Pizza Hut In South Africa

Thousands of people prefer eating at home for one or two reasons. But the routine can be boring and even invite mental problems among some people. Visiting a local restaurant for a meal would be the best way to enhance bonding and happiness. Pizza Hut Restaurant offers the best hangout spot for having a delicious pizza slice and other varieties of dishes.

Here are the Pizza Hut menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemPrice ( R )


The Big Boss209.90
The Boss39.90
Super Boss Box199.90
Hut 2 Doubles Large350.00
Hut 3 Doubles Large520.00
Hut 5 Double Large870.00
My Box39.90
4 Coke Deal79.90
Kids Meal39.90


Bbq Meat Lovers119.90
Spicy Meat Lovers119.90
Tropical Meat Lovers119.90
Bbq Chicken Lovers119.90
Spicy Chicken Lovers119.90
Tropical Chicken Lovers119.90
Super Supreme119.90
Smoky Beef Sausage119.90
Meat Lovers119.90
Macon, Avo, And Feta119.90
Creamy Chicken119.90
Chicken Fierynaise119.90
Chicken Mushroom119.90
Tikka Chicken119.90
Chicken Supreme119.90
Sweet Chili Chicken And Feta119.90
Sweet Chili Tropical Chicken119.90
Mexican Chicken119.90
Fiery Chicken119.90
bbq Chicken And Macon119.90
Sweet Chili Tropical Veg99.90
Tikka Veg124.90
Feta & Roasted Veg99.90
Fiery Veg99.90
Double Cheese99.90


Potato Tots Regular16.90
Potato Tots Large29.90
Chips Large34.90
Loaded Cheesy Chips36.90
Garlic Bread19.90


Red Bull19.90
Monster Energy Drink30.00
Coke No Sugar19.90
Fanta Orange19.90
Fanta Orange Zero18.90
Sprite Zero18.90
Stony Zero18.90
Creme Soda19.90
Cappy Still Orange Mango19.90

Sweet Ones

Giant Choc Chip Cokkie42.90
Chocolate Pizza62.90

Pizza Folds

Pizza Folds44.90

About Pizza Hut

Frank and Dan Carney are the co-founders of Pizza Hut Restaurant in May 1958. This 550-square-foot pizza restaurant first started in Wichita, Kansa. Frank and Dan made their pizza for sale with assistance from John Bender and Richard Beemer.

Dan and Frank Carney shared the responsibility for preparing their pizza in the restaurant. Dan was responsible for rolling the dough and Frank for tossing the dough in the air from the pie tin. The baking process among these two individuals made customers get enchanted with the pizza.

The friendly neighborhood, informal eating experience, and high-quality meals are the reasons for the popularity of Pizza Hut Restaurant among teenagers and college students. The ambient atmosphere also attracts families looking to have a night-out meal away from home.

Pizza Hut’s initial aim was to provide a good time for people during lunch or dinner. But the demand surpasses the owners’ expectations resulting in the opening of the second Pizza Hut downtown Wichita in December 1958.

The trend resulted in the establishment of over 42 Pizza Hut Restaurants by 1963. The brand reputation has triggered the development of franchises around the world. South Africa is among a few African countries with Pizza Hut restaurants.

Thanks to the entrepreneurial, innovation, and fast-thinking individuals at Pizza Hut. Its popularity has not interfered with the standards and quality of the pizza. The local ingredients in South Africa tend to resonate with the brand experiences.

South Africa Pizza Hut restaurant has several outlets in the major cities to meet the high demand from the locals. The toppings and offers have also been behind the rapid growth of Pizza Hut in Africa.

Pizza Hut South Africa Menu Specials

Double Date Special

Double Date Menu Special
Pizza Hut Double Date Menu Special

It is a pizza special for best mates planning for a date. It goes at R129.90 only with some delicious toppings worth the value of your money. You can order online via Uber Eats or Pizza Hut app. A double date special is also available on Valentine’s Day.

Happy Birthday Special

Enjoy a big boss pizza and get a free medium chicken or veg pizza for R199.90 only at Pizza Hut restaurant during your birthday. You can order online or call any store outlet within your vicinity.

Easter Weekend Special

Easter is the period when Christian families come together to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Having two large super boss pizzas from Pizza Hut will be a great deal since it will cost R129.00 with 1.5 liters of a drink.

Good News Friday Special

The special marks the beginning of a long weekend among Christian families. It creates an opportunity to enjoy two large super boss pizzas with a free drink at R129.00.

All-in Bozza Bundle Special

All-in Bozza bundle special is ideal for those having a date home. The bundle comes with two large super boss pizzas. Large fries and a free 1.5L coke drink at R179.00. You can place an order online via the app or Uber Eats.

What’s the Best Pizza Hut Deal?

The Boss

The pizza comes with different toppings to allow customers to pick the one that suits their tastes and preferences. It goes for R39.90 only.

The Big Boss

Pizza Hut Big Boss Meat Lover Pizza
Pizza Hut Big Boss Meat Lover Pizza

It is Africa’s longest pizza with three different meat lover flavors. BBQ, spicy, tropical, and other flavors are readily available at R209.00

Super Boss Box

Super Boss Box Pizza Hut In South Africa
Super Boss Box Pizza Hut In South Africa

It comprises two large super boss pizzas with one boss dessert pizza, large fries, and regular potato tots at R199.90.

Woza Lunch

Woza lunch deal comprises any medium-size pizza with a 440ml drink at R49.90. It is the best option for those people looking for a quick bite at lunchtime.

Dinnertime Fix

It consists of any two larger super boss pizzas at R99.90 only until the stock last. The pizza deal is ideal for having a simple dinner at home.

Hut Doubles Large

Customers can order any two large pizzas at R199.00 only. The deal is only available on certain occasions.

Hut Doubles Medium

The deal comprises any two medium pizzas at R139.00 only. These pizzas have different toppings to bring out Pizza Hut Restaurant’s creativity.

Hut Two Doubles Large

The two doubles large deal consists of four large pizzas at R350.00. It is the best option for a large family night eat-out.

Hut Three Doubles Large

It is another crazy offer of six large pizzas with authentic Pizza Hut restaurant ingredients. The three doubles large will cost you R520 only.

Hut Five Doubles Large

It is the craziest deal at Pizza Hut restaurant since it comprises 10 large pizzas. These five doubles large will cost R820.00 only.

My Box

The most popular deal at Pizza Hut since it consists of small pan pizza with a portion of regular fries. The discount is applicable after adding 440ml of any drink at a cost of R39.90 only.

Four Coke Deal

The deal entails four 1.5L cokes or coke without sugar. We recommend sugar-free coke for those individuals pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Kids Meal

It comes with a small pan pizza and a bottle of water at R39.90 only. The kids’ meal deal makes eating at Pizza Hut enjoyable.

The Untoppable Deal

The deal comes with two large pizzas at R149.90 only. The numerous toppings allow the client to pick a pizza that suits their tastes and preferences.

What Is the Big Dinner Box At Pizza Hut?

Big Dinner Box Pizza Hut Menu
Big Dinner Box Pizza Hut Menu

Family size meal pack is the big dinner box at Pizza Hut. The pack comes with two medium pizzas, one-topping pizza, five breadsticks, and a choice of pasta or wings. It can feed up to four people.

Does Pizza Hut Offer Senior Discount?

Pizza Hut restaurant offers senior discounts to their customers. Besides that, they have several coupons to help customers enjoy their pizzas.

Pizza Hut South Africa Locations

Pizza Hut Rivonia Mews

Address: 333 Rivonia Blvd, Rivonia


Phone: 0870550689

Pizza Hut Eden Meadows

Address: Shop 5 Eden Meadows Shopping Centre, Modderfontein Road

Phone: 100051511

Pizza Hut Jean Ave

Address: Shop 9 Jean Village Shopping Centre, Cnr Jean Avenue, Gerhard Street

Phone: 126641320

Pizza Hut Access Park

Address: 0A Doncaster Road

Phone: 870550662

Pizza Hut Mall of Africa

Address: Magwa Crescent

Phone: 115172453


If you have read up to this point, it is clear you’re looking for the best pizza. We recommend placing an order online via Pizza Hut App or Uber Eats to have mouth-watering pizza slices. You can also visit the Pizza Hut restaurant nearby to enjoy your lunch or dinner in the friendly neighborhoods.