The Fish And Chip Menu South Africa

Do you love finger foods? Are you looking for a place where you could get all of your favorite finger foods at a very affordable price? Look no more, I got you since I found the perfect place where you could go with your friends and family.

This place offers specialty fish and chips but if you’re not into this kind of food no worries they also offer different food items like fries, sausages, and other different food items to choose from. Ever heard about Fish and Chip? If not please make time to read my article and together let us explore the Fish and Chip menu items, prices, and a little bit more about their whereabouts. Let’s see if after this you will consider trying to eat at their restaurant. Let’s start now and not delay this, shall we?

Here are The Fish and Chip menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


200g mini19.9
320g small27.9
470g medium 37.9
750g large55.9
1.2kg village 72.9
2kg maningi99.9


Medium 34
Captains fish25
Small hake and mini chips 200g32.9
Small hake and small chips 320g39.9
Captains fish and small chips 320g41.9
Medium hake and small chips 320g54.9
Large hake and small chips 320g69.9


Rings half portion 39.9
Rings full portion 68.9

Something meaty

Russian small 17
Russian large24
Russian foot long 36
Vienna 12
Cheese Russian 28
Chili Russian 28

Value meals

Russian and chip roll31.9
Small Russian and mini chips 200g31.9
Small Russian and small chips 320g36.9
2 viennas and small chips 320g36.9
Large Russian and small chips 320g42.9
Cheese Russian and small chips 320g44.9
Chili Russian and small chips 320g44.9
Footlong and small chips 320g56.9

Double up

2 small Russians and small chips 320g49.9
Small hake, small Russian and small chips 320g52.9
2 small hake and small chips 320g56.9

Buddie meals

Value buddie meal94.9
Mad buddie meal104.9
Big buddie meal 124.9

Family meals

Value share179.9
Village share199.9
Issabig share249.9

About The Fish and Chip

The Fish and Chip is a restaurant that serves in South Africa. They started years ago, 2009 to be exact, they started as a small business and today they are the fastest-growing restaurant establishment in South Africa. Nowadays they serve the most delicious and freshest fish and chips that you can find in the market.

Their restaurant already build a reputation and got nominated for five consecutive years in the top 10 fast food restaurant category in a local award-giving body. They became popular because of their good serving size and big portions, it is quite plenty so every order will leave you full and content.

This restaurant only purchases the finest quality fish to assure the freshness and quality of the product that they will serve. Their head office contact details are 41 Linksfield Rd. Dowerglen Edenvale and their telephone number are 010 601-4900. This company was under the company taste holding since 2012 but was acquired by Fiamme holdings in 2019. For more information about them, their website can be accessed here.

The Fish and Chip Menu Best Seller

Here are some of the Fish and Chip menu best sellers that you should try, these items are very affordable and when it comes to taste it is awesome. 

Captains Fish And Small Chips Menu
Photo Credit: The Fish and Chip Co FB Page

Captains Fish and Small Chips (320g) – Made with fish fillet, seasoned very well with some herbs and spices then dipped into a special batter made with some spices as well then dipped fried until golden, with crispy golden chips that are also seasoned with some herbs and spices. They serve this dish with some dipping sauce to add flavor to the already flavorful meal. This is highly recommended if you are a heavy eater since it will definitely make you full. 

Rings Full Portion – Made with calamari rings dipped into a special batter with some spices and herbs, also deeply fried to maintain crispiness. What I like about this Fish and Chip menu is their calamari is not overcooked just right so it does not have a gummy-like texture. If you are a seafood lover then this is the right one for you, this is also perfect with beer or any cold beverages. 

Chili Russian – If you like meaty and spicy food then this one is higher recommended for you. It might look like Just a simple Russian sausage but the taste is really good. The spiciness of the sausage is just right not too spicy you can still enjoy the meaty taste of the sausage

The Fish And Chip Value Buddie Meal Menu
Photo Credit: The Fish and Chip Co FB Page

Value Buddie Meal – Consists of 2 small Russian sausages, 2 small hake, and medium chips of 470g. This is also good for sharing with family or friends. A very affordable food item that is good for two already but big in servings. 

Big Buddie Meal – This one is also good for sharing just like a value Buddie meal and is also one of their best sellers. Big Buddie meal includes 2 footlong Russian sausages, 2 hake, and medium chips of 470g. This meal’s serving is big enough for 2 people and also really affordable. 

The Fish and Chip Menu Specials

Family Meals

The Fish and Chips co. Offers family meals menu that is big in serving and will cost you less. You’ll save a lot for this one. They have 3 family meals. First is the value share which will cost you R179.90. Value share includes 2 Russian foot-long sausages, 2 hake, and large chips of 750g.

Village Share

Secondly is their village share which includes 4 rolls, 4 small hakes, 4 small Russian sausages, and village chips of 1.2kg. Village share will cost you R199.90.

Issabig Share

Lastly is their Issabig Share which includes 4 large Russian sausages, 4 medium hakes, 4 rolls, and village chips of 1.2kg, Issabig share will cost you R249.90 only. 

Value Meals

Fish and Chip also offer a value meals menu that is so affordable but when it comes to quality and taste they make sure it will not compromise anything. Value meals have 8 choices. Here is the list of their value meal choices that you should try. Their value meals will not exceed R57 talking about affordability right? 

  • Russian and chip roll 
  • Small Russian and mini chips (200g)
  • Small Russian and small chips (320g)
  • 2 Vienna’s and small chips (320g)
  • Large Russian and small chips (320g)
  • Cheese Russian and small chips (320g)
  • Chili Russian and small chips (320g)
  • Footlong and small chips (320g)

The Fish and Chip Menu Delivery

The Fish And Chip Menu Delivery
Photo Credit: The Fish and Chip Co FB Page

If you’re craving your fish and chips co. Food items but you can’t go outside all you have to do is to go to their website or you can order thru third-party delivery services like Grabfood, Pickaroo, and other third-party delivery services available in your area. 

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One thing that I can describe this restaurant is awesome. The Fish and Chip menu are so good, the fish is tasty and the chips are delightful. The sauce that they serve is delicious. Always one of my favorite places to go when craving these foods. Their crews are nice, approachable, and knowledgeable about the food that they offer. The place is well-maintained and comfortable. Highly recommend it for those who love finger foods.