Tarana Menu South Africa

The distinct and mouthwatering flavor of the Tarana menu is highlighted in this article. Given that India has welcomed numerous settlers with a wide range of belief systems over the years, modern Indian cuisine is the result of thousands of years of influence from various other regions of the world.

Over the years, new ingredients and spices have been introduced to the subcontinent, resulting in a distinctive culinary experience that will leave you wanting more every time. The wide range of regional food preferences also contributes to the diversity and variety of options that can be enjoyed.

Here are Tarana menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

Chicken Curries Boneless

Chicken Curry88
Chicken Vindaloo88
Chicken Palak88
Chicken Jal Ferezi90
Chicken Rogan Josh90
Himachali Chicken Rara92
Butter Chicken90
Chicken Bhuna90
Chicken Tikka Masala92
Chicken Badami92
Chicken Korma92
Chicken Madras90
Chicken Kadahi90
Chichken Dal Gosht88
Chicken Dopiaza90

Chicken Curries In the Bone

Chicken Curry75
Chicken Vindaloo75
Chicken Palak75
Chicken Jal Ferezi77
Chicken Rogan Josh77
Himachali Chicken Rara79
Butter Chicken77
Chicken Bhuna77
Chicken Tikka Masala79
Chicken Badami79
Chicken Korma79
Chicken Madras77
Chicken Kadahi77
Chichken Dal Gosht75
Chicken Dopiaza77

Lamb Curries Boneless

Lamb Curry140
Lamb Vindaloo140
Lamb Palak140
Lamb Bhuna140
Lamb Jal Ferezi150
Lamb Rogan Josh140
Himachali Lamb Rara150
Lamb Korma150
Lamb Badami150
Lamb Madras150
Lamb Kadahi140
Lamb Dal Gosht140

Lamb Curries In the Bone

Lamb Curry120
Lamb Vindaloo120
Lamb Palak120
Lamb Bhuna120
Lamb Jal Ferezi130
Lamb Rogan Josh120
Himachali Lamb Rara130
Lamb Korma130
Lamb Badami130
Lamb Madras130
Lamb Kadahi120
Lamb Dal Gosht120

Seafood Curries

Fish Curry120
Fish Masala120
Prawn Masala150
Prawn Vindaloo150
Prawn Korma150
Prawn and Chicken Masala130

Vegetable Curries

Bombay Potatoes70
Chana Masala75
Dal Fry Yellow80
Dal Makhnie80
Aloo Gobi Matar80
Vegetable Jal Ferezi80
Vegetable Makhnie80
Navratan Korma85
Matar Mashroom85
Matar Paneer80
Paneer Tikka Masala85
Paneer Korma85
Palak Paneer80
Paneer Makhnie85


Samosa Veg 4 pieces26
Samosa Chicken 4 pieces28
Samosa Lamb Mince 4 pieces30
Onion Bhajiya 6 pieces26
Mix Veg Bhajiya 6 pieces26
Chicken Tikka70
Chicken Reshmi Kebab70
Chicken Tandoori115
Whole Chicken65
Half Chicken40
Quarter Chicken80
Lamb Shish Kebab85
Fried Prawns80
Mixed Tandoori Platter for two80
Mixed Tandoori Platter for four85

All day Snacks and Short Eats

Paneer Chili60
Mushroom Chili60
Veg. Manchurian60
Chicken Manchurian70
Chicken 6570
Chicken Chili70
Prawn Chili90

Assorted Breads and Rice

Butter Naan23
Garlic Naan25
Rogni Naan25
Peshawari Naan30
Roomali Roti20
Laccha Paratha23
Aloo Paratha35
Stuffed Keema Paratha45
Plain Basmati Rice18
Vegetable Pulao40


Cucumber Raita30
Tomato, Onions and Chilies30
Mixed Green Salad30
Pickled Lemon10
Small Portion Chopped Salad25
Hot and Sweet Chutney12
Plain Chips20
Masala Chips25


Filter Coffee16
Double Espresso21
Rooibos Tea18
Masala Tea21

Soft Drinks

Coke Light18
Cream Soda18
Soda Water18
Red Grapetizer23
Dry Lemon18
Still Water18
Sparkling Water18
Orange Juice22
Fruit Cocktail22
Lime and Lemonade22
Kola Tonic and Lemonade22
Passion Fruit22
Vanilla Milkshake29
Chocolate Milkshake29
Lemonade Mix18
Tomato Cocktail18
Ginger Ale18
Tonic Water18
Red Bull33
Iced Tea21
1L Mineral Water31


Toasted Almond Ice Cream25
Chocolate Ice Cream25
Burfee Ice Cream25
Rice Pudding40
Gulab Jamun35

About Tarana

Our goal at Tarana is to give you the best culinary experience possible for your taste buds, much like the musical composition Tarana is to your ears. We always use the best products in our cuisine, and the menu draws inspiration from every region of India.

They take pleasure in offering consistently high-quality meals and do a stringent quality check on each dish before it is served. Every time a dish is ordered, it is created from scratch and customized to your personal preferences, from mild to hot.

There is something for every taste and nutritional inclination, whether it be North Indian, Tandooris, Sino-Indian snacks, Goan, or South Indian cuisine.

Tarana Menu Best Seller

Chicken Curry Tarana Menu
Photo Credit: Tarana FB Page

Chicken Curry – All of these terms are appropriate for defining Indian cuisine because it is varied in both flavor and variety and is composed of a large range of regional cuisines from all over India. Turmeric, the primary component of curry powder, gives it its distinctive yellow color but little flavor.

Fenugreek, cumin, and coriander are among the spices that give the mixture its mild flavor. While the garam masala recipe might vary by area, it is typically sweeter and more flavorful than curry powder.

Fish Curry – A fantastic midweek dish that is always flavorful and healthful for you is fish curry. This hearty Tarana menu is a light dish that combines delectable Asian flavors with delicious fish for a satisfying lunch. The fish curry is savory, mildly spicy, and excellent.

This flavorful curry made with tomatoes and coconuts and featuring flaky white fish chunks is a favorite. Make the coconut milk curry in two or three batches and freeze it in two-cup pieces.

Lamb Curry – This thick, meaty dish is ideal to prepare for a crowd because it’s made with tomatoes, onions, and spices in the classic and authentic lamb curry. Lamb that has been drenched in a fiery tomato and onion masala gravy is soft, juicy, and tender.

For lamb curries or chopped lamb stew, boneless lamb shoulder is ideal. The recipe tastes great when accompanied by raita, Indian cucumber salad, and steamed basmati rice. If the gravy is thickened, it also goes nicely with recently prepared chapatis.

Tarana Famous Dishes

Lamb Vindaloo – Tender lamb chunks are cooked in a vindaloo sauce created with loads of red chilies, vinegar, garlic, and spices in this mouthwatering spicy red Indian curry dish known as Lamb Vindaloo or Mutton Vindaloo.

A deliciously tangy, somewhat sweet, and authentically spicy lamb dish from Goa. As this provides a vindaloo even more heat, many traditional cooks may smoke the spices in the pan before adding the meat and veggies to the sauce. Given that the dish’s customary seasoning is cayenne pepper, this is very effective.

Tarana Famous Menu
Photo Credit: Tarana FB Page

Lamb Palak – All around India, but notably in North India, this dish is very well-liked. Palak gosht is a delicious dish enjoyed by the whole family, including soft and supple lamb chunks covered in a mildly spicy spinach sauce. Every bite of this delectable spinach lamb curry made with this simple recipe is brimming with flavor.

Tarana Starters Menu

Whole Chicken – The meat of chicken is often moist and contains a lot of amino acids, which increase the umami flavor of the tongue. If the skin is crisp roasted, the small amount of fat that is present in it enhances the flavor.

The distinctive saltiness of fried chicken encourages the production of more saliva, allowing us to break down that crispy skin more and simplifying the digestion process. But the layer of salt and fat that the chicken skin creates, which is what makes us want to fawn over it, is what gives this fried chicken high.

Lamb Shish Kebab – This Tarana menu has tasty meat from the inside and out thanks to the marinade. When you bite into the luscious kebab meat, the marinade ensures that you won’t receive burnt chunks of flesh but instead smoky bits of meat overflowing with flavor.

A typical kebab is either ground meat kofta or cubes of shish kebab that have been grilled, whereas a doner kebab is layers of meat that are vertically spit-roasted like shawarma and then cut off with a long knife.

Chicken Curries

Chicken Vindaloo – One of the most well-known Indian recipes, vindaloo, hails from the Goa area of India. This meal has a lot of spices and can be vegetarian or contain meats like pork, chicken, or tofu. The chilies used in Indian vindaloo give it a flaming hot and spicy flavor.

There are a lot of bright, acidic, and vinegar-tinged notes among the very spicy ones. In comparison, tikka masala is creamy and thick while still being wonderful.

Chicken Palak – Spinach leaves and tender boneless chicken breast pieces are cooked in an onion-tomato sauce to make palak chicken. Rich and creamy are created by ground cashews. Tonight, let’s devour this insanely scrumptious Saag Wala Chicken or Palak Chicken.

Tarana Menu Delivery

From ten in the morning until eight at night, Tarana is open. However, this is only a brief period of time for the majority of people who are employed. Fortunately, eating Indian food doesn’t exactly require you to sit down and have dinner. It can be consumed wherever you like. Visit their website at http://www.taranarestaurant.co.za/ to place a delivery order or call 012 656 7402 to do so.

Talk to Tarana South Africa Staff

Got any questions or concerns and you want to reach out to ask for them? Worry not because you can talk to their staff via their website. Otherwise, you can also send them a message on their Facebook. They usually replied within 24-48 hours. To reach them, you can refer to the following links below:

Website: http://www.taranarestaurant.co.za/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taranareds/


There are numerous Indian foods that are moderate, despite the fact that many of them are regarded as hot by western standards. You can also order the less-spicy versions of foods that are generally hot if you don’t like spice. Even while the Tarana menu is well-known for its contemporary Indian cuisine, it is more than that. This restaurant almost has the feel of a local cuisine. Which provides practically all of the many culinary varieties found in India. You would undoubtedly want to sample their food if you had persevered thus far.