Saigon Rivonia Menu South Africa

If you’re looking for the perfect Vietnamese restaurant, then the answer’s right here. Featuring Saigon Rivonia menu, a well-known South African restaurant brand that serves the best Vietnamese food out there.

They rack in international visitors, and they never disappoint. The establishment aims to propagate Vietnamese culture by serving Vietnamese food to the people of the world. 

Here are Saigon Rivonia menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Vietnamese Pancake58
Prawn Skewers63
Golden Spring Roll | Chicken49
Golden Spring Roll | Duck53
Golden Spring Roll | Pork51
Golden Spring Roll | Vegetable48
Vegetable Crystal Salad Roll47
Prawn Crystal Salad Roll50
Chicken Char-Grilled Skewer50
Beef Char-Grilled Skewer52
Mekong Combo (2 Persons)120
Mekong Combo (3 Persons)184
Mekong combo (4 Persons)230
Prawn Toast65
Indochine Dumplings | Steamed Pork62
Indochine Dumplings | Steamed Pork and Prawn63
Indochine Dumplings | Steamed Spinach58
Indochine Dumplings | Pan-Fried Minced Pork62
Indochine Dumplings | Pan-Fried Spicy Lamb63
Box of Calamari57
Wrap Sensation55
Beef Shitake82


Spicy Tom Yum Soup63
Hot and Sour Prawn Soup63
Pho Bo - Asian Style83
Pho Bo - Western Style58
Butternut Soup49


Rare Beef Salad68
Woodear Mushroom Salad60
Duck Salad68
Chicken Salad58


Grilled Prawns on Skewers152
Caramelized Fish146
Saigon Fish146
Peppered Prawns150
Tamarind Prawns150
Tempura Prawns150
Crispy Ginger Fish146
Steam Fish146
Chilli Pepper Fish146
Seafood Hot Plate162
Sweet and Sour Fish146
Sweet and Sour Prawn146
Ginger Prawns150
Salmon Teriyaki173


Tofu and Lemongrass68
Yellow Vegetable Curry81
Vegetable Noodle81
Spicy Tofu81
Black Bean Tofu65
Chinese Mushrooms81
Sauteed Spinach68
Crunchy Vegetables68
Tempura Vegetables68


Chicken Yellow Curry107
Prawn Litchi Green142
Duck Butternut Red147
Buddist Sweet Potato86
Ostrich Fruit Curry148


Chicken Cashew Nuts107
Chicken Chilli Lemongrass107
Chicken Chilli Ginger107
Sweet and Sour Chicken107
Chicken Basil Chilli107
Vietnamese Chicken101
Barbeque Duck147
Angry Duck147
Half-Roast Duck205
Ostrich Hot Plate155


Saigon Wok Beef145
Beef Oyster Sauce110
Beef Basil Chilli110
Beef Mushroom110
Beef Chilli Hot Plate136
Colony Beef157


Sweet and Sour107
Caramelized Pork and Egg107
Ribs in Honey107
Pork Lemongrass107
Imperial Palace Pork107

Rice and Noodles

Steamed Fragrant Jasmine Rice23
Garlic Egg Fried Rice32
Plain Noodles34
Bean Sprout Noodles36
Spicy Seafood Noodle100
Spicy Beef or Chicken Noodle95

About Saigon Rivonia

Saigon Rivonia is an establishment that serves Vietnamese dishes. The owner of the restaurant is a Vietnamese businessman who aims to spread Vietnamese culture to South Africans, and Vietnamese people who live in South Africa.

This establishment already left a mark on a multitude of tourists who have come to visit South Africa. Saigon Rivonia hopes to be more than an establishment that serves Vietnamese gourmet, they aim to be the perfect place for different cultures to trade traditions. 

Saigon Rivonia Menu Best Seller

Duck Butternut Red – If you’re looking for something more exotic, then the Vit Car Ri Do, more commonly known as Duck Butternut Red is what you’re looking for. This spicy curry from Saigon Rivonia menu is for those who are craving the prime Vietnamese experience. This curry uses high quality coconut milk as its base. It uses different ingredients such as fresh bamboo shoots, peppers, butternut, and its iconic red chili. 

Barbecue Duck Saigon Rivonia
Photo Credit: Saigon Rivonia Vietnamese Restaurant FB Page

Char-Grilled Skewers – If you want Barbecue Saigon-Style, then you should definitely order Xien Nuong, more commonly known as Char-Grilled Skewers. For this skewer dish, you can choose either Chicken and Beef as your main ingredient. The skewer is served along with herbs, green veggies, and a dipping sauce made by incorporating pepper with lemon.

Golden Spring Rolls – You can get your Golden Spring Rolls with four different fillings: Chicken, Duck, Pork, or Vegetables. These fillings are wrapped in rice paper and then fried to a crisp. It’s served with either soy sauce or fish sauce. 

Caramelized Fish – This Saigon Rivonia menu is for those who are looking for something sweet and spicy. Saigon Rivonia offers Ca Kho To, or more commonly known as Caramelized Fish. To prepare this dish, they simmer Kingklip inside a clay pot, which is then served with caramel-pepper sauce. 

Prawn Skewers – If you want something unique with a kick, then this next one’s for you. Up next, they offer Tom Xien Tam Bot Chien, or Prawn Skewers. Saigon Rivonia adds coconut to their prawn skewers and serves it with a mild plum-dipping sauce with chili. The dipping sauce accents the sweet and savory coconut prawns.

Saigon Rivonia Khai Vi Starters Menu

Vietnamese Pancakes – Let’s start off with Banh Xeo, better known as Vietnamese Pancakes. The pancake features freshly picked mushrooms, delectable prawns, bean sprouts, and meaty pork. All of these are wrapped in a special pancake wrap, made with Saigon Rivonia’s secret recipe, and it’s served with their secret chef sauce. 

Salad Rolls – Here’s a less known Vietnamese dish, the Goi Cuon, or Crystal Salad Rolls in English. They taste just as good as they sound. These rolls feature fresh mint, a sauce made from peanuts and black beans, rice paper, Vermicelli, and Basil Leaves. For this dish, you can choose between two fillings: vegetables, and prawns.

Mekong Combo – Looking for a combo meal to get a taste of different starters at once? The Mekong Combo is a combination of different starters. It features the Crystal Prawn Roll, the savory crispy chicken roll, and the crispy vegetable roll. The Mekong Combo has 3 different serving sizes: 2 people, 3 people, and 4 people. 

Saigon Rivonia Seafood Menu

Seafood Spring Rolls
Photo Credit: Saigon Rivonia Vietnamese Restaurant FB Page

Grilled Prawns on Skewers – To start things off, the Tom Nuong Muoi Ot, or more commonly known as “Grilled Prawns on Skewers” are perfect if you’re looking for something simple. The prawns are cooked with sugar, garlic, salt, and chili. Don’t worry, the spice is not so intense so it’s great for people who are not good with spicy food.

Saigon Fish – To represent their name, the Ca Chien Sai Gon, or more commonly known as Saigon Fish. For this dish, the fish of the day is pan-fried, and served with spinach, and lemongrass. Come back another day to experience this dish differently, and find the perfect fish for you.

Saigon Rivonia Mains

Chicken Yellow Curry – Saigon Rivonia offers a wide variety of mains so you can always choose a different eating experience every time you eat at their establishment. Let’s start off with Gari Ga, more commonly known as Chicken Yellow Curry. Their Chicken Yellow Curry features a condiment made with lemon and chili, fresh sweet potatoes, and high quality coconut milk.

Prawn Litchi Green – Up next on the menu list of Saigon Rivonia is a spicy contender, the Tom Ca Ri Xanh, or what we know as Prawn Litchi Green in English. This menu item features high quality coconut milk and different ingredients that make the dish green, such as basil, different veggies, and green chili.

Chicken Cashew Nuts – Moving on to poultry items, let’s start off with a simple one: Ga Xao Hat Dieu, or what we know as Chicken Cashew Nuts. To prepare the dish, they stir-fry the chicken and cashew nuts together and serve it as is. 

Saigon Work Beef – Moving on to the beef mains of Saigon Rivonia, we have Bo Luc Lac, more commonly known as Saigon Work Beef. This dish is prepared by charring beef cubes in a wok, together with freshly picked ingredients such as tomato and lettuce, and black pepper. If you’re looking for a dish packed with protein, then this one is what you’re looking for.

Saigon Rivonia Delivery Menu

Saigon Rivonia makes sure that your order is delivered to your table as soon as possible. They have high-quality staff that works solely to ensure that you have the best eating experience possible. They make sure that your meals are prepared at the best possible quality. Saigon Rivonia doesn’t disappoint.

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If you’re looking for an amazing Vietnamese restaurant, then you’re looking for Saigon Rivonia. There’s no better way to enjoy Vietnamese meals than this restaurant. They nail everything from the taste down to the atmosphere. So, if ever you’re in the area and you’re open to the idea, try out Saigon Rivonia, the authentic Vietnamese experience.