their chicken. Designing for the different means standing out with its vibrant, local, and international history while offering a new and fashionable approach to a flame-grilled chicken company.