Poorboys Menu South Africa

I’m in a relationship with food. Yes! you read it right! Food gave meaning to my life along with its unique constituents in this world that have endless variety. Every smell, taste, and colour of it gives us countless whys and wherefores why we should love it.

For the past years, food travel has grown swiftly in popularity. And to due the massive need for people in eating easy and readymade homie food, Poorboys Menu came into existence.

Here are Poorboys menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Footlong Hotdog (Thick Vienna)46.9
Russian Dog (165g)47.9
Cheese Griller Dog (165g)54.9
Frankfurter Dog54.9


Chips small23.5
Chips medium35
Chips large48
Chips Jumbo 1.2kg chips73
Thick Vienna (Long)large29
Thick Vienna (Long)Jumbo 1.2kg chips52.5
Russians (165g)large30
Russians (165g) Jumbo 1.2kg chips53.5
Frankfurter (200g)large37
Frankfurter (200g)Jumbo 1.2kg chips60.5
Cheese Griller (165g)large37
Cheese Griller (165g)Jumbo 1.2kg chips60.5


Greek/Coleslaw Potato/French 250ml22
Greek/Coleslaw Potato/French 350m28
Greek/Coleslaw Potato/French 500ml35
Greek/Coleslaw Potato/French Jumbo54
Chicken 500ml57.9
Chicken Jumbo77.9
Calamari 500ml59.9
Calamari Jumbo83.9
Poorboys Chef Salad (Chicken, Ham, Croutons, Mozzarella cheese)500ml
Poorboys Chef Salad (Chicken, Ham, Croutons, Mozzarella cheese) Jumbo75.9




Start Up Breakfast 2 Eggs, 2 Rashers Bacon, Fried Tomato, Toast & Chips46.9
Farmhouse Breakfast 1 Cheese Griller, 2 Eggs, 2 Rashers Bacon, Fried Tomato, Toast & Chips82.9


Ribs (served with chips) 400g Long Rib Belly145.9
Ribs (served with chips) 800g Long Rib Belly229.9
Rib combos (served with chips)400g Long Ribs, ¼ Chicken & Chips169.9
Rib combos (served with chips)400g Long Ribs, ½ Chicken & Chips189.9
Rib combos (served with chips)400g Long Ribs, ½ Buffalo Wings & Chips169.9
Rib combos (served with chips)800g Long Ribs, Full Buffalo Wings &Medium Chips309.9
Family Rib Combo: 800g Ribs,½ Chicken, Large Chips & 4 Bread Rolls369.9


Chicken Only (flame-grilled)¼ Chicken39.9
Chicken Only (flame-grilled) ½ Chicken75.9
Chicken Only (flame-grilled) Full Chicken129.9
Chicken Only (flame-grilled) (12) Full Buffalo Wings (spicy or BBQ)79.9
Chicken Only (flame-grilled) (6) ½ Buffalo Wings (spicy or BBQ)45.9
Chicken Meal Packs 6 Buffalo Wings & Chips59.9
Chicken Meal Packs 12 Buffalo Wings & Medium Chips99.9
Chicken Meal Packs ¼ Chicken, Chips & 1 Bread Roll59.9
Chicken Meal Packs ½ Chicken, Chips, Salad & 2 Bread Rolls109.9
Chicken Meal Packs Full Pack (Full Chicken, Medium Chips, Veg or Salad)179.9
Chicken Meal Packs Family Pack (Full Chicken, Large Chips, 1 x Salad & Veg, 1,25l Coke & 4 Bread Rolls)259.9
500ml Beef Curry & Rice69.9
500ml Beef Curry & Rice with Veg79.9



Kiddies Corner

Sausage (Vienna Rings / Chips) & Kiddies Juice57.9
Beef burger, Chips & Kiddies Juice 55.9
Toastie Cheese, Chips & Kiddies Juice52.9
Saucy Chicken Nuggets, Chips & Kiddies Juice57.9


Pepper, Garlic, Peri-Peri, Mushroom, Monkey Gland, Cheese, Tartar Sauce, Poorboys Mustard12


Chocolate Mousse30
Strawberry / Passionfruit Cheese Cake30
Malva & Custard27
Jelly & Custard21


Upsize to Meal (chips & 300ml coke) @ only28
Poorboys Plain Single (150g)46.9
Poorboys Plain Double (300g)71.9
Cheese Single (150g)51.9
Cheese Double (300g)76.9
Pepper Single (150g)54.9
Pepper Double (300g)79.9
Chilli Single (150g)54.9
Chilli Double (300g)79.9
Mushroom Single (150g)54.9
Mushroom Double (300g)79.9
Monkey Gland Single (150g)54.9
Monkey Gland Double (300g)79.9
Hawaiian Single (150g)54.9
Hawaiian Double (300g)79.9
Bacon & Cheese Single (150g)57.9
Bacon & Cheese Double (300g)82.9
Cheddarmelt Single (150g)57.9
Cheddarmelt Double (300g)82.9
Rib Burger Single (150g)41.9
Rib Burger Double (300g)59.9
Steak Burger (Fillet on Bun)Single (150g)69.9
Steak Burger (Fillet on Bun)91.9
Dagwood Single (150g)69.9
Dagwood Double (300g)86.9
Blondie (on toast)Chicken Fillet, Beef Patty, Egg, Cheese, Ham, Bacon (double 300g)85.9
Chicken Burger (Fillet)Single (150g)44.9
Chicken Burger (Fillet) Double (300g)63.9
Chicken Cheese Burger (Fillet) Single (150g)49.9
Chicken Cheese Burger (Fillet) Double (300g)66.9
Chicken, Cheese & Pine (Fillet)Single (150g)56.9
Chicken, Cheese & Pine (Fillet)Double (300g)72.9
Prego Roll Single (150g)53.9
Steak Roll Single (150g)69.9
Cheese Steak Roll single (150g)74.9
Single Cheese Burger (150g), Chips & 300ml Coke 79.9
Dbl Cheese Burger (300g), Chips & 300ml Coke99.9
150g Dagwood, Chips & 300ml Coke 99.9
Chicken Cheese Burger, Chips & 300ml Coke77.9
Rib Cheese Burger, Chips & 300ml Coke 72.9
Blondie, Chips & 300ml Coke119.9
Schnitzel Box (nuggets) Chips & Sauce59.9
Cheezy Chicken Schnitzel (2x 100g) Chips & Sauce79.9
Chicken Schnitzel (2x 100g) Mash,Veg & Sauce89.9
Cheddamelt Chicken Schnitzel (Cheese, Mushroom & Chips94.9


Cheese (2 Slices of Cheese)26.9
Cheese & Tomato29.9
Ham (Hickory) & Cheese (2 Slices of Cheese)34.9
Ham, Cheese & Tomato38.9
Bacon & Cheese (2 Slices of Cheese)48.9
Bacon & Banana44.9
Bacon & Egg (2 Eggs)44.9
Bacon, Egg & Cheese (2 Eggs & 2 Slices of Cheese)48.9
Chicken Mayonnaise41.9
Chicken Mayonnaise & Cheese47.9
Beef Curry51.9
Ham, Cheese & Egg48.9


Large Hake Fillet (Fried or Grilled)54.9
Deep Fried Calamari (250g) & Tartar Sauce71.9
Large Fish & Chips59.9
Large Fish, Russian & Chips89.9
Calamari Rings (250g), Chips or Rice & Tartar Sauce 81.9
Hake Basket: Large Fish, 125g Calamari Rings, Chips or Rice & Tartar Sauce95.9


T-Bone Steak (300g), Chips & Salad95.9
T-Bone Steak (500g), Chips & Salad 149.9
Rump Steak (300g), Chips, Salad & Sauce 125.9
Rump Steak (500g), Chips, Veg or Salad & Sauce189.9
Cheddamelt Rump (300g), Chips & Veg 139.9
Pork Loin Chops (2 x 150g), Mash, Veg & Sauce99.9
Eisbein (±900g), Chips or Mash & Veg or Salad & Poorboys Mustard45.9
Rump & Calamari (300g) Rump, (125g) Calamari, Chips & Sauce135.9
T-Bone & 6 Wings (300g) T-Bone & Chips129.9

Daily Specials

MONChicken Cheese Burger & chips46.9
TUEDouble Rib Burger, cheese &chips55.9
WED Double (2 x 70g Patty) Beef Burger, Cheese & Chips46.9
THU Steak & Egg Burger & Chips51.9
FRI Triple Stack (3 x 100g Patty, Bacon, Cheese & Mushroom) & Chips79.9
SAT Double (2 x 100g Patty) Ham &Cheese Burger & Chips62.9
FULL PORTION-Roast Beef, Chicken, Roast Potatoes, 3 Veggies, Rice & Gravy75.9
FULL PORTION & DESSERT-Roast Beef Chicken Roast Potatoes 3 Veggies Rice & Gravy Malva Pudding85.9
KIDDIES PORTION-Roast Beef Roast Potatoes 3 Veggies Rice & Gravy54.9


COMBO 1 -300g T-Bone, 6 x Sticky Wings with Chips105.9
COMBO 2-1kg Chips, 2 x Large Fish & 2 x 165g Russians159.9
COMBO 3-1kg Chips, 2 x 165g Russians, 2 x 150g Long Thick Viennas139.9
COMBO 4-2 x Beef Burgers, 2 x Chicken Burgers, 1 Large Chips & 2L Coke195.9
COMBO 5-2 x Large Fish, 250g Calamari Rings, Medium Chips & 2 x Tartar Sauce165.9
COMBO 6-4 x Rib Burgers & 1 x Large Chips169.9
COMBO -72 x Pork Chops, 1 ¼ Chicken & Chips99.9
COMBO 8-2 x Full Chicken, 1 x Jumbo Chips & 8 Rolls349.9

About Poorboys

All the possible food needed for our everyday life can be found here. They have breakfast and lunch menus that will surely satisfy both our tummy and mouth. The delicious taste of food made most especially for us.

The richness in taste and ingredients used are all fresh and homemade. This makes the food taste amazingly different from all other dishes for it is purely made with love and passion for cooking.

Poorboys Menu Best Seller

Footlong Hotdog with Thick Vienna Sausage

Most of their foods are best-selling due to their flavourful and delicious taste,  but let me show you some of the most wanted food on the list. Let’s start off with their footlong hotdog with thick Vienna sausage that you will also like.

For a very affordable price, you can already have this Poorboys menu which is a big-size footlong burger that can surely make you full in an instant. I guarantee that this is amazingly heaven in taste.

Hot Meals

They offer two hot meals on their menu. You can choose from Curry rice and Curry rice with Egg. If you wanted something simple then you can have their rice with curry that has a very rich taste and thick sauce of curry and if you wanted something extra, you can have their curry rice with egg. The egg is actually best paired with any rice meal I must say.

Daily Specials

The Daily Specials from the Poorboys menu are named after the days of the week. All of their daily specials are best-selling due to their consistent taste and prices. Prices range from forty-six and ninety cents to sixty-two and ninety cents. Imagine eating a full meal for an affordable price.

Poorboys Daily Specials Menu
Photo Credit: Poorboys Sinoville FB Page


Their shawarma is also one of the customer’s favourite like mine. I enjoyed eating their shawarma for its chewy beef and very yummy sauce.  But for those who do not like beef then you can choose either chicken or rib shawarma. It is very addictive and delicious.

Lastly, they have their best-selling combo number 8 which has 2 pieces of chicken, jumbo chips, and eight (8) pieces of rolls.  This meal will make you feel full and you will surely be satisfied with the taste. All of this is only for three hundred forty-nine and ninety cents only.

Poorboys Breakfast Menu

Poorboy’s breakfast menu is named after the days of the week. Monday includes chicken cheeseburger and chips, Tuesday has double rib burger, Wednesday has double beef burger cheese and chips, Thursday includes steak and egg burger with chips, Friday has a triple stack of patty bacon and cheese plus chips and lastly, Saturday has double patty, ham and cheese burger plus chips.

Their breakfast menu is composed of heavy meals to make sure that you can go on with your day and it can fully suffice you with the energy that you needed throughout the day.  Their breakfast menu is truly amazing for it all tastes delicious. They are all equally appealing and the taste is so good.

Grills Menu

When it comes to grilled meals, the Poorboys menu also has it. They have eight different types of combos ranging from one hundred-five to three hundred forty-nine. The combos include fish, chips, sausages, t-bone, burgers, calamari, and drinks of your choice.

They have all nice and delicious combo meals that one can offer. The ingredients are all fresh and you can taste them when you dine on their grill. When you dine in their grill you will feel like you are at home with their homey foods and accommodating staff, they really make sure to provide the best service they can to their customer.


When you say toasties, hotdogs, and sandwiches, you really cannot miss Poorboy’s one. It is indulging in flavour as it is very yummy and delicious. I can totally assure you that they have one of the best toasts, hotdogs, and sandwiches ever.

Both kids and adults will love this. The interesting taste brought by the sauces they made will make you think twice if you are going to have it again or not. I honestly cannot resist the temptation to order again whenever I am having their sandwich. It is fantastic and amazing.

Poorboys Menu Delivery

The good thing about this is that their menus are available not just for dine-in but also for delivery. Just go to their website at www.poorboys.co.za place an order and fill in all the needed information for delivery. Or you can directly call their numbers at tel: 012 543 222 or 076 111 4731 for orders. Just make sure that correctly input your order name, mode of payment, and address to where the food should be delivered. Poorboys grill is one of the best when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Talk to Poorboys South Africa Staff

If you want to ask them a question, or you want to give them suggestions, you can send them your message on their Facebook account or by sending them a message on their website using the contact us form.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PoorboysSinoville

Website: http://poorboys.co.za/


Food is truly an amazing way to deal with stress and many more. All of us have our own comfort food. And most of us love homie kinds of foods. This is where Poorboys grill comes in. When it comes to food that everybody like and would like to have, they have it in them. You can enjoy not just the foods but also the people you are eating it with. All the foods on the Poorboys menu are truly amazing and yummy. It is truly addictive and I must say that they really are giving justice to the food that they are serving. If you want food that can satisfy your hunger, You will not go wrong with Poorboys. The name might be poor but when it comes to appreciating foods, They are RICH.