The Palms Restaurant Menu South Africa

We are all aware that food and eating bring us a sense of gratification and the sense of happiness. When we eat, we always make sure that we are comfortable enough regardless of where to eat, what to eat, or who to eat with. And as an enthusiast who appreciates food, I would like to share with you one of the great restaurants in South Africa, The Palms Menu which pretty much stuck me with everything it offers. Just like the famous author said George Bernard Shaw, “there is no sincerer love than the food of love.”  Well, who doesn’t love food? Definitely, there’s none.

Food emanates in many selections. It comes with a unique shape, colours, and flavour.  Along with it, as certain individuals who had great expectations when it comes to our choices of foods, we at all times consider the scent, the aroma, and the pleasure it brings to our senses.

Here are the Palms menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


On the go45
Palms Sunrise69
Palms Breakfast81
Two Egg Omelette57
Three Egg Omelette60


Crumbed Mushrooms69
Garlic snails65
Garlic Mozarella Snails69
Peri-Peri Chicken Livers56
Chicken Wings69
Jalapeno Poppers60
Peppadew Poppers54
Cheesy Garlic Roll40
Onion Rings30


Grilled chicken Salad35
Calamari Salad35
Garden Salad35


Hake and Calamari135
Calamari Main95


Managers Burger138
Palms Plain Burger79
Palms Melt Burgers95
Bacon and Cheese Burger88
Best of Both Burger114
Steak Burger86

From the Grill

Pork ribs-300g115
Pork ribs-600g185
Rump or Sirloin 200g115
Rump or Sirloin 300g45
Rib Combo145
Steak Combo140


Beef Schnitzels108
Melt Schnitzels112
Cordon Bleu125


Pita Bread45
Three Cheese89
Pulled pork109
Palms Meat Feast122
Sweet and Sour Chicken98
Chicken Supreme115


Chicken Ricarda89


Malva Pudding45
Hot Mud Chocolate Pudding40
Chocolate Fudge Brownie40
Ice cream and Chocolate Sauce25

About Palms Menu

Have you been thinking of having a break for a minute, a day, or a week?  Well, this will be a great opportunity to pamper yourselves and discover the greatest fine dining restaurants in South Africa. The Palms restaurant is located at 17 Bottelary Rd, Brackenfell South, two minutes alongside Cape Town, 7560 South Africa. The Palms restaurant not only offers a wide variety of quality dishes but at the same time, it comes with very reasonable prices. Along with this, it comes with a spatial interior, archetypal designs, and good vibes that will confidently provide comfort all throughout your dining experience.

The Palms restaurant has a lot of food selections that will surely boost your appetite. For a great option, you may possibly try their top-seller menus, breakfast Menus, starters Menus, Schnitzels menus, and Pizza Menus.

The Palms Menu Best Seller

Is this your first time at The Palms Restaurant? Or are you having a hard time selecting the best dishes to try on? Well approximately, all the food choices available are uniquely worthy of your pockets! But below, is the list of the famous menus frequently ordered by most customers.

The Palms Restaurant Menu
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Sirloin Steak– Sirloin Steak menu was one of the famous dishes from the Palms restaurant. It is made up of tender meat that was served along with chips and onion rings.

Chicken Salad– This next well-known dish was just delicious on its own.  Chicken Salad from the Palm Restaurant was served along with fresh greens added with cucumbers and tomatoes. It also comes with peppers, onions, and chicken strips that add extra flavours to it.

The Palms Breakfast Menu

Feeling tired of doing breakfast? Or certainly, having no time to prepare food? Well, the Palms restaurant deals with delightful menus ready for your breakfast convenience.  

Here is some of the list of dishes from the Palms Restaurant for your reference;

On the Go – These plates were served along with two eggs and slices of bacon. Also to add extra essence it was prepared with fried tomatoes, chips, and toast.

Palms Sunrise – The palms Sunrise was individually served with pork sausages, baked beans, and strips of bacon. Together with this, the Palms Sunrise Menu was also prepared with two eggs and cooked along with fried tomatoes and strips of bacon.

In addition, Two Egg Omelette, and three Egg Omelette were also available for the breakfast menu. It was served along with eggs, three fillings, and alongside with chips and toast. To add superfluous savours It was prepared with Jalapenos, ham and mushrooms, tomato, onions, mixed pepper, and cheddar cheese.

Palm basket – Was prepared ready with two eggs and two rashers of bacon. Along with this, it comes with boerewors, mushrooms, fried tomatoes, chips, and toast.

Starters Menu

The Palms Starters Menu offers you varieties of starter food selections.

Crumbed Mushrooms – This delightful menu comes along with the tartare sauce.

Calamari – One of its popular deals that was served along with lightly brushed browned calamari strips together with chips or rice of your choice and the famous tartare sauce.

Garlic Mozarella Snails – This dish was seared along with snails and garlic butter, crowned with delightful mozzarella cheese and brown bread.

Schnitzels Menu

The Palms Restaurant Foods
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Schnitzels– It is served with crumbed chicken or pork together with chips, rice, and salad.

Cordon Bleu– This The Palms menu is made up of chicken fillet that was enfolded around ham and cheese, comes with salad, rice, and chips, and is crowned with your choice of sauce.

Pizza Menu

Most of us were avid fans of pizzas! With this, the palms Restaurant offers you varieties of pizza selections of your choice!

Pita Bread– Pita bread was served with garlic, feta, and herbs.

In addition to this, it also offers different flavours such as chicken supreme, Seafood, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Rib, palms Meat Feast, Mexicana, Palms, Popeye, pulled pork, three cheese, Regina, Hawaiian, and Margaritha.

The Palms Menu Delivery

If you want to purchase their food online, the palms restaurant also provides you take away and delivery services.

Just visit their website,

1. It will take you to their homepage.

2. Click the icon on the upper right corner of the page and click delivery. Follow all the procedures in ordering online and provide all the information needed to purchase and order.

Social Media Accounts

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Over the past few days, I’ve been in a situation where it seems like I’m in a busy world. A lot of thoughts encircling and I feel exhausted. And then I realize, I need to prioritize myself fairly for a while.  I want to stay on track, unleash my thoughts and gain back my motivation. With this, I discover a reason to break free, chill out, relax and have fun.

In South Africa, I discover the Palms Restaurant as one of the places that offer varieties of selections. It is a perfect place to hang out, clear up, take a break, and relish. It does not only offer us the quality of delightful foods but it comes along with vibes perfect for recharging your life batteries!