Three Wise Monkeys Menu South Africa

If you’re craving Japanese food, The Three Wise Monkeys menu is the one for you. Winner of the 2017 Mercedes Benz’s Eat Out Competition: Best Asian Eatery, The Three Wise Monkeys is highly recommended, especially if you love Japanese food.

The Three Wise Monkeys refers to the embodiment of the Japanese proverb: “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” In the establishment, all you’ll see, hear, speak of, and taste is our delicious food. They offer a wide array of Japanese meals like ramen and sushi, but they also offer non-Japanese items such as calamari, and wine. Each of their items tastes just as delicious as the ones from Japan.

Here are Three Wise Monkeys menu prices in South Africa:

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


Crispy Tofu55
Spinach Goma-ae50
Japanese Tuna Fish Balls70
Edamame Beans55
Cucumber Salad50
Tempura Panko Prawns (4 pcs)80
Miso Soup55
Tuna Tataki80
Salt and Pepper Calamari75
Natural Large Oysters25
Kimchi Large Oysters30
Passionfruit Ponzu Large Oysters30


Beef Brisket135
Beef Fillet155

Baos and Buns

Buttermilk Fried Chicken60
Tempura Panko Prawn65
Beef Rump65
Prawn and XO Sauce68
Spicy Veg60


Chicken Wings75
Chicken and Leek Yakitori70
Flank Steak and Asparagus65
Den Miso Grilled Eggplant65


California - Tuna80
California - Salmon85
California - Prawn80
California - Veg65
Nigiri - Tuna45
Nigiri - Salmon50
Nigiri - Prawn45
Handroll - Tuna50
Handroll - Salmon55
Handroll - Prawn50
Handroll - Tempura55
Roses - Tuna50
Roses - Salmon55
Double Roses75
Fashion Sandwich - Tuna85
Fashion Sandwich - Salmon90
Fashion Sandwich - Prawn90
Fashion Sandwich - Veg70
Sashimi - Tuna55
Sashimi - Salmon65
Inari - Tuna50
Inari - Salmon55
Inari - Prawn55
Futomaki - Tuna95
Futomaki - Salmon100
Futomaki - Prawn95
Futomaki - Veg75
Maki - Avo25
Maki - Prawn40
Maki - Salmon40
Maki - Tuna35
Maki - Veg25
Simo Salmon Surprise100
Crispy Salmon Roll95
Rainbow Reloaded115
Wasabi Parcel100
Bamboo Roll - Tuna60
Bamboo Roll - Salmon65
Fusion Platter125
Chefs Choice Platter165
Monkey Platter240


Poke Bowl (S)120
Poke Bowl (L)140
Vegan Poke (S)90
Vegan Poke (L)115

About Three Wise Monkeys

The Three Wise Monkeys is an establishment that focuses on serving Japanese food to the people of Cape Town. Their name is inspired by a Japanese pictorial maxim. They serve a variety of Japanese meals, and they’ve recently become Halal. They also offer healthy vegan options that taste just as good as their meaty counterparts.  

Three Wise Monkeys Best Seller Menu

Chicken Wings – The establishment prepares this dish by marinating the chicken wings in a secret blend of seven-spice and sake. The wings are then grilled, and glazed before serving it to your table.

Den Miso Grilled Eggplant – This is one of the healthiest meal options on the Three Wise Monkeys menu. To prepare this dish, the establishment grills the eggplant and glazes it with den miso. The eggplants are served with crushed nuts, carrots, and pickled daikon.

Tempura Panko Prawns – To prepare this dish, they roll the prawns in panko, after dipping them in a tempura batter. They are served with black bean sauce and sweet chili on the side. 

Miso Soup – The Miso Soup is a Japanese classic; it’s a Japanese food known throughout the world. This starter uses leeks, nori, and tofu. These ingredients are carefully boiled in dashi and miso broth.

Beef Brisket Ramen – This Beef Brisket Ramen also uses chicken broth as its base. It uses leeks, nori wrappers, spinach, egg marinated for five minutes, den miso corn, pickled cabbage, amazing beef brisket, high quality ramen noodles, miso, and their own secret blend of shoyu sauce.

Starters Menu

Crispy Tofu – Let’s start things off with Three Wise Monkeys’ Crispy Tofu. This excellent starter features tofu marinated in soy and ginger, served with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce made with soy.

Spinach Goma-ae – If you’re not familiar, Goma-ae is a Japanese salad made with vegetables and sesame dressing. The Spinach Goma-ae is made with fresh baby spinach and covered in house-blend sesame dressing.

Japanese Tuna Fish Balls – The Japanese Tuna Fish Balls are your standard fish ball snacks. Three Wise Monkeys serves their menu with an extra special sauce, their own blend of Citrus Kosho Mayo.

Edamame Beans – The establishment also serves Edamame Beans. Their beans are prepared with house-smoked salt and are carefully drizzled with honey.

Three Wise Monkeys Ramen Menu

Three Wise Monkeys offers a selection of ramen flavours that cater to different tastes. They serve Chicken, Beef Brisket, Vegetable, Beef Fillet, Duck. There’s always something new to try.

Three Wise Monkeys Ramen Menu
Photo Credit: Three Wise Monkeys FB Page

Chicken Ramen – The Chicken Ramen has chicken broth as its stock. They use a secret blend of soy sauce (shoyu) seasoning. The restaurant also uses leeks, nori, egg marinated for 5 minutes, spinach, den miso corn, pickled mushrooms, high quality ramen noodles, and bits of chicken for a richer taste.

Vegetable Ramen – Instead of using chicken broth as a base like in other ramen, vegetable ramen uses miso broth. It also uses other healthier ingredients such as Shitake with Kombu. Its other ingredients are similar to the ones used in beef brisket ramen. This includes nori, leeks, spinach, den miso corn, pickled mushroom and cabbage, and ramen noodles. This also uses their secret shoyu sauce. You can choose to add egg and/or tofu into the mix.

Beef Fillet – The Beef Fillet Ramen menu from the Three Wise Monkeys uses chicken-based broth. It uses five-minute-marinated eggs, leeks, nori, pickled cabbage, den miso corn, filleted beef, high quality ramen noodles, and the restaurant’s special shoyu sauce. 

Duck – This uses Chicken Broth as its stock, and incorporates the restaurant’s special shoyu seasoning into the dish to make it even more amazing. The establishment uses high quality ramen, and sears duck breasts in a pan to use as their main meat. They also incorporate other similar ingredients such as leeks, nori, spinach, five-minute-marinated eggs, den miso corn, and pickled mushrooms.

Sushi Menu

The Three Wise Monkeys Menu features a vast array of sushi. 

Three Wise Monkeys Sushi Menu
Photo Credit: Three Wise Monkeys FB Page

California Sushi – California sushi is a familiar name to Japanese food enthusiasts. The California Sushi is available in four varieties: Veg, Prawn, Salmon, and Tuna. 

Nigiri – If you’re not familiar with the term Nigiri, it refers to sushi moulded by hand, and topped with a slice of fish. The Nigiri is available in three varieties: Prawn, Salmon, and Tuna. Unlike most other sushi, the Nigiri is not offered in Veg. 

Hand Roll Sushi – The hand roll sushi is available in four different varieties: tempura, prawn, salmon, and tuna. This roll is available in a variety unique to this specific item, the tempura. 

Roses – Roses are slices of fish arranged to look like roses. Roses are available in two varieties: salmon, and tuna. This is also available as Double Roses where a serving of tuna rose is wrapped with a serving of salmon rose. 

Is Three Wise Monkeys Halal?

To make sure that everybody could eat at Three Wise Monkeys without worry, the establishment has recently become Halal. This is to adhere to Islamic laws and make sure that everyone can enjoy their food.

Three Wise Monkeys Menu Delivery

Three Wise Monkeys makes sure that your order arrives at your table in the best possible condition. They also make sure that it arrives as soon as possible. Japanese culture dictates that customer satisfaction is of utmost priority, and the establishment spreads the culture around the world. 

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If you’re looking for premium and authentic Japanese food, the Three Wise Monkeys Menu features them. Their wide assortment of Japanese food will surely cater to every taste. Whenever you’re in the area, be sure to pop by, and in no time you’ll be craving for more.