Thali Menu South Africa

Visiting various food restaurants and experiencing commendable dishes is worth the journey. Though I have visited different places and tasted several menus, the Thali menu is one of a kind that spelled out its peculiarity and decent tastes with the complete combinations and mixture of spices, the way most Indian Chefs do.

Not only for the quality of food this restaurant stands out but also for the ambiance of the place that they prepare to make each customer at home while in Thali. The traditional creation of its interior and the organization of its facilities depict and reflect the Indian customary behavior and manner.

The tranquil style and expanded dining room will make you feel at ease. However, this restaurant does not take bookings. Let’s explore and discover the secret that makes this food restaurant marvelous. Come with me to Thali and experience another kind of tradition of Indian cuisine.

Here are Thali menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

Thali for 2

Sweetcorn Kali Bhaji,Black Garlic Aioli950
Gujmati Dhal950
Mustard Cauliflower,Spiced Jeera Sauce.950
Lamb Galouti Kebab950
Masala Duck Taco 950
Line fish Shashimi,Cape Malay Dressing.Curried Labneh, Saffron Pickled Onions950
Masal Chicken Curry950
Khatti Wali Machchi Kari950

Vegetarian Tapas for 2

Sweetcorn Kali Bhaji,Black Garlic Aioli475
Gujmati Dhal 475
Mustard Cauliflower,Spiced Jeera Sauce.475
Chana Masala Chaat ,Temprered Cumin Seeds475
Garam masala Roast Carrot,Carrot Chutney, Coconut & Carrot Cream,475
Spring Grees,Paneer,Black Pepper & Pea Puree475
Tandoori Mushroom Curry475
Augbergine & Courtgette Bngali Curry475

Vegetarian Tapas for 1

Oyster,Tamarind & Coconut Drissing, Lime Compressed Apple, Pickled Saffron Onions165
Sweetcorn Kali Bhaji,Herb Chutney ,Tamarind Dressing
Gujmati Dhal
Garam masala Roast Carrot,Carrot Chutney, Coconut & Carrot Cream.
Tandoori Mushroom Curry

About Thali

The Head Chef of this restaurant, Nathanael ‘Nate’ Coe, has made a remarkable contribution to the existence of Thali restaurant. From the Chef to the crew, they served their customers professionally. Each crew works passionately to make each menu tantalizing and tickle each appetite.

Where is the best place to stay in this restaurant? Yes, there’s a place for you and me to choose where to stay. This restaurant reserves you a private dining room if you intend to stay with privacy such as business transactions, private conferences, etc.

You can also dine in their courtyard if you want to enjoy your meal with the freshness of the atmosphere. You can also converse with a friend in the cocktail bar that they have made ready for those who want to get warm with whisky and wine. Thali menus and dishes are not halaal. They also serve vegetable and your favorite seafood are freshly cooked.

Thali for 2 Menu

Sweetcorn Kali Bhaji, Black Garlic Aioli – You must try to grab this Thali menu with the sweetcorn tang of kali Bhaji combined with black garlic Aioli. If you wish to experience such unusual taste, this menu is at its best. After having tried this menu, what comes up to my mind is to make my own homemade black garlic aioli. For such is worth imitating.

Thali Menu Best Seller
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Gujmati Dhal, Mustard Cauliflower, Spiced Jeera Sauce, Lamb Galouti Kebab – This is a group and a combination of this meal that will surely satisfy each hunger. The tasty lamb galouti kebab, fresh cauliflower, and sauce that add up the delectable flavor of its meal make it complete. You must dare to try this group menu.

Thali Mustard Cauliflower Menu
Mustard Cauliflower

Masala Duck Taco, Line fish Shashimi Cape, Malay Dressing, Curried Labneh, Saffron Pickled Onions – I love the group and combination of this meal. Masala duck taco is great and flavourful, fish Sashimi has its unique and edible tang spiced with condiments that makes it fabulous. With its dressing, it becomes more appetizing.

Masala Chicken Curry, Khatti Wali Machchi Kari – The aroma of masala chicken curry is inviting and will tantalize your appetite and make you feel the excitement of eating. Its perfect curry flavor is what I love, just can’t help to crave more. This Thali menu is with Khatti Wali Machchi Kari. I believe that this restaurant chef is so passionate and determined to make this meal. Such a delightful and exemplary menu.

Thali Masala Chicken Curry Menu
Masala Chicken Curry

Thali Vegetarian Tapas for 2

This meal fits those who l love to eat veggies and meat-free meals. The perfect combination of freshly served vegetables, steamed and half-cooked with the right combination of dressing and sauce, would really make this vegetarian meal such a delightful meal. I love to eat more of the mustard cauliflower, with spuce jeera sauce.

There comes the nourishing garam masal roast carrot, coupled with coconut and carrot cream just to make this meal satisfying. What’s more” don’t forget to try Tandoori Mushroom Curry. Superb and so unique in its taste. As my family journeyed in this restaurant, we tasted the peculiar beauty and taste of each vegetable. The dressing and sauce had made it tasteful. Commendable Thali menu for vegetable lovers.

Thali Vegetarian Tapas for 1

You may be alone but never be lonely with the Thali Vegetarian Tapas good for one meal. Enjoy the sweetcorn kali Bhaji that is perfectly cooked and combined with tamarind dressing. Enjoy. Sweet and sour tang is relishing.

Plus, Gujmati Dhal is unforgettable in its unique taste. I may not describe it accurately but it’s amazing and delightful. You dare to visit this place to witness their distinctive cuisine. Served once it a separate plate is their discrete way of preparing their meal.

Thali Menu Delivery

Indian Thali Restaurant menu delivers right to your door steps. You can choose UBER EATS to have your chosen menu brought right to your home without the hassles of going out. On your search engine type:, to reach their page, or simply grab the Uber Eats application on your Android or iPhone.

To select a menu from this application just key in your address and click find the menu and it will redirect you to the menu section where you can choose your desired dishes for delivery. See Thali’s Facebook for more information and see their menu reviews.


Each cuisine has its own identity. It represents the tradition and practices of a country. Its unique and distinct manner of presenting its kitchen makes a difference to that of others. The tastes, the makeover, and the combination of each spice, the designs, and the presentations are the manner in which a dish or menu is identified to belong therein. Indian cuisine is made up of various regional and traditional cuisine native therefrom. They usually use spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruit in their menus. In addition, their food is heavily influenced and patterned by their religion, culture, and traditional choices. The menu from the Thali restaurant is a representation of their culture and tradition. If you want to know and experience it, come and visit Thali restaurant at 3 Park Road, Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa to discover more of their unique food.