Pigalle Menu South Africa

Food has been a big part of our life of people. It is a need that we surely can’t get rid of. People nowadays are smart in spending their hard-earned money. They make sure that the money they work hard for will be spent accordingly and wisely.

They say that it is better to spend on food than on the things that we don’t need. The Pigalle menu offers us not just the best food but also the best dine-in experience.

Here are Pigalle menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Prawn Cocktail120
Black Mussels95
Portugese Chicken Liver95
Pan Seared Scallops250
Beef Carpaccio120
Wild Mushroom Ravioli95


Caramelised Pear & Almond Salad95
Caprese Salad120


Prawn Soup95
Roast Butternut & Cumin Soup80


Mozambican Prawn Curry270


Seafood Platter For 2990

Line Fish

Linefish W/ Creamyy Prawn Sauce270
Baby Kingklip Lemon Beurre Blanc270
Line Fish W/ Lemmon Butter240
Line Fish Nacionale290


Beef Fillet260
Whole Baby Chicken 250
Rib Eye270


Hot Malva Puding85
Baked Cheese Cake85
Crème Brulee85
Chocolate Fondant 85

About Pigalle

Pigalle is a restaurant that offers mostly the freshest sea foods and different varieties of foods in some places of South Africa. The good thing about this restaurant is that aside from their delicious food, the ambiance or the place itself is as equally classy and elegant as the food.

I myself truly enjoyed such a place like this. It has a vintage and traditional vibe considering that we live in a modern world. Incorporating the traditional vibe of the place plus their all modern and amazingly prepared foods really matches. People and customers; like me will love such a place like this.

Pigalle Menu Best Seller

Pigalle is famous for its seafood platter for two. It comes with two lobsters, prawns, line fish, calamari, and mussels prepared in their own unique recipe. For that affordable price, you can already have that platter of seafood that you surely will not regret having.

Pigalle Seafood Platter Menu
Photo Credit: Pigalle FB Page

They also have oysters which are freshly served and then I super loved it. The price is also right and you will surely like it that much!

Aside from those mentioned above, the Pigalle menu has also very famous black mussels dishes that are prepared in white wine and paprika I totally got crazy, because of its’ addictive taste. I hundred percent would recommend this one. I super like it because it is not too heavy and it is not the everyday common foods that we get to taste and have.

Pigalle Black Mussels Menu
Photo Credit: Pigalle FB Page

Pigalle Main Menu

And for their main dish, they have the famous Queen Prawns that are grilled in lemon butter and lightly brushed with garlic. For a seafood lover like me, I can definitely say that this one is beyond my expectation. The prawn is so chewy and the lemon and garlic zest is so strong and aromatic that I cannot stop smelling it. It creates a good combination that most people love.

Line fish teriyaki is also one of the famous Pigalle menu that is marinated in teriyaki, pan seared served with mash, and drizzled with a sweet soya and sesame dressing. This one is famous for its sweet and chewy fish with a thick sweet and sour combination of its sauce.

Aside from their famous sea foods, they also have lamb shank. A slowly pot-roasted lamb sauce served with mashed potato and vegetables. A heavy meal that everyone needs before starting their day. This is all at a very affordable price.

Pigalle Lamb Shank Menu
Photo Credit: Pigalle FB Page

Special Menu

Calamari, Oysters, Chicken Liver and Roast Butternut with Cumin Soup are their top-tier specials that customer keeps on requesting.

Their calamari is made special from their own unique recipe that people surely love. This is not made from an ordinary ingredient like any other calamari. Instead, it is made with succulent baby tubes, grilled in light garlic and lemon butter.

The all-time favorite oyster and chicken liver really get the attention of the customer. A one-of-a-kind taste that makes people love seafood. For all those seafood lovers, you can never go wrong in Pigalle. The freshest of all sea foods are being served here.

Grills Menu

Pigalle offers two sets of grilled dishes. They have the Grilled beef fillet and they have also the grilled chicken breast. The grilled beef fillet is a primed cut meat, grilled in their famous basting sauce, it comes with chips and grilled vegetables while their grilled chicken breast is served with a mushroom pepper sauce and also comes with mashed potato and vegetables. These dishes are made with homemade sauces that enhance the juicy flavor of the beef and the chicken.

The grilled dishes menu in Pigalle is amazing and wonderfully prepared to match the elegance and the traditional style of the restaurant. If their sea foods are considered the best sellers then their grilled dishes will equally top that. They served it nicely and their homemade sauce totally matches their grilled dishes which customers liked and are to die for. This will surely leave a mark on each of your palates. I surely and hundred percent recommend you to try this. It is really one of the most amazing places I have visited and dined in.

Pigalle Menu Delivery

Customers want something that they can bring to the comforts of their homes. Therefore, Pigalle is trying its best to work on its delivery options. But as of the moment, customers can only dine in at all the given locations wherein Pigalle is located. For dine-in reservations, you can contact their telephone number 021 421 4848 and you can dine in for dinner Monday to Friday for dinner from 5 pm to 11 pm and Saturdays for lunch from 12 pm to 3 pm and dinner from 5 pm to 11 pm.

Pigalle is also open for reservations of events, functions, and any related inquiry. Just contact or message their website. Their place can cater to as many customers as they can and they offer the best of the best service.

Social Media Pages

If you love the Pigalle, show some support by following them on their social media pages. In this way, you can also benefit from getting the news about the latest Pigalle menu, promo, and prices. Another option is to check their website from time to time from this link. Now, to get on their social media pages, click the following links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PigalleCapeTown/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pigallect/


Pigalle in general is not just all sea foods. If you look closely at their website. The first thing that will get your attention is their elegant and wide space good for catering and occasions that can accommodate a lot of customers. Of course, their menus are all to die for. Their best-selling sea foods are what the customers want and they keep coming back for them. Pigalle is making sure that what they serve will be loved by their customers. As a customer myself, I can truly attest that this place offers the best of the best service. Plus, their sets of menus never disappoint. I really like Pigalle because they know how to satisfy their customers.