Primi Piatti Menu South Africa

The PRIMI Piatti menu features one of the best American and Italian cuisine classics out there. The restaurant offers an amazing atmosphere to enjoy your food.

The atmosphere is perfect for food, and for making relationships. Maybe bring a special someone, or have a group project done here. The establishment offers a variety of great meals, such as classic Italian pasta, burgers, traditional dishes with modern twists, and more. If you’re in the mood for trying new food, then read on and learn more about PRIMI Piatti.

Here are PRIMI Piatti menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Mac and Cheese90
Mac and Cheese with Bacon110
Rigatoni Primavera80
Rigatoni Primavera Upsize95
Spaghetti Carbonara75
Spaghetti Carbonara Upsize90
Linguine Campagnola90
Linguine Campagnola Upsize105
Ragu Alla Bolognese78
Ragu Alla Bolognese Upsize98
Salsiccia E Funghi 100
Salsiccia E Funghi Upsize115
Spaghetti Meatballs105
Recco Classico 65
Recco Classico Upsize80
Penne Calabrese with Salted Ricotta90
Penne Calabrese with Salted Ricotta Upsize115
Linguine Pollo e Pesto100
Linguine Pollo e Pesto Upsize125
Chicken Liver Pasta83
Chicken Liver Pasta Upsize98
Linguine Pollo Giorgio85
Linguine Pollo Giorgio Upsize100
Spaghetti Pomodoro60
Spaghetti Pomodoro Upsize75
Spaghetti Pomodoro with Chicken80
Spaghetti Pomodoro with Chicken Upsize95
Spaghetti Pomodoro with Prawns95
Spaghetti Pomodoro with Prawns Upsize125
Linguine Al Salmone95
Linguine Al Salmone Upsize125
Lasagne Al Forno105
Melanzane Alla Parmigiana95


Porcini Steak160
Lamb Chops189
Seared Fillet180
Mediterranean Fillet180
Fillleto Ai Funghi185


Chicken Kebab110
Chicken Campagnola105
Prego Chicken139
Fettine Di Pollo105

Burgers and Wings

Beef PRIMI Burger89
Chicken PRIMI Burger79
Beef Cheese Ringer105
Chicken Cheese Ringer95
Beef G Banga110
Chicken G Banga100
Beef Dagwood115
Chicken Dagwood105
Lemon and Garlic Chicken Wings105
Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings110
BBQ Chicken Wings110


Fresh Spinach, Feta, and Olives99
Salame e Funghi105
Italian Sausage105
Murder by Meat139
Prego Chicken110
Al Tonno105
Quattro Formaggi105
Moroccan Chicken115
Calzone Originale98
Italian Meatball Calzone105

Side Orders

Hand-cut Potato Fries25
Sauteed Potatoes25
Creamy Mashed Potatoes25
Butternut and Sweet Potato Mash25
Cauliflower Puree35
Roasted Vegetables30
Marinated Tomatoes30
Spinach Alla Parmigiana35
Garden Salad25
Zucchini Fries30


Calamari and Fresh Rocket149
Grilled Kingklip175
Baked Salmon185

Dolce e Caffe

Chocolate Plate55
Traditional Malva Pudding58
Creme Brulee48
Apple Rose50
Kahlua and Oreo60
White Chocolate, Rum, and Mint55
Hot Fudge and Bourbon65
Mocha Forte22
Coffee Frappe28

Italian Food

Halloumi Lettuce Wrap72
Rosemary and Rock Salt Focaccia36
Peri-peri Chicken Livers75
Feta Truffles55


Avocado Salsa55
Roasted Butternut and Beetroot Salad75
Grilled Chicken and Roasted Pepper Salad98
Cobb Salad98
Crispy Chicken Liver Salad88


Pickled Mushrooms39
Bloomin Onion39
Italian Meatballs69
Primi Poppers39
Zucchini Fries39
Pan-seared Calamari79
Beef Carpaccio79
Sylvia's Crispy Chicken Livers55


The Sicilian75
The Deli89
The Tuscan78

Salad Greens

Greek Salad79
Caesar Salad62
Crispy Calamari Salad125
Salmon Trout Salad115

About PRIMI Piatti

PRIMI Piatti is an establishment that mainly focuses on serving American and Italian cuisine that we are all familiar with. This includes pasta, pizzas, burgers, and more. They create an atmosphere that perfectly complements the theme of their food. 

PRIMI Piatti Menu Pasta

Rigatoni Primavera – This meal is one of the healthiest items on the PRIMI Piatti menu. This order is prepared by sauteing fresh spinach and tossed with a sliver of butter, and pecorino. The pasta is topped with fresh basil, garlic, and marinated tomatoes. For a see, you can upsize the meal for a bigger serving.

Spaghetti Carbonara – The carbonara is a pasta well-known all throughout. The PRIMI Piatti serves this menu with pecorino and crispy bacon. The meal is folded with basil, fresh parsley, spring onion, cream, and egg.

Mac and Cheese – A pasta for all. Unlike your typical mac and cheese, this meal features blue cheese, pecorino, and white cheddar. The meal is finished with spring onion, pangritata, and gratinated pecorino. For a fee, you can add bacon to the mix.

Primi Piatti Mac And Cheese

Linguine Campagnola – The Linguine Campagnola has one of the highest amounts of protein. The pasta features fresh chicken sauteed in dry white wine, cream, parsley, rosemary, mushrooms, mustard, and garlic.

Ragu Alla Bolognese – The sauce is made with slow-cooking meat and stewed with rosemary, parsley, garlic, tomato, and red wine. With its sauce consisting mostly of meat, the Ragu Alla Bolognese provides a savoury experience that sets itself apart from other items on the menu.

Salsiccia e Funghi – If you’re looking for something more inclined to its Italian origin, the Salsiccia e Funghi is a pasta featuring Italian meat sausage sauteed with cream, white wine, pecorino, mushrooms, rosemary, parsley, leeks, and garlic. You can upsize this order for a fee, allowing you to enjoy an even larger portion.

Spaghetti Meatballs – The classic Italian pasta experience, the Spaghetti Meatballs offer a flavourful Italian sauce made with tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, oregano, and basil. The pasta is topped with salted ricotta, and of course, the famous Italian Meatballs.

Primi Piatti Spaghetti Meatballs

PRIMI Piatti Menu Carne

Bistecca – The Bistecca is 500 grams of T-bone steak, aged. This steak is grilled to perfection by its honed techniques and served with fresh rockets, compound butter, and paprika.

Porcini Steak – The Porcini Steak is 300 grams of the prime-cut rump. The steak is prepared with the establishment’s experience, expertly grilling it to perfection. The meal is served on creamed garlic and porcini mushroom fillet.

Lamb Chops – This order features four (4) 400-gram loin chops. Each chop is flame-grilled and served to finish the meal with white wine sauce, rosemary, garlic, and lemon.

Seared Fillet – To prepare this dish, each fillet is flattened and layered with crisp rocket cabbage, marinated tomatoes, and sauteed potatoes. This is a simple, yet amazing meal, available for the price of R180.

Mediterranean Fillet – Like the item Seared Fillet, the Mediterranean Fillet offers flattened fillet steaks. The order is topped with fresh rocket cabbage, roasted olives, and marinated tomatoes. This PRIMI Piatti menu is finished with pecorino, olive relish, herb, and creamy yoghurt.

Filleto Ai Funghi – To prepare this savoury meal, flame-grilled tournedos are sliced before serving and served with its signature mustard and brandy sauce, green peppercorn, and creamed potato with a mushroom. This meal is available for R185, a great meal for great value!

Tomahawk – The Tomahawk is a grill item well-known to people all over the world. This weapon-resembling dish packs a mighty flavour that will keep you coming back for more. 


Chicken Kebab – This classic Middle-Eastern skewer rests at the heart of most grill lovers. The Chicken Kebab features marinated chicken, skewered with flame-grilled vegetables like red onion and piquante peppers. The dish is served on flatbread with a relish made with olives, herbs, and creamy yoghurt. This dish is also served with Persian salad.

Primi Piatti Chicken Kebab

Chicken Campagnola – To prepare this dish, chicken scallops are sauteed in white wine, cream, parsley, rosemary, mushrooms, mustard, and garlic. The Chicken Campagnola costs R105. 

Prego Chicken – To prepare this dish, they marinate half a chicken in garlic, lemon, a hint of chili, paprika, bay leaves, and garlic. The half-chicken is grilled on flames and served to you. The Prego chicken is available for a price of only R139, a great deal for something so amazing.

Fettine di Pollo – This menu from PRIMI Piatti features chicken scallops topped with a number of ingredients, which are: fresh rocket cabbage, roasted olives, and marinated tomatoes. The dish is finished with pecorino, and a creamy relish made with olives, herbs, and yoghurt.

Burger and Wings

PRIMI Burger – The PRIMI Burger is the simplest of all of the establishment’s burgers. This iron pressed burger is available in two varieties: Beef and Chicken. The beef variety costs R89, and the chicken variety costs 79.

The Cheese Ringer – The cheese ringer features vinegar onion rings, crispy salt, and a slice of cheddar. It retains the other ingredients found in the PRIMI burger. This burger is available in two varieties: beef and chicken. The beef variety costs R105, and the chicken variety costs 95.

The G Banga – This is another great way to enjoy PRIMI Piatti. This burger features the establishment’s poppers, and avocado salsa. This burger is available in two varieties: beef and chicken. The beef variety will cost you R110, and the chicken variety costs R110.

Dagwood – The Dagwood burger incorporates more protein to add an amazing, savoury flavour to your burger. This burger features a slice of cheddar, streaky bacon, and fried egg. The Dagwood is available in two varieties: beef and chicken. The beef variety costs R115, and the chicken variety costs R105.

Grilled Chicken Wings – The establishment offers one of the best grilled chicken wings around. The grilled chicken wings are available in two different bastings: Lemon and Garlic, Jamaican Jerk, and BBQ. The Lemon and Garlic basting costs R105. Both the Jamaican Jerk and the BBQ bastings will cost you R110.

PRIMI Piatti Menu Delivery

PRIMI Piatti offers a great dining experience, and a part of it is serving your order as soon as possible. The satisfaction of their customers is PRIMI Piatti’s main priority. They serve your food as fast as possible, but as great as they can serve it as well.

Social Media Pages

You can find the establishment on multiple sites across the internet. You can find them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. On these sites, you can see the effort they put into making their customers happy, and you can see just how much the customers love them. For the links, please check the following:





The PRIMI Piatti menu doesn’t only offer great meals, it also offers a great experience. Food isn’t only enjoyed with its taste, but with the heart and mind as well. The establishment promises this much, and more. If you’re ever in the area, try out one of their meals.