Senhor Peri Peri Menu South Africa

The story started in a kitchen and turned out to be legendary. One, among the five sons of Maria, in Braganca, in North Portugal had to spend his days in the kitchen with his mother, learning how to cook and most of the time doing some little experimentation on food flavors.

This senhor later become known and widened his territory in cooking. Later he found himself living in the south of Johannesburg South Africa. Unusual for a teen like him, his ideas are fresh just like his created dish, and unconventional Senhor Peri Peri Menu.

His making of Peri Peri Sauce, become famous and is highly sought-after by their customers. This becomes the start of one of his greatest successes. This signature is embedded in the mind of their patronizers.

As part of his Goal, Senhor Jorge wanted to have his own eatery, where he may well try out or invent a food menu with Portuguese Food and Peri Peri signatures. He wanted a food that is inspired by Portuguese flavor, and spice with his sauce Peri Peri.

Here are Senhor Peri Peri menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

Wholly Grilled Chicken

Full Chicken166.9
Half Chicken89.9
Quarter Chicken46.9

Mozambican Prawns

Senhor Prince Prawns With Chips Or Spicy Rice(Six +Regular Side)94.9
Senhor Prince Prawns With Chips Or Spicy Rice(Tweve +Large Side)174.9
Queen Prawns With Chips Or Spicy Rice(Six +Regular Side)154.9
Queen Prawns With Chips Or Spicy Rice(Tweve +Large Side)289.9

Feed The Family

Senhor Family Meal -Full Chicken, 2 Large Sides & 4 Portuguese Rolls269.9
Peri-Power Family Feast -Full Chicken,Large Chicken Liverd, Large Side & 4 Portuguese Rolls299.9
Share The Flavour -Half Chicken ,2Chick Burgers & Large Side 209.9
Where'The Food -Full Chicken , 12 Senhor Prince Prawns & 2 Large Sides339.9
Burger Box -4 Chick Burgers & Large Sides249.9

Make It Bigger

3 Senhor Prince Prawns38.9
5 Senhor Prawns59.9
(V) Grilled Holloumi Cheese24.9
1.5L Soft Drink29.9
1.5L Cappy Fruit Juice29.9

The Burgers

Chick -Grilled Chicken Breast (Just Burger)54.9
Chick -Grilled Chicken Breast (Regular Side)74.9
Jalapeno & Cheese -Grilled Chicken Breast, Jalapenos & Cheddar Cheese (Just Burger)69.9
Jalapeno & Cheese -Grilled Chicken Breast, Jalapenos & Cheddar Cheese (Regular Side)89.9
Holy Guacamole -Grilled Chicken Breast,Guacamole & Feta Cheese(Just Burger)78.9
Holy Guacamole -Grilled Chicken Breast,Guacamole & Feta Chees (Regular Side)98.9
Sweet Chilli Pine -Grilled Chicken Breast,Pineapple &Sweet Chilli(Just Burger)78.9
Sweet Chilli Pine -Grilled Chicken Breast,Pineapple &Sweet Chill(Regular Side)98.9
(V)Halloo-Mi -Grilled Halloomi Cheese & Guacamole(Just Burger)78.9
(V)Halloo-Mi -Grilled Halloomi Cheese & Guacamole(Regular Side)98.9
Senhorita -Grilled Chicken Breast,Bacon & Cheddar Cheese(Just Burger)78.9
Senhorita -Grilled Chicken Breast,Bacon & Cheddar Chees(Regular Side)98.9
The Newsenhor - Grilled Chicken Breast,Bacon & Halloumi Cheese(Just Burger)89.9
The Newsenhor - Grilled Chicken Breast,Bacon & Halloumi Chees(Regular Side)109.9
(Vegan)Chick-Free -Crumbed Plant Based, Chicken Style Patty(Just Burger)62.9
(Vegan)Chick-Free -Crumbed Plant Based, Chicken Style Patty(Regular Side)82.9
Cheddar Cheese12.9
Caramelised Onions12.9
Halloumi Cheese24.9
Feta Cheese14.9

Peri-Fect For One

Senhor Healthy Meal -2 Grilled Chicken Breast & A Portuguese Salad69.9
Peri-Peri Kebabs (2 Skewer W/ Grilled Chicken ,Red Onion&Green Pepper With A Regular Side 74.9
Mozambican Curry W/ Spicy Or Plain Rice79.9
Chicken Prawn &Chicken109.9
Prego & Chips -Grilled Chicken Fillet W/ Caramelised Red Onions59.9
Toasted Chick'N Sandwich & Chips-Grilled Chicken Strips W/Mayo ,Letttuce & Tomato 49.9
Mozambican Livers W/ Pap Portuguese Roll49.9
W/ Pap Or Spicy Rice46.9
Chicken Strips-Grilled Or Panko Crumbed W/ Chips Or Rice59.9
Chicken Hot Pot -Grilledchicken Strips W/Pap & Gravy46.9
(V) Grilled Holloumi Cheese49.9
Chickenstrips -Grilled Or Panko Crumbed49.9
Chicken Burger49.9

Salads & Bowls

(V)Portuguese Salad -Tomato Wedges , Onion , Carrots , Cucumber 68.9
Chicken Bowl - Bgrilled Chicken Strips,Carrot Ribbons,Corn,Lettuce, Tomato Wedges & Lemon Butter Rice 66.9
Chicken Strips24.9
Feta Cheese14.9
Colesaw Regular29.9
Colesaw Large39.9
Grilled Mielie Regular29.9
Grilled Mielie Large39.9
Spicy Rice Regular29.9
Spicy Rice Large39.9
Chips Regular29.9
Chips Large39.9
Portuguese Salad29.9
Portuguese Roll & Butter9.9
Cheesy Garlic Roll19.9
Pap & Gravy19.9
Roasted Butternut,Feta &Pumpkin Seed Salad 34.9
4 Portuguese Roll &Butter39.9

Sharing Is Caring

Fiesta(Feeds 4 For Under 90 Bucks)-8Pieces Of Chicken,8 Chicken Kebabs,8 Grilled Alloumi Cheese Strips & 2 Large Chips 349.9
Peri -Perfect (Feeds 6 For Undr 85 Bucks)-12 Pieces Of Chicken ,6 Prego Rolls Cut In Half,Grilled Mielies & 2 Large Chps 499.9
Wholly Chicken (Feeds 6 For Under 70 Bucks)-12 Pieces Of Chicken ,24 Chicken Strips, Grilled Mielies&Large Chips 399.9

Sweet Spot

Ice Cream Cup29.9
Malva Pudding49.9

Mmm Shakes

Classic Shakes29.9

About Senhor Peri Peri

Senhor Peri Peri burger shop is wide open to welcome you and be a part of their restaurant. With their menu prepared for you, your appetite will be awakened. Their Wholly Grilled Chicken really tastes delectable & succulent, with lemon and herbs. Take a bite of it and you will feel how juicy and sweet chicken meat is.

The combination of its spices was perfectly mixed and just.  Also, they have this menu called Mozambican Prawn spiced with Lemon butter or Lemon and herb and could be served hot or extra hot as you desired. If you are a burger lover, Senhor Burger is a must-try.

Not only satisfying but also worth the value of your penny. Now, don’t miss a meal without a side dish. Senhor’s Salad and Bowl is inspired by Portuguese Cuisine that you will also admire. Eat this along with your succulent grilled chicken or grilled prawn.

Senhor Peri Peri Menu Best Seller

Senhor Peri Peri Chicken Menu
Photo Credit: Senhor Peri Peri SA FB Page

Wholly Grilled Chicken – Perfectly grilled, each bite of this chicken meat is sweet and tender. Its aroma will surely excite your appetite. You can order this meal in half or in whole. With Peri Peri Sauce, this meal is almost complete. Nothing to ask for more.

Sweet Chilli Pine Burger – Grab this Senhor Peri Peri menu and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. Its extra hot flavor is so challenging yet rewarding. With its fillings of pineapple, chili favored, onion, tomato, cheese, and savory grilled chicken, is such a perfect combination.

Salad and Bowl – Served fresh and Not Frozen, that’s how they prepared their meal, particularly their fresh and delicious Salad Bowl. A mixture of salacious grilled chicken strips, corn, crisp lettuce, carrot ribbons, and rice. Excellent if you are looking for a light meal.

Specials Menu

Each menu is special to my appetite coz it creates excitement for my voracious craving. From their Grilled chicken with the combination of their specially made sauce to their burgers, grilled prawns,s and fresh salad.

I like these menus which are grouped completely to make meals with friends and family memorable and extraordinary. A happy meal creates a happy stomach. Terrific! You must visit this food restaurant with family and friends to experience a rewarding day of your life. Commendable!

Honeydew Menu

Here comes the Senhor Peri Peri Honeydew Menu, a combination of different meals served all together in one. You can have the succulent grilled chicken, grilled prawn peeled off from the shell with extra hot and spicy flavor, rice, creamy livers, chips, a table salad, and burgers. This group of menus was a big thumbs-up for me! This menu offered by Senhor Peri Peri is just a limited-time offer. Grab your honeydew menu and experience the best from this Portuguese-inspired food menu.

Senhor Peri Peri Menu Burgers

Senhor Peri Peri burgers come in a variety of combinations of delectable ingredients. You can have a burger including Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, and Mayo with grilled chicken breast as the main spice that makes it flavorful.

Sweet Chilli Pine Burger Senhor Peri Peri Menu
Photo Credit: Senhor Peri Peri SA FB Page

Wait! You can have more options to choose from. Jalapeno and Cheese are waiving. It has grilled chicken breast, jalapenos, and cheddar cheese. It’s another unique selection of a burger. More of this, they have the Holy Guacamole with chicken breast, guacamole, and cheddar cheese. Isn’t it amazing?

You must also try their sweet chili Pine burger with the same main spice but combined with pineapple and sweet chili. Halloo-mi burger with grilled halloumi cheese and guacamole is waiting to be served on your table. Senhorita, this one is for you. Grilled chicken breast, Macon, and halloumi cheese belong to you.

Also comes the New Senhor Burger, with grilled chicken, macon, and halloumi cheese. Great!

Senhor Peri Peri Menu Delivery

Place your order via the Senhor Peri Peri App. Here’s how you do it:

1, On your mobile phone, download the app

2. When the App is downloaded, you can sign up and view their menu

3. Simply click the menu that you have chosen

4. Place your order and wait for your order to arrive right on your doorstep

Or you can also call Senhor Peri Peri’s contact number 27 11 452 8770 for your orders to be delivered or collected from their store.

Talk to Senhor Peri Peri South Africa Staff

Do you want to talk to the team of Senhor Peri Peri but don’t know how? Worry not because you can reach them easily by going to their website or simply sending them a message on their social media accounts below:






Senhor Peri Peri came from an idea conceived and given birth, that later grows and expands its horizon in the field of food inventions and discoveries. Surely the author of this food store had made a big difference in the cuisines industry. From the invention of his Peri Peri sauce, down to the menu he created makes a big influence on the people around him. Indeed, customers enjoyed a lot eating and savoring their dishes. I love going back here to order my favorite meal too. Come and visit the Senhor Peri Peri and get a taste of their food menu if you’re looking for what’s best!