Sevruga Menu South Africa

The Sevruga Menu features different meals that will take you on a trip around South Africa. Whatever the occasion is, be it a meetup with loved ones, or a romantic dinner with your significant other, this establishment offers a great experience.

They offer a wide variety of dishes from different cuisines. They have dishes originating from East to West. Whatever your taste may be, you’ll find the dish for you. After your meal, you can go on enjoying the sunset off the coast, on a beautiful yacht cruise a few feet away from the establishment. 

Here are Sevruga menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

First Course

Oysters - Lemon and Tabasco32
Oysters - Tempura40
Oysters - Smoked Salmon, Creme Fraiche, Caviar48
Duck Liver Pate82
Tomato Tarte Tatin84
Grilled Baby Calamari86
Aranancini Mozzarella78
Crayfish and Prawn Tian145
Double Milk Feta Salad78
Spiced Fried Baby Calamari86
Beef Carpaccio92
Tricolor Salad85
Quinoa Tabbouleh85
Tuna Tartare96
Ostrich Carpaccio96


Beef Ribs192
Beef Fillet - Rock Salt185
Beef Fillet - Pepper-crusted190
Beef Fillet - XO Basting/Chimichuri195
Truffle Fillet295
Lamb Rack265
Lamb Loin280
Sugo di Salsicce118


Fillet and Prawn Duo310
Asian Prawn Curry195
Fillet and Crayfish380


Butter Chicken Curry145
Tandoori Ostrich Fillet195
Chicken Thai Green Curry145


Potato Gnocchi145
Thai Green Curry120


Salmon Vol Au Vent205
Kingklip and Langoustine330
Grilled Kingklip190
Baby Calamari185
Norwegian Salmon245
Sesame-seared Tuna Steak235
Seafood and Crustacean Plate460
The Ultimate Plate1750
Prawn and Pasta260
Crayfish (In the Shell)SQ
Langoustine (In the Shell)155
Tiger Giant Prawn (In the Shell)190
Argentinian Prawn (In the Shell)45

Dim Sum

Deep-fried Cha Siu Baau - Kingklip, chilli, ginger52
Deep-fried Cha Siu Baau - Lamb, XO Sauce58
Deep-fried Cha Siu Baau - Spinach, Mushroom, Chilli58
Deep-fried Wontons - Prawns, Coriander74
Deep-fried Wontons - Chicken and Mushroom58
Deep-fried Wontons - Beef, Coriander, Ginger62
Deep-fried Wontons - Kingklip, Chili, Ginger, Coriander54
Cha Siu Baau - Spinach, Mushroom, Chilli56
Cha Siu Baau - Chicken, Chilli, Ginger, Coriander52
Cha Siu Baau - Duck, Honey, Ginger62
Cha Siu Baau - Lamb and XO Sauce54
Cha Siu Baau - Kinglip, Chilli, Ginger, Coriander54
Pot Stickers - Beef, Coriander, Ginger54
Pot Stickers - Duck, Honey, Ginger62
Pot Stickers - Lamb and XO Sauce54
Pot Stickers - Spicy Peanut, Chicken, Coriander52
Japanese Shokuji - Prawn Tempura120
Japanese Shokuji - Edamame Beans66

Sushi Special - Elite Sushi

Tokyo Rainbow Roll160
Prawn Surprise128
Sesame-crusted Tuna120
Vegetarian Bamboo Roll104
Spicy Prawn Reloaded Roll122
Rainbow Formula Roll158

Sushi Special - Sevruga Fusion Sushi

Volcano Roll145
Rainbow Rolls98
Salmon Roses98
Snow Dragon Roll156
Bam Bam Roll122
Tempura Tuna on Top128
Firecracker Rolls104
Creamy Prawn Salmon Roses108
Carin's Roll138
Tuna Crunch118
Wasabi Stack116

Sushi Special - Rice-free Sushi

Volcano Roll135
Bam Bam Roll128
Red Roof Roll125
Salmon Roses122

Sushi Plates

Green Plate - Special175
Green Plate - Normal272
White Plate - Special195
White Plate - Normal378
Red Plate - Special205
Red Plate - Normal438
Black Plate - Special235
Black Plate - Normal560
The Sevruga Plate - Special280
The Sevruga Plate - Normal440

Sushi - Salads

Seared Tuna116

Sushi - California Rolls

Spicy Tuna98
Spicy Salmon120

Sushi - Fashion Sandwiches


Sushi - Nigiri

Bean Curd58

Sushi - Maki


Sushi - Hand Rolls

Spicy Tuna70
Spicy Salmon90
Seared Tuna76
Seared Salmon90
Tempura Prawn92

Sushi - Sashimi

Seven Spice Tuna88
Seared Salmon112

Sushi - Assorted Sashimi

Nine Pieces175
Fifteen Pieces250

Sushi - Bean Curd

Creamy Prawn Salmon Roses68
Seared Tuna68

About Sevruga

Sevruga stands on one the most famous places in South Africa, Cape Town’s V&A. Their windows are filled with panoramic harbour views. Their position along the shores of the Atlantic allows guests to pack their itineraries with luxurious experiences available only at Sevruga. 

Sevruga Menu Best Seller

Oysters – This order includes 6 oysters. These oysters are served with tabasco, lemon, and mignonette dressing. These are great appetizers, and they have an Asian counterpart.

Gazpacho – The Gazpacho is essentially a chilled tomato soup, but there’s more to it than that. This Sevruga menu is served with garlic croutons, basil, red onions, heirloom tomatoes, and pickled cucumber.

Sevruga Gazpacho Menu
Sevruga Gazpacho Menu

Crispy Calamari – To prepare the dish, the squid is marinated in lemon, chilli, garlic, and olive oil. The squid is then deep fried along with fresh herbs. The calamari dish is served with lemon and green tartar sauce. 

Beef Carpaccio – These are thin slices of beef sirloin, matured for 28 days. The slices of beef are served with toasted ciabatta, micro herbs, teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayo, toasted white sesame seeds, spring onions, and radish.

Sevruga Dim Sum Menu

Deep Fried Cha Siu Baau – This order features 3 pieces of deep fried buns. These are available in three varieties. The first variety is spinach, mushroom, and chili. The second variety is lamb and XO sauce. The third variety is ginger, chili, and Kingklip. This is also available in a steamed variety.

Deep Fried Wontons – This order features 4 pieces of deep fried wontons. The wontons are available in different varieties. The first variety includes coriander and prawns. The second variety includes mushrooms and chicken. The third variety includes ginger, coriander, and beef. The fourth variety includes coriander, ginger, chili, and kingklip.

Sevruga Deep Fried Wontons Menu
Sevruga Deep Fried Wontons Menu

Pot Stickers – The order includes 3 pieces of pan-fried dumplings. These are available in different varieties. The first variety is ginger, coriander, and beef. The second variety is ginger, honey, and duck. The third variety is XO sauce and lamb. The fourth variety features coriander, chicken, and spicy peanuts.


Creamy Seafood Linguini – The linguini features fresh line fish, grilled calamari, prawns, and black mussels. The sauce is made with garlic, courgettes, parmesan, and white wine, and infused with thyme. The sauce yielded from the process creates a creamy deliciousness that pairs well with the other ingredients.

Mediterranean Seafood Linguini – Like its creamy counterpart, this dish features fresh line fish, grilled calamari, prawns, and black mussels. Its sauce is made with parsley, chili, garlic, noilly prat, anchovy, and rich white wine. The pasta is served with dill-infused salsa verde and semi-dried bella rosa.

Prawn Linguini – This pasta features courgettes, shaved parmesan, and prawns. The sauce is made with garlic, parmesan, and white wine, and then infused with thyme. The creamy, savoury sauce perfectly compliments the prawns and the texture of the courgette.

Pan-fried Calamari – The calamari is cooked in tomato oil, smoked paprika, chili, garlic, olive oil, kalamata, and Caper Berries from this Sevruga menu. The calamari is served with wild rockets, Bella Rosa Tomatoes, and a side dish of your choice.

Sevruga Pan Fried Calamari Menu
Sevruga Pan Fried Calamari Menu

Mozambican-style Prawns – The prawns are pan-fried in butter, bay leaf, chili, and garlic, with coriander and lemon. The prawns are served with your choice of side dish. The great thing about this dish is it’s simple, and you get to pick a side dish.

Sevruga Menu Specials

Tokyo Rainbow Roll – This menu from Sevruga features 8 pieces of Tokyo Rainbow Rolls. The rainbow rolls are made with ingredients like avo rolls, cream cheese, and salmon. The rolls are topped with caviar and tuna.

Prawn Surprise – This order features 8 pieces of Prawn Surprise. This dish is made with a number of ingredients such as caviar, spring onion, salmon, and avocado. The dish is wrapped in pieces of salmon. The dish is also topped with tempura prawns and served with chili mayo.

Sesame Crusted Tuna – This order features 6 pieces of sesame-crusted tuna. The dish uses ingredients such as roasted sesame seeds, avocado, fresh greens, and seared tuna topped with caviar.

Vegetarian Bamboo Roll – This dish features 4 pieces of vegetarian bamboo rolls. Vegetarian bamboo rolls are pieces of assorted vegetables wrapped in cucumber. This is a great dish for someone looking for a healthier option.

Spicy Prawn Reloaded Roll – This order features eight pieces of spicy prawns reloaded rolls. Each roll is made with prawn tempura and asparagus. Each roll is topped with avo and prawn. The dish is best served with mayo infused with wasabi.

Rainbow Formula Roll – This order features eight pieces of salmon-tuna California Roll. Each roll is topped with nuts to add a bit of flavour and texture to the meal. The rolls also use roasted sesame seeds, caviar, spring onion, and Japanese mayo. The meal is served with Sevruga’s special house-blend teriyaki sauce.

Sevruga Menu Delivery

Sevruga has established a good reputation among the people of Cape Town. As such, they always get a lot of customers each day. To make sure that the quality of their dishes doesn’t drop and the meals are sent out as soon as possible, they hired only the best staff members out there. The establishment makes sure that your orders arrive at your table as soon as possible. 

Talk to Sevruga South Africa Team

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Contact: +27 21 421 5134





If you’re looking for great food, the Sevruga Menu has everything that you’ll want. The menu houses the best delicacies from all over the world. You will also enjoy a fantastic view and a lovely atmosphere while you’re eating your delectable meals. Don’t miss out! Whenever you’re in the area, be sure to stop by Sevruga.