Strolla Menu South Africa

The Strolla Menu features some of the greatest menu items in all of Cape Town. They offer everything from alcohol, pizzas, pasta, and kiddie meals; anything you can think of!

Strolla is a great place to stop for a quick coffee after a morning jog or bike, a hearty meal or supper, or a quick bite of sushi and a gin drink at the Tanqueray Gin Bar.

Here are Strolla menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Health Omelette98
Strolla Omelette78
Add Avo to Omelette30
Add Bacon to Omelette30
Add Mushroom to Omelette25
Add Spinach to Omelette15
Bacon Strolla Benedict120
Salmon Strolla Benedict140
Egg and Toast55
English Breakast122
Breakfast Ciabatinni95
Homemade Muesli98


Maca Boost90
Strolla Signature90
Kiddies Protein Booster60

Hotel Inclusive Breakfast

Hot Breakfast165
Continental Breakfast135
Hot and Continental Combo225


Chicken, Bacon, and Avo Salad138
Quinoa and Feta Salad135
Add Extra Chicken to Salad165


Chicken and Mushroom140
Bacon and Brie128
Chorizo and Roasted Red Pepper145
Greek Style125
Mushroom and Goat Cheese145

Bar and Snack

Chilli Poppers90
Spicy Nachos150
Add Chicken to Poppers55
Add Pulled Pork to Poppers60
Spicy Fish Tacos90
Quinoa and Spinach Burger135
Cheese Burger145
Add Bacon to Burger30
Add Caramelised Onions to Burger25
Add Avo to Burger25
Add Fried Egg to Burger10
Add Jalapeno to Burger15

Small Plates

Mussels in White Wine105
Deep Fried Tentacles98
Warm Mezze Platter390
Strolla Platter265


Seafood Linguine210
Butter Chicken Curry165
Rotisserie Chicken190
Baby Kingklip250
Chargrilled Sirloin245
Grilled Prawns360


Belgian Chocolate Log75
Surprise Cheesecake75
Greek Yoghurt and Honey Tart74
Trio of Sorbet68
Banana and Chocolate Dessert95


The Dogfather60
Chicken Strips and Chips90
Fish Monger90
Burger King70
Papas Pizza55
Mac 'n Cheese50
Charlie's Choc Sundae45
Small Milkshake30
Large Milkshake50
Build-Your-Own Pizza65


Maki - Salmon75
Maki - Tuna75
Maki - Prawn70
Maki - Avo50
California - Salmon90
California - Tuna90
California - Prawn80
California - Veg60
Roses - Salmon90
Roses - Tuna90
Nigiri - Salmon95
Nigiri - Tuna90
Nigiri - Prawn85
Sashimi - Salmon90
Sashimi - Tuna95
Sushi Platter215

Hot Beverages

Flat White30
Hot Chocolate35
Red Cappuccino41
Chai Latte41
Dirty Chai Latte41
TWG Leaf Teas35

Cold Beverages

Soft Drinks - 200ml26
Soft Drinks - 330ml31
Red Bull58
Red Bull Sugar Free58
Red Bull Red Edition: Watermelon58
Bos Ice Tea39
Tomato Cocktail42
Fitch and Leedes Pink Tonic26
Fitch and Leedes Blue Tonic26
Fitch and Leedes Sugar Free Tonic26
Rock Shandy40
Assorted Juices20
Still and Sparkling Water - 500ml26
Still and Sparkling Water - 1L40

Fresh Juices

Ginger Rush70
The Green Man80
Immune Booster70
Quick Fix Shot40

About Strolla

Strolla provides a fresh and creative neighbourhood hangout for on-the-go coffee, simple yet exquisite cuisine and sushi, and beverages on the deck with views of the dazzling surf beyond, located off Sea Point’s bustling promenade, near the Peninsula All-Suite Hotel.

The establishment is the ideal gathering spot for friends. They offer a relaxing and engaging atmosphere that will make you and your friends at home. In this modern era, everything is digital. That’s why the establishment also offers free WiFi to get your work done. Strolla also features scenic surroundings to enjoy, and a convenient kids’ play area to keep small ones amused.

Of course, Strolla lets the kids in on the fun as well! Children under the age of ten are permitted in the children’s section. To let them in, parents are obligated to sign an indemnification document.

Strolla Menu Best Seller

Seafood Paella – A flavorful and colorful Spanish rice dish that’s a Strolla favorite, packed with juicy prawns, mussels, line fish, calamari, and chorizo. A satisfying and delectable dish, ideal for communal dining with loved ones and companions.

Strolla Seafood Paella

Crispy Pork Belly – A popular dish for meat lovers, the slow-roasted pork belly is served with a crispy crackling, sweet potato mash, wilted spinach, and apple sauce. The combination of sweet and savory flavors is sure to delight your taste buds.

Beef Fillet – The juicy and tender beef fillet is a crowd-pleaser and one of the best-sellers at Strolla. Served with hand-cut fries, roasted tomato, and a choice of mushroom, pepper, or blue cheese sauce, this is a classic and satisfying meal.

Strolla Burger – This menu is a hearty and flavorful beef burger that’s topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato, and burger sauce, served with hand-cut fries. If you’re in search of a satisfying meal that boasts traditional burger tastes, this option is a fantastic choice.

Roasted Butternut Salad – A delicious and healthy salad menu from Strolla. The roasted butternut cubes are served on a bed of mixed greens with feta, pumpkin seeds, and balsamic dressing. For those seeking a lighter or vegetarian alternative, this salad is a perfect choice.

Grilled Calamari – A simple yet satisfying Strolla menu made from tender calamari tubes and tentacles that are grilled to perfection with garlic, chili, and lemon, served with a refreshing rocket and feta salad. This dish is perfect for those who love seafood and want a light and healthy meal.

Strolla Grilled Calamari

Strolla Breakfast Menu

If you happen to be in Cape Town and are on the lookout for an exceptional breakfast, then the Breakfast Strolla Menu should be your ultimate stop. This menu offers a wide variety of breakfast options, sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you feeling satisfied. From classic favorites to unique dishes, this menu has it all! So, make sure to give it a try for an unforgettable breakfast experience.

Health Omelette – The Health Omelette meal features an egg white omelette filled with parmesan, spinach, avocado, and spring onions. This meal costs R98. There are a number of add-ons for the Health Omelette, such as Avo for R30, Bacon for R30, Mushroom for R25, and Spinach for R15.

Strolla Omelette – Strolla’s original omelette recipe features omelette filled with ham, cherry tomatoes, and cheddar cheese. This omelette costs R78. There are a number of add-ons for the Strolla Omelette, such as Avo for R30, Bacon for R30, Mushroom for R25, and Spinach for R15.

Strolla Benedict – The Strolla Benedict menu features a toasted mini croissant topped with hollandaise sauce, poached egg, wilted spinach, and either bacon or salmon. The Salmon variety costs R140 while the Bacon variety costs R120.

Egg and Toast – Strolla’s Egg and Toast features eggs with a choice of rye, brown, or white bread. The eggs can be fried, boiled, scrambled, or poached, all up to you! This meal costs R55, one of the cheapest and simplest breakfasts on the menu.

English Breakfast – The English Breakfast with a choice of fried, poached, or scrambled eggs. It also comes with potato rosti, beef sausage, baked beans, crispy bacon, grilled tomatoes, and sauteed mushrooms.

Main Menu

The Main menu of Strolla features kiddie meals, sweets, entrees, small plates, snacks, pizzas, and salads. The following are some of Strolla’s best dishes.

Chicken, Bacon, and Avo Salad – The Chicken, Bacon, and Avo Salad features chicken salad that contains salad greens, poached eggs, and bacon. The salad costs R138.

Chicken and Mushroom Pizza – The Chicken and Mushroom Pizza is topped with spring onions and peppadew. This pizza is quick, simple, and amazing. It costs R140.

Spicy Nachos – The Spicy Nachos are topped with Danish Feta. The Spicy Nachos are served with guacamole, tomato chutney, and peppered cream cheese. The Spicy Nachos cost R150, but for an additional R55, you can add chicken to the mix, and an additional R60 will feature pulled pork to the mix.

Mussels in White Wine – Strolla prepares the mussels with amazing white wine and serves the dish with garlic bruschetta. These mussels cost R105.

Seafood Linguine – The Seafood Linguine features a choice of either cream-based or tomato pasta. Strolla serves the pasta with tempura prawns, clams, mussels, and calamari with a hint of fresh chili.

Belgian Chocolate Log – The Belgian Chocolate Log is served with a serving of dark chocolate ganache, and peanut butter ice cream. The dessert costs R75.

The Dogfather – This cleverly named kiddie meal features hotdogs with ketchup and chips. The Dogfather costs R60.


Strolla Sushi

Maki – The Maki meal comes in six pieces and is offered in four different flavours. The flavours include Avo for R50, Prawn for R70, Tuna for R75, and Maki for R75.

California – The California meal comes in eight pieces and is offered in four different flavours. The flavours include Veg for R60, Prawn for R80, Tuna for R90, and Salmon for R90.

Roses – The Roses meal comes in five pieces, and is offered in two different flavours. These flavours include Tuna for R90, and Salmon for R90.

Nigiri – The Nigiri meal comes in four pieces, and is offered in three different flavours. These flavours include Prawn for R85, Tuna for R90, and Salmon for R95.

Sashimi – The Sashimi meal comes in four pieces, and is offered in two different varieties which are: Tuna for R95, and Salmon for R90.

Sushi Platter – The Sushi Platter comes in 16 pieces which includes two pieces of Nigiri, two pieces of Sashimi, two pieces of Roses, four pieces of California, and six pieces of Maki.

Hot + Cold Beverages

Strolla features a number of hot and cold beverages. With the wide array of choices, you’re sure to find the right beverage for you. The hot beverages include Flat White, Cortado, Americano, Espresso, and much much more! The cold beverages include Red Bull, Appletiser, Soft Drinks, Bos Ice Tea, and more! Strolla also offers fresh juices such as The Green Man, and Ginger Rush.

Signature Dishes

Quinoa Feta Salad – This Quinoa Feta Salad features Feta, Quail Eggs, Avocado, Beetroot, Chickpea, Butternut, Broccoli, and of course, Quinoa. The Salad Costs R135, and having extra chicken added costs R165.

Greek Style Pizza – The Greek-style pizza is a delicious culinary creation that boasts a mouthwatering combination of flavorful ingredients. Among its delectable toppings are crumbled feta cheese, fresh spinach leaves, savory olives, and delicious sundried tomatoes. Individually, each ingredient adds its own unique and bold flavor, but together, they create a harmonious symphony of taste that is sure to tantalize the taste buds of any pizza lover.

Chilli Poppers – The Chilli Poppers feature deep-fried jalapeno croquettes served with the Strolla’s very own homemade guacamole. The Chilli Poppers cost R90.

Cheese Burger – The Cheese Burger meal features 200g of a homemade burger patty. Strolla’s burger is topped with either cheddar or camembert, gherkin, tomato, and wild rocket. The meal is served with straw chips and costs R145.

Strolla Cheeseburger

Strolla Menu Delivery

Strolla prioritizes its customers’ time and satisfaction. As such, they make sure to deliver your order to your table as soon as possible. In this establishment, you will find everything satisfactory, from their speed down to the taste of their dishes.

Social Media Pages

Strolla keeps up with its customers’ needs by paying close attention to their feedback on social media platforms. Their official Facebook and Instagram pages are accessible through the links provided below. So, if you wish to connect with them or stay updated on their latest offerings and services, be sure to follow their pages.





The Strolla menu features great dishes and serves them in a great atmosphere. If you’re ever looking for a place for your morning coffee, sushi cravings, a bonding spot with your kids, or whatever, do try Strolla as they don’t fail to impress.