The Creamery Menu South Africa

Do you want to know when was your favorite dessert (ice cream) was made? Ice cream originated way back in the second century B.C.. Alexander the Great was believed to enjoyed ice flavored with honey and nectar. King Solomon in Biblical times was fond of iced drinks during harvest time. Nero Claudius Caesar (A.D. 54-86) of the Roman Empire, often want to be served with, ice flavored with fruits and juices.

It was always refreshing and satisfying that your gullet would always long for. Until it evolved in the passing of time and became a portion of a meal, always part of gatherings and parties, and even to relieve you from stressful days. Indeed from my younger years until the very moment of my life, ice cream is one that makes me glad and happy. Come and share with me the joy of ice cream as we take a tour of The Creamery.

Here are the Creamery menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)

Dessert Cafe Menu

Single scoop37.5
Half & Half39.5
Double scoop61
Single scoop54
Double scoop77
Single scoop52.5
Chocolate Sauce10.5
Caramel Sauce10.5
Toasted Almonds10.5
Oat Crumble10.5
Toasted Marshmallow10.5
Cookie Dough10.5
Bruleed Banana10.5
Single scoop66
Double scoop89
Each for 500ml105
Ooey Gooey choc chip cookies125
Malva Puddings125
cookie Dough bites 140g59
Honeycomb Crunch Bites Large89
Honeycomb Crunch Bites Small49
Cookie Dough Bites 340g98
65% Chocolate120
Sweet Cream120
Sea Salt Caramel120
Peanut Butter Ice Cream120
Honey comb crunch120
Vegan Choc Peanut Cluster120
Salt River of Dreams120
Seattle Coffee120
Vegan 65% Chocolate120
Cornflake Milk120
Strawberry Birthday Cake120
Ooey Gooey choc chip cookies125
Malva Puddings125

About The Creamery

How can I describe this ice cream store that really fills my tummy with the delightful taste of various flavored ice cream crafted from the skillful hand and passionate heart of their ice cream chef? You will surely be amazed and want to try all those tastes. Simply fabulous.

This Ice Cream Shop can be found at 35 Dean Street Cape Town, South Africa. This is not just an ice cream shop but also serves coffee to fill your day with creaminess. You must come to witness for yourself the numerous handmade flavor made from ingredients such as pistachio nuts, strawberry, caramel, cheese, and a lot more to be discovered.

The Creamery Menu Best Seller

Pistachio Scoops Menu
Photo Credit: The Creamery FB Page

Pistachio Scoops –  This Creamery menu is well-loved by people. This handmade flavor of ice cream is a mixture of Karoo pistachio nuts, with no other artificial flavoring or coloring foods. It is purely, natural, pistachio. This is one of the best sellers in the store. You must try for yourself!

Strawberry Birthday Cake Menu
Photo Credit: The Creamery FB Page

Strawberry Birthday Cake – It is a cake in ice cream or shall I say ice cream in the cake. Baked in a delicious vanilla sponge cake, the ice cream is then blended before stirring and swirling with strawberry. This is such a unique creation.

Sea Salt Caramel Menu
Photo Credit: The Creamery FB Page

Sea Salt Caramel – This is sweet is a Creamy, sweet, salty classic, and with flakes of sea salt are always available for dining or to take home. You will be amazed at how beautiful this creation is. You must also dare to try this Creamery menu!

Blackberry Ripple Menu
Photo Credit: The Creamery FB Page

Blackberry Ripple – Just perfect for a sunny spring day. It is swirled with delectable blackberry sauce, with terrific crop-grown blackberries. It is savory, creamy, and enjoyable to your palate. Hurry! Don’t miss having your scoops of this berry-flavored ice cream.

Milk Chocolate Magic Shell
Photo Credit: The Creamery FB Page

Milk Chocolate Magic Shell – This appealing milk chocolate sauce magically toughens as quickly as it’s poured over a scoop of your ice cream. It’s readily available in all The Creamery Café in South Africa.

Blueberry Ice Cream Menu
Blueberry Ice Cream Menu

Blueberry Ice Cream – Blueberry flavored ice-cream is my favorite flavor. I love its creaminess as blueberry savor stands out with such sweetness and tantalizing taste. This Creamery Ice cream menu is so innovative in mixing and combining ingredients to make each flavor unique and exceptional.

Vanilla Raspberry Cookie – Vanilla bean cookie softly baked, sprinkled with raspberries – served with a scoop of your desired flavor from the tender. This is made from quality ingredients that create a good impression of its taste. It has a perfect balance between the combination of raspberry tart and the sweetness of vanilla flavor. 

The Creamery Waffles Menu

Don’t miss their creamery waffle that is so unique with a freshly baked waffle under the scoops of creamy ice cream. Such a perfect combination. Its waffle is so soft and savory when blended with the creaminess of the ice cream, it really tastes so extravagantly good. Take a bit of a waffle and you will feel how tender and creamy the waffle is. It made me crave more. You won’t be bored with this invented approach to ice cream.

Banana Split Sundae Menu

Do you love bananas? Well, I do. Do you love ice cream? Yes, I do. Do you love to eat bananas and ice cream? Here it is, the creamy banana split sundae. A combination of sweet banana and a cold and fine texture of the ice cream. It was termed as such since the banana is divided or split into half and then the ice cream is huddled amid the two pieces. This is how it looks: Peeled banana is cut into half lengthwise and placed against the sides of a long, and narrow shallow plate. The scoops of ice cream in between the banana slices were placed in a row. Squeeze the chocolate syrup on the scoops of ice cream made as toppings. Topped with the whipped cream and dusting with all other ingredients make this awesome in appearance, especially its taste.

The Creamery Menu Delivery

The Creamery delivery charged a standard delivery fee is R50, however, all orders beyond R350 are delivered free right to the doorstep of your home free of cost. You can keep in touch with The Creamery store through their contact number 021 447 7690, or thru an email at,

So what are you waiting for? Start ordering from them and enjoy the Creamery menu while you are sitting comfortably from your chair at home or office.

Talk to The Creamery South Africa Staff

If you ever got any questions and wanted to contact them, you can send them a message from their Facebook or Instagram accounts. They usually respond within 24 hours. To contact them, refer to the links below:




From children to adults, down to old age, ice cream is never out of place. It occupies a space in peoples’ hearts. It will occupy more of its space if you will have a chance to take a try and have a lick of the numerous handmade flavor of The Creamery Ice Cream. This store will surely surprise your tongue and astonish your desire for ice cream. Their conception of different flavours made by their chefs is so fantastic and praiseworthy. You must visit this place and give it a try!