Pie City Menu South Africa

Imagine finding a restaurant that is affordable and has almost all of your favorite finger foods and cravings. That’s what I found! Imagine no more since those are what you can get if you go to Pie City. Pie City Menu food items are so interesting, to be honest, but overall great taste and are a good deal, not only that because they have fruit juices varieties that you can choose from to quench your thirst and cool you down a little bit.

You can guarantee that the pies that they serve are always fresh and baked on the same day. Already intrigued? Then make time to read this article, let’s get to know their restaurant a little bit better, their price, and the best items that we can get, let’s see if after this article you’ll be interested enough to go get and try their products. This is too much for an introduction already so Without further ado let’s start. 

Here are Pie City menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Classic pies27.5
Mega pies37
Burger pies34

Citizens Value Votes

Classic pie and 350ml juice38.5
Mega pie and 500ml juice50
100% fruit juice blends (orange, tropical, guava, apple,mango)17.5

About Pie City

In South Africa Pie City starter established way back in November of 1994, Marc van Holst is the CEO of Pie City Holdings in South Africa. Their first few stores became successful, people started to eat in their place because of the quality of the food that they offer which is so delicious and the price very affordable. This store specialized in baking (onsite) and awesome fruit juices. They use only 100% real ingredients so you won’t find any substitute for the food and drinks that Pie City Menu will serve. Their mission is very simple, and it is to provide their customers with fresh, fast, friendly, and filling meals.

Within a year they started to open for franchises and they already have a strong store located in South Africa, Botswana, and Zambia. In recent years they have expanded their operations in the store and hired more crews like belly bag operators some bikes for deliveries and push carts considering their customer’s convenience every time because for them customers are their VIPs. Their headquarters is in Johannesburg South Africa. For Franchise and Marketing concerns you can contact Ben Posthumus at ben@piecity.co.za To know more about their company. Their website is https://piecity.co.za/

Pie City Menu Specials

Here are some of Pie City’s menu specials that they recommend to their customers. These items are really good especially when it comes to quality and serving portions that will surely fill your hunger and cravings. 

Pie City Classic Pie Menu
Photo Credit: piecity.co.za

Classic Pies – Always serve fresh as they made their classic pie at the same time and day that you order them. They serve quickly without compromising the quality of the product that they offer. They have a wide selection of their famous 220g pies. They are made with a soft but crunchy dough filled with meat, some vegetables, and other spices for a more flavorful experience. If you are not a heavy eater this is what I could recommend for you, though it’s just 220g it is already good enough to make you full already. 

Mega Pies – A heavier choice for you. Their mega pie is 350g of goodness that will surely satisfy your cravings. They also offer different varieties to choose from like pepper steak, chicken and mushrooms, and steak and kidney. In my personal opinion I would recommend steak and kidney because it is so good I really can’t get enough and used to order one for takeaways though the pepper steak is also delicious. The soft and crunchy dough is really their game-changer here. 

Pie City Burger Pie Menu
Photo Credit: piecity.co.za

Burger Pies – their burger pie is a great and smart choice if you really can’t decide whether you like burger or pie so pie city got your back and offer both at the same time. Their burger pie is also loaded with a generous amount of cheese or mutton curry so for those who love cheese, this is the best item that you order. Their burger pie is also available for moola saving combo with some drink options to match their burger pies. When it comes to tasting better, believe me, it is delicious and fulfilling. 

Pie City South Africa Location

Pie city stores are known for on-site baking and creating different varieties of pies and fruit juices. Here are their store locations that you can check if ever you wanted to try their food products. 

  • 17 Kings Road, Pinetown, Durban (031) 709 2461
  • 244 Pretoria Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg
  • N2 Freeway & Western Avenue, East London (043) 721 3034
  • 15 Tokai Road, Tokai, Cape Town (021) 713 2177
  • Doncaster Road, Claremont, Cape Town 
  • 141 Victoria Street, Germiston
  • Andrew Mapheto Drive, Phomolong, Tembisa 
  • Cnr De La Rey & Voortrekker Roads, Parow, Parow
  • Louwtjie Rothman Street, Goodwood, Cape Town (021 595 0221)
  • Cnr Kelvin Street & CR Swart Drive, Kempton Park (011 394 9196)
  • Louwtjie Rothman Street, Goodwood, Cape Town  (021 595 0221)
  • Cnr Kelvin Street & CR Swart Drive, Kempton Park (011 394 9196)
  • Cnr Columbine Avenue & Rifle Range Road, Mondeor Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2000 (011 869 0038)
  • M25 Kwamashu Highway, Durban 
  • Cnr Wale st & Bree St, Cape Town
  • Cnr De La Rey & Voortrekker Roads, Parow, Parow (035) 7725979

Social Media Pages

To follow and subscribe their social media pages, you can simply subscribe on their account.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/piecityzambia

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/piecitysa/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/purepiecity/

Pie City Menu Delivery

Upon checking on most of their store locations pie City doesn’t do deliveries but some offers in-store pick up however no worries since you can use those third-party companies that offer delivery services like Grab food, Pickaroo, and other third-party delivery services available in your area. Please take note that delivery service availability may vary depending on your location and product stocks.


A nice place to go especially if you don’t have time to cook, this restaurant is highly recommended for those people who are always on the go. Delicious food items as well as great quality, Baked fresh every day and that makes them a great restaurant. Also, their prices are very affordable so everyone can afford their products. What I like about this restaurant is that they don’t use extenders on their meat, also their fresh juices are real fruit juice. The place is well-maintained and the crews are helpful and nice. A great place to go with family and friends. Highly recommend it to everyone.