Societi Bistro Menu South Africa

The Societi Bistro Menu reflects the culture and diversity of Cape Town. The establishment serves a variety of meals, ranging from pasta, meat, and desserts. Their menu can be enjoyed during lunch, your afternoon snack, and even your dinner. 

All year round, their menu stays the same by changing the ingredients according to the season. This method offers affordable meals, accessible food, and love and appreciation for seasonal produce. In other words, memories are made with the menu.

The locals have grown attached to the menu, their cooking, and the experience they offer. The atmosphere is perfect for any occasion, whether they’re dates, an eat-out, or somewhere to pass some time.

Here are Societi Bistro menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Chicken Liver Parfait65
Watermelon Salad62
Societi Caesar Salad67
Lamb Fettuccine119
Prawn Spaghetti98
Truffle Spaghetti134
Sugo Di Salsiccia82
Mushroom Risotto94


½ Marinated Chicken121
Pork Belly186
Vegan Japanese Curry98
Free-range Ostrich Burger85
200g Fillet199
300g Sirloin174
200g Venison190
Mushroom and Brandy42
Peppercorn and Brandy42


KWV Grenache Blanc 125ml26
KWV Grenache Blanc 750ml126
Terra del Capo Pinot Grigio 125ml26
Terra del Capo Pinot Grigio 750ml130
Hill and Dale Sparkling Brut 175ml30
Hill and Dale Sparkling Brut 750ml148
Hartenberg Riesling 125ml48
Hartenberg Riesling 750ml189
Noble Hill Viognier 125ml44
Noble Hill Viognier 750ml218
Ghost Corner Semillon 125ml72
Ghost Corner Semillon 750ml360


L'Ormarins MCC Brut Classique 175ml69
L'Ormarins MCC Brut Classique 750ml276
L'Ormarins MCC Brut Rose 175ml69
L'Ormarins MCC Brut Rose 750ml276
Alexandra de la Marque Krone MCC 175ml102
Alexandra de la Marque Krone MCC 750ml405


Carafe Overmeer Grand Cru30
Carafe Overmeer Stein30


Franschhoek Cellar Unsoaked 125ml26
Franschhoek Cellar Unsoaked 750ml128
Durbanville Hills 125ml27
Durbanville Hills 750ml134
Boschendal 1685 125ml43
Boschendal 1685 750ml214

Chenin Blanc

Saxenburg Guinea Fowl 125ml31
Saxenburg Guinea Fowl 750ml151
Holden Manz 125ml58
Holden Manz 750ml290
Fleur Du Cap Series Privee Unfiltered 125ml60
Fleur Du Cap Series Privee Unfiltered 750ml296

Sauvignon Blanc

Noble Hill 125ml28
Noble Hill 750ml136
Thelema 125ml40
Thelema 750ml197
Cape Point Vinneyards Cape Town 125ml45
Cape Point Vinneyards Cape Town 750ml225
Collector's Reserve Unfiltered 125ml59
Collector's Reserve Unfiltered 750ml293
Ghost Corner Wild Ferment 125ml88
Ghost Corner Wild Ferment 750ml439


Terra Del Capo Sangiovese 125ml35
Terra Del Capo Sangiovese 750ml172
Neethlingshoft Malbec 125ml41
Neethlingshoft Malbec 750ml203
Paul Cluver Village Pinot Noir 125ml46
Paul Cluver Village Pinot Noir 750ml226


Lourensford The Dome Pinot Noir 125ml47
Lourensford The Dome Pinot Noir 750ml232
Allesverloren Touriga Nacional 125ml50
Allesverloren Touriga Nacional 750ml250
Idiom Sangiovese 125ml101
Idiom Sangiovese 750ml501
Idiom Zinfandel/Primitivo 125ml101
Idiom Zinfandel/Primitivo 750ml501
Lourensford The River Garden 125ml29
Lourensford The River Garden 750ml120
Holden Manz 125ml39
Holden Manz 750ml194


Carafe Overmeer Red30
Thelema Mountain Red 125ml35
Thelema Mountain Red 750ml175
Hartenberg Cabernet-Shiraz 125ml36
Hartenberg Cabernet-Shiraz 750ml178
Holden Manz Vernissage 125ml39
Holden Manz Vernissage 750ml194
Delaire Graff Botmaskop 125ml106
Delaire Graff Botmaskop 750ml528

Cabernet Sauvignon

Franschhoek Cellar 125ml30
Franschhoek Cellar 750ml148
Nederburg The Winemasters 125ml40
Nederburg The Winemasters 750ml197
Allesverloren 125ml59
Allesverloren 750ml295


Noble Hill 125ml49
Noble Hill 750ml242
Hartenberg 125ml80
Hartenberg 750ml400
Vergelegen Reserve 125ml90
Vergelegen Reserve 750ml448


Durbanville Hills 125ml32
Durbanville Hills 750ml157
Doolhof Dark Lady 125ml42
Doolhof Dark Lady 750ml206
Fleur Du Cap Series Privee Unfiltered 125ml71
Fleur Du Cap Series Privee Unfiltered 750ml352


Hartenberg 125ml 73
Hartenberg 750ml363
Cederberg 125ml90
Cederberg 750ml448
Joubert Tradauw Syrah 125ml90
Joubert Tradauw Syrah 750ml449

About Societi Bistro

Capetonians see the establishment as a part of their neighbourhood, a local. The Societi Bistro has become a home for Capetonians and visitors alike, a sanctuary. 

The establishment believes that food is more than just cuisine, it is a way of life. Food should be enjoyed with your loved ones, and taking the time to savour your meal is a must. 

Societi Bistro Menu Best Seller

½ Marinated Chicken – The chicken is marinated in star anise, and served with sweet potato and pak choi. Take note that the marinated chicken takes 25 minutes to prepare.

Pork Belly – In this Societi Bistro menu, the Pork Belly is marinated with stone fruit, chilli, and liquorice bark lacquer. The ingredients blend well to form a delicious flavour that will fill your taste buds. 

Vegan Japanese Curry – The establishment lets Capetonians taste the wonders of eastern culture. The dish includes pineapple, quinoa, and seasonal vegetables. The pineapple sets this curry apart from the others because Societi Bistro uses fresh pineapples to enhance the taste. 

Sugo Di Salsiccia – The Sugo Di Salsiccia is a sauce that uses tomato as its base; this cuisine came from Italy. To make this sauce, the establishment incorporates a number of ingredients such as Grana Padano, cream, chilli, pomodoro (tomato), boerewors, and fettuccine. The Grana Padano and the Fettuccine add flavour and texture to the sauce which perfectly compliments the savoury boerewors.

Mushroom Risotto – This pasta is much simpler than the other ones. The establishment uses only a few ingredients to cook this pasta, which is: Grana Padano, Spinach, and Cream. All ingredients of this dish are healthy, and it’s prepared faster because of its fewer ingredients.

Societi Bistro Food 1
Photo Credit: Societi Bistro FB Page

Main Course

Free-range Ostrich Burger – The taste you get from free-range meat is something else, and the ostrich offers you a different experience from your usual poultry. The burger uses whole grain buns and oats. The burger is served with horseradish slaw and hand-cut chips. 

Steak – Societi Bistro menu offers three kinds of steaks to suit your preferences. The first is 200 grams of beef fillet. The second option is to opt for 300 grams of Beef Sirloin. The last option is to opt for 200 grams of Venison. All varieties are served with hand-cut chips and wilted spinach, The steaks might not appear as red in colour because the establishment ages each of their steaks for approximately 21 days. Nonetheless, they taste amazing and you won’t regret ordering them.

Societi Bistro Steak Menu
Photo Credit: Societi Bistro FB Page

Sauces – They offer different kinds of sauces. The bearnaise is incorporated with butter, while the other sauces use pure cream. The other sauces include Peppercorn and Brandy, Mushroom and Brandy, and Moutarde.

Societi Bistro Starter Menu

Chicken Liver Parfait – The chicken used for this dish is freerange, guaranteeing the quality of the liver. The meal uses sourdough as its bread, along with preserves. This is a wonderful addition to your meal, or you can enjoy it as a snack.

Watermelon Salad – The watermelon salad is for you if you’re looking for a healthy and refreshing dish. As a base, the watermelon salad uses bitter leaves aside from the watermelon. The salad also uses goats’ cheese to enhance its flavour. Lastly, the salad uses dressing made from mint and vodka. The dressing provides a good aftertaste to the sweet and bitter base. The goats’ cheese adds a butter, tart flavour to the mix.

Societi Caesar Salad – The Societi Bistro Menu has their very own version of Caesar Salad. With their time with Capetonians, they knew just what to add to make sure the people would love the salad. The Societi Caesar Salad uses cos cabbage as its base, croutons, and anchovies. The salad uses anchovy dressing, and is topped with Grana Padano.

Lamb Fettuccine – Who doesn’t love a good pasta? The Societi Bistro’s  Lamb Fettuccine uses Grana Padano, Basil, Tomato, and Braised Lamb. They prepare the pasta only with the best and freshest ingredients.

Prawn Spaghetti – Another pasta offered by Societi Bistro, the Prawn Spaghetti will surely leave its mark on you. To prepare the prawn spaghetti, the establishment uses the freshest tomatoes available. They also use oven-roasted garlic, wilted rocket cabbages, and a hint of chilli to add that extra bit of kick to the dish.

Truffle Spaghetti – This pasta offered by the establishment will put a smile on your face. Like the other dishes, it uses the freshest and finest ingredients available to the establishment. The sauce uses Grana Padano, Free-range egg yolk, tarragon, chives, and truffle oil. The dish’s quality is guaranteed as it uses free-range ingredients. It also uses tarragon, an herb known for its great aftertaste and health benefits.

Societi Bistro Menu Delivery

The Societi Bistro makes sure that your meals are delivered to you as soon as possible. They do this while maintaining the quality of their meals. What they’re doing is no easy feat, but they consider it to be the bare minimum of what restaurants should be offering.

Talk to Societi Bistro South Africa Team

Got any concerns and you want to talk with their team? You can reach the Societi Bistro team from different sources such as their website, Facebook, Instagram, email, or contact number. Simply check the following information below:



Contact: +27 21 424 2100





The Societi Bistro Menu features dishes that will make your tastebuds dance. They have taken dishes from various cultures and made them their own. Capetonians and Visitors alike have considered this establishment a part of their community, some even consider it their home. Whenever you’re in the area, have a taste of their wonderful menu, and maybe enjoy a glass of wine or two; their doors are always open for you.