Restaurant Prices in South Africa

Sevruga Menu South Africa

Sevruga Menu

The Sevruga Menu features different meals that will take you on a trip around South Africa. Whatever the occasion is, be it a meetup with loved ones, or a romantic dinner with your significant other, this establishment offers a great experience.

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Yindees Menu South Africa

Yindee’s Menu

Yindee’s menu offers a premium Thai experience. In Thai culture, mealtimes serve as a time for loved ones to come together and share laughter and experiences while eating their meals.

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Societi Bistro Menu South Africa

Societi Bistro Menu

The Societi Bistro Menu reflects the culture and diversity of Cape Town. The establishment serves a variety of meals, ranging from pasta, meat, and desserts. Their menu can be enjoyed during lunch, your afternoon snack, and even your dinner. 

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Harbour House Menu South Africa

Harbour House Menu

The Harbour House Menu houses one of the finest selections of seafood cuisine in Cape Town. They offer a wide range of seafood meals from different cultures, and they serve it with their own twist.

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Three Wise Monkeys Menu South Africa

Three Wise Monkeys Menu

If you’re craving Japanese food, The Three Wise Monkeys menu is the one for you. Winner of the 2017 Mercedes Benz’s Eat Out Competition: Best Asian Eatery, The Three Wise Monkeys is highly recommended, especially if you love Japanese food.

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